Zinna Puppies

Zinna made it to 12 years of age before dying in January 2014


“L”, “R” and “U” litters were sired by my Caz.   “Lovely” (Celhaus Lovely Miranda) had her SAR certification and was a call-out dog for the Shasta County, CA SAR Team.   She also worked with the water/cadaver dog and doing evidence searches.  “Cazze” (Celhaus Lord Cazze) is a police dog in Colorado.  Two of the R litter (“Nandi” & “Reno”) did quite well in Schutzhund.  “Tater” (U Litter) is doing extremely well in herding.

“Y” LITTER: two sable males, three sable females, whelped February 5, 2007, sired by Celhaus Rocky Mtn Timber, a Jubilee son

“Z” LITTER: one sable female, one black & tan female, whelped October 17, 2007, sired by my Chaos.

Nandi (Celhaus Rama Ring of Fire SchH1 BH TR1 TD CGC) at 12 years 9 months

Hi Cel! Hope this email finds you and you herd to be in good health! Took picture of my sweet Nandi yesterday. He is trouble as usual and very happy. Yeah the age thing gets me down but he is so full of spirit. He has some trouble walking with his old leg injury and arthritis in his spine, but again he is very happy and content and still wants to play and play. I am so lucky to have him.
All the best and thanks!  Sarah

Harper (Celhaus Zeal for Life) at 8 years 5 months


Dillon (Celhaus Ranger Dillon), at 11 years 3 months, on a hike


Reno (Celhaus Reno) at 11 years 1 month


Dakota (Celhaus Your Dandy Dakota) at 8 years 10 months


Nandi (Celhaus Rama Ring of Fire SchH1 BH TR1 TD CGC) at 9 years 5 months


Osten (Celhaus R Ostentatiously Devine) at 9 years 9 months
Osten died in January 2015, at 10 years 1 month of age.  She contracted a very aggressive form of cancer and things deteriorated very quickly and unexpectedly. It made it into her lungs making her reaching labored.  Thank you for the most amazing dog. This has been the hardest thing to do, but the best for her.


Reno (Celhaus Reno) at 9 years
No photo but I had to share this note.  This is an extremely tough title to achieve and I’m so very proud of them!

Cel, Reno competed this weekend for (1/19/14) his FH title at Schutzhund Village in Palmyra, VA (where I train), in a trial held by the Rivanna Schutzhund and Police Club. This was the first attempt at an FH for either of us, I’d only decided to try for it little more than two months ago. Reno did extremely well in difficult dry and windy weather. As we approached the track I found 20 deer grazing around it. While they scattered, they certainly signs behind. When Reno got to that portion he first lost the track in the all the fresh signs but stayed diligent, casting here and there, and finally refound and completed it. Reno’s focus and workman-like determination across grass and through the woods earned him a score of 94. I’ll get you a photo if I can find one, it’s a bit tough for tracking.  John

Remy (Celhaus Reminiscent Rogue) at 9 years
Remy unfortunately died shortly after this.

Dear Cel,
Remy completed his novice Barnhunt title yesterday (December 2013).  He now has a RATN that will be recognized by the AKC.  We tried for an open leg (find 2 rats in a tunnel with a turn and a climb, done in 2 min 30 sec).  He found the rats but his signals weren’t strong so I didn’t call them.  One of them I was pretty sure of but…  The judge said he had been trying to herd me to the rats.  A new behavior for him.  Thank you so much for entrusting him to me.  He is the light of my life.  I went a little crazy with his Christmas pictures this year….he’s such a beautiful boy!   I’m applying to AKC to add his Barnhunt title to his accomplishments, but don’t know how long it will take to get published in the GSD magazine.  Love getting your Christmas cards.  Enjoy your retirement!  I’m seriously considering a puppy from one of your late summer litters, but will have to wait and see how my mother is doing, etc.  Thank goodness it is still a ways off.




Zoey (Celhaus Zest) at 6 years

Hi, Cel!  So sorry for the long silence!  I’m attaching a few pictures of Zoey from this past year.  She’s doing well!  We can’t believe she’s 6 years old!  She’s as active as she was as a pup!  we all take turns with the dogs exercising them every day and she shows no signs of slowing down!  We are up to 3 cats now (rescued a feral after she was hit by a car) and Zoey thinks they all belong to her.  they sleep with her at night and snuggle with her during the day.

We didn’t register Zoey (officially as a therapy dog) – we worked with a local group in the beginning but they wanted to “farm” Jack and Zoey out on a regular visit schedule to random locations and we decided that would be too much at the time (Jack was only 11 years old!). Instead, we worked with one hospice group and they were kind enough to assign Jack & Zoey to a nearby nursing home. He mainly had Alzheimer patients but they visited with anyone they passed in the halls and rooms that expressed interest in Zoey.  She and Jack are taking a break from visiting nursing homes right now.  Jack lost his last patient in early December and he’s had several losses in 2013 so he is taking a month or two off before picking up new patients to visit with Zoey.  He usually sees terminal Alzheimer’s patients so that’s a tough job!  He and Zoey always attend services when his patients have passed away and the famili9es are always so grateful for the time they have spent with their loved ones.

Jack is 16 now!  He got his driver’s license in October, so, for a few months, he was driving himself and Zoey to the nursing home on their twice a week visits.  he was pretty proud to drive himself and Zoey there.





Tater (Celhaus Until We Meet Again) at 8 years 2 months
Tater died in December 2014 at the age 0f 9 years 2 months.  She is missed.

Mom had put away her regular crate and decided to see if she’d like her old soft one.  She sure did!


It was belo zero and so cold that they had to come back inside for her booties before they could go out and play.


She carries all her treasures to this spot.


After all that activity it was time for a nap.



Eli (Celhaus Let’s Go Eli) at 9 years 3 months
Eli died in January  2016 at the age of 12.  Goodbye, sweet boy.


Dillon (Celhaus Ranger Dillon) at 7 years 6 months

Dillon is the only certified Search & Rescue dog in our area.

brothers Eli and  Dillon

Osten (Celhaus R Ostentatiously Devine) at 7 years 6 months

Remy (Celhaus Reminiscent Rogue) at 7 years 6 months

Nandi (Celhaus Rama Ring of Fire SchH1 BH TR1 TD CGC) was doing quite well in Schutzhund training until an injury.  Herecently tried for his SchH2, but they had a little mix-up in obedience and didn’t qualify.  Unfortunatlely the old injury caused him to be retired form Schutzhund, but they’re going to keep training and try for some tracking titles.

(shown at 7 years 6 months)

 Luna (Celhaus Yellowstone Moon) at 5 1/2 years

“Throw it again, Mom!”

Zoey (Celhaus Zoey) at 5 years

Chase (Celhaus Raffaello Sanzio) at 86 months

Reno (Celhaus Reno SchHIII BH), shown here at 7 years.

Photos by Eugenia Barishnikova.  Used with permission.


Remy (Celhaus Reminiscent Rogue) at 82 months
Just before Christmas, Remy passed his Nosework Odor Recognition Test.  Here’s his owner’s description: “There were 12 (I think) similar boxes but only one had the odor of Birch.  He identified it in 30.36 seconds.  I was so proud of him.  He gave me a clear signal since I didn’t know which box it was in either.”

The pictures were taken during a mock Odor Recognition Test in September.  Here is his owner’s description: “The scent was in one of the boxes unknown to both of us.  When we went in and I gave him his cue, he went to one of the boxes and smelled it.  I thought “yes, he knows he is to be checking out the boxes”.  Then I started walking down the center of the aisle.  He walked along with me, occasionally sniffing a box but otherwise looking around.  Up and down we walked.  Finally he went to a box and sniffed again, looked up at me and licked his lips.  Knowing that we only had 3 minutes to find the odor, I called alert.  The instructor and people filming us said Yes!  And yep it was the same box he first checked out when we walked into the ring.  The instructor said his indications are so subtle that I really need to work on recognizing them, and after he told me where it was, he was not interested in playing the game anymore.  Heck if I wasn’t playing when he told me, then he wasn’t going to waste his time.  Thank goodness it was just a practice run.”  Obviously, they have gotten more in sync. Good job, you two!



Received this in April 2013:

Cel,  I want to keep you up to date with our boy.  This weekend I entered Remy in a new dog sport called Barn Hunt.  The creator of Barn Hunt lives in Columbia and trains her dogs where we train.   Barn hunt is a sport where dogs of any breed hunt a rat or rats on a course with hay/straw bales.  They must tunnel through a tunnel made of bales and climb on a bale or bales with all four feet plus find a rat contained in a pvc tube.  There are at least three tubes hidden on the course, one tube is empty, one has used rat bedding, and one has a live rat.  The courses are timed with a 2 minute limit for the novice course.  I had entered him in a fun test a while back and he did well, finding the rat right away.  Last month we took a “rat class” where he was introduced to the rats and did mini finds.  He’s not that impressed with the rats because you really can’t see them in the tubes (for their protection).

He is quick to find them and doesn’t want to waste time so he expects me to believe him.   Yesterday I entered him in a rat instinct test.  The 3 tubes set out in the open with the dog to find the rat in 60 seconds.  He found the rat but I wanted him to be sure and check the other tubes so he just decided I was wasting his time.  I didn’t call his find so we didn’t qualify.  During the 2 novice trials yesterday, he found the rat during the first trial but wouldn’t tunnel and we ran out of time.  On the 2nd trial he just shut down and didn’t search near the rat.

Today during the 1st trial he stayed in heel position and although he searched, I called it too soon on a non rat tube, but he did tunnel.  Think he read my arm position as obedience.  Coming out of the ring, people told me he was in perfect heel position.  However, during the 2nd trial he found the rat quickly, I called it and then he tunneled and climbed.  A qualifying run!  When they handed out ribbons I found out he won 4th place in the large dog division!!  There were at least 4 dogs who qualified but didn’t place in our division.   I was so proud of that boy!

The AKC will recognize Barn Hunt titles when he finally gets one.

There was a photographer there so when she posts her pictures I’ll make sure to send you one.

Yogi (Celhaus Yogi) on left, at 44 months with Lobo (Celhaus Valiente Amigo) at 56 months

Yogi on extreme right

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