SS Litter
whelped April 30th, 2020:  One black & tan male, three black and tan females, two black females

Cantor bred to GloryToo
This is a repeat of the NN litter.
SS litter background information
Police/Narcotics temperament test results
Search & Rescue test results

Tons of New Photos (9/14/20):  See Hildy at 17 weeks and see Hopeful at 16 weeks

Two Puppy Playdates at 12 weeks:  Stetson, Hopeful & Hildy and Hazel, Hildy & Hopeful
Introduction to Rat for Barn Hunt:  at 29 days and 49 days 
See Visits at 29 days and TWO at 49 days:  morning and evening

SS litter at 49 days, trying out the Puppy Obstacle Run for the first time

Mr. Blue (Stetson) went to Billings to compete in obedience, rally, nosework and barn hunt and to get Canine Good citizen titles.  His new owner was so impressed that she is now considering herding, too.  Miss White (Hildy) stayed here in Sheridan and will be a therapy dog working with the nursing home residents.  Miss Green (Hazel) also stayed here in Sheridan and will be a companion and fishing buddy.  Miss Pink (Scully) went to Seattle where she will be a therapy dog in children’s hospitals and also train for cadaver work (Search & Rescue).  Miss Purple (Ava) went to Wisconsin to compete in obedience and possibly Schutzhund. Ava joins Rudi, from the RR litter.

I kept Miss Yellow, who is now “Hopeful.”  She is a breeding prospect, will compete in agility and nosework, and be a therapy dog.  Her registered name will be “Celhaus Song of Hope in Hard Times”.  That was inspired by the many, many comments I got from people who said following the litter diary on my website and enjoying their photos had lifted them up during the early, dark days of the pandemic shut-down.  See Hopeful’s page.  See Hopeful at 12 weeks and 14 weeks.  See her CARROTing like her mother and grandmother (“Collapse and Roll on Toy”)

Scully (Celhaus Scully) at 14 weeks
the former Miss Pink

8/10/20:  “Scully is doing great. She loves every person she meets and can’t understand why not everyone we walk past does not want to pet her. She recently got big enough (and coordinated enough) to jump on the bed and couch, which she is not allowed to do, but can’t seem to help herself. Because she knows I will tell her “off” as soon as she’s on it, she beats me to the punch which then makes it look like she is in some sort of parkour championship 🙂  Her training is coming along nicely. Her recall is beautiful, so we’re working hard at maintaining that trust that amazing things happen every time she comes. She has shown the beginnings of leash reactivity to dogs that are overly excited, meaning she will bark at them. I’m working at redirecting her attention to me when this happens, which she is very responsive too if I have tasty treats with me. Off leash she plays wonderfully with other dogs of all sizes and ages.”

Hildy (Celhaus Seraph’s Serenade) at 14 weeks
the former Miss White

8/20/20:  “Steve had to have his car serviced at Toyota and it stayed there overnight. They sent Andre, one of their managers, over to pick Steve up here at home and take him to pick up his car. As soon as Andre saw Hildy, he insisted she go along for the ride, and she race right over to the back of the vehicle and he helped her in. At Toyota, Hildy went to the garage, and was invited into the offices as well, and she was fussed over. Everyone there knows you and all were impressed with Hildy, a Celhaus German Shepherd! You’ve got an amazing reputation around here! 😊 Really, nearly everyone I speak with knows you personally or knows of your reputation/quality dogs. Steve reported that Hildy was a gem in the car: no whining, no barking, no “escaping” to the front of the car. She usually gets a little wild when we pass Grandma Cel’s! 😉  She is getting to be so good with “Stay” and “Wait” commands, too, and now lets me go through the door first without trying to kneecap me! She is supremely intelligent, learning quickly and finding good solutions to “problems” in new situations. We just adore our Hildy! Such beauty and character….and what a companion!”

“Hildy flattening the flowers as she plays keep away.”

Ava (Celhaus Sascha) at 13 weeks
the former Miss Purple

8/4/20:  “Ava and Rudi are doing well.  Rudi is such a good big brother.  He’s young enough to want to share in the antics too so they are a good match for each other.  They play hard and fast and then finally both will crash for a bit.  She lets him know if he’s getting a little too rough but as she gets bigger and stronger, she can take what he dishes out and then give it back too.  They spend a lot of time together but we also make some alone time for each of them so they get focused attention and accept being without their buddy.  Ava will be going to her second puppy class tonight.  She had a great experience with the pups at the first class.   She’s met all the neighborhood dogs and has been great.  She’s comfortable but not overly assertive to begin with – she takes her cue from their reaction.  She continues to love to explore and is a very quick learner.  We continue to see lots of similar behaviors with a few twists.  Rudi loves to carry sticks – so does Ava but then she wants to eat them – literally.  She likes to dig a little and find treasures in the grass – then eat them.  She will eat anything that seems the least bit edible.  Rudi is a bit more discerning.  We continue to feel so fortunate to have two such wonderful pups to share life with.  Their quality and temperaments shine through!  We get lots of compliments but most importantly, we enjoy life so much more with them.  Thanks again “

Last photo: Ava with Rudi, who is from the RR litter.  They have the same sire (Cantor).  Rudi’s mother is GloryToo’s daughter from the LL litter (Lovely), so Ava is Rudi’s aunt, I guess.

Hildy (Celhaus Seraph’s Serenade) at 12 weeks
7/27/20:  “Hildy and Winston sorting out differences.  Hildy in Little Goose Creek… her first foray into water.”

Hildy at 10 weeks
7/20/20:  “Helping the gardener.”

Stetson (Celhaus Six-Shooters Spur N Saddles) at 13 weeks
the former Mr. Blue

8/2/20:  “Today we did a photo shoot with a saddle, saddle blanket and stetson as props.  These are a few of the shots Jill took today, there are SO many more!”

Stetson at 11 weeks

7/19/20:  “There was a little lab puppy and a corgi at puppy play group today.  Stetson intimidated the lab pup but he and the corgi ended up pretty evenly matched.  Stetson learned to do nice rolling summersaults and not to grab corgi’s on their side!  This is just one of the take downs!  He will be going through the snake break clinic next year!!!  While writing this Raven was having a fit by the kitchen door, so I asked John to check and it was a rattlesnake right by the door between the dog room and garage.  It is now deceased and all dogs/cats are accounted for.”

Stetson at 10 weeks

7/12/20:  “So this morning at puppy play group, his first time there now that he is 10 weeks old, his ears stood up almost the entire time.  They have not stood up since we came home, sigh!  We also went to an automatic car wash, I think he may have slept through the entire cycle.”

Hazel (Celhaus Scarlett Scout) at 9 weeks
the former Miss Green




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