Joyful Favorite Photos

My Favorite Photos of Joyful (Celhaus Ode to Joy)


Joyful at 36 days old



Joyful during her temperament test at 50 days old.  We seldom are able to do the temperament tests on the litters in a place where the light is good enough for decent photos.


Submission Test


Retireve Test


Perseverance Test



Fear Test


at 10 weeks, on a socializing trip to a playground


Also at 10 weeks old, in her Irresistible Pose, just like her grandmother, Glory.

At 15 weeks

At 5 months, already showing the soulful expressing that won her so many friends.

at 8 months–perky, alert and always full of joy

Joyful in sitting, on the left, beside her half-sister Bunny, with her mother, Ashi, lying in front.  The pup is Wilma, from the T litter.

Crazy retriever, here shown chasing after a ball

Enthusiastic agility dog, at practice

and at competition

My water dog

Great mother

My beautiful one


Her soul shone out of her eyes, always

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Goodbye, Joyful

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