SS Litter

SS Litter
whelped April 30th, 2020:  One black & tan male, three black and tan females, two black females

Cantor bred to GloryToo
This is a repeat of the NN litter.
SS litter background information
Police/Narcotics temperament test results
Search & Rescue test results

Mr. Blue (Stetson) went to Billings to compete in obedience, rally, nosework and barn hunt and to get Canine Good citizen titles.  His new owner was so impressed that she is now considering herding, too.  Miss White (Hildy) stayed here in Sheridan and will be a therapy dog working with the nursing home residents.  Miss Green (Hazel) also stayed here in Sheridan and will be a companion and fishing buddy.  Miss Pink (Scully) went to Seattle where she will be a therapy dog in children’s hospitals and also train for cadaver work (Search & Rescue).  Miss Purple (Ava) went to Wisconsin to compete in obedience and possibly Schutzhund. Ava joins Rudi, from the RR litter.

I kept Miss Yellow, who is now “Hopeful.”  She is a breeding prospect, will compete in agility and nosework, and be a therapy dog.  Her registered name will be “Celhaus Song of Hope in Hard Times”.  That was inspired by the many, many comments I got from people who said following the litter diary on my website and enjoying their photos had lifted them up during the early, dark days of the pandemic shut-down.  
See Hopeful’s page. 
See Hopeful’s daily antics at morning playtime
See Hopeful at 1 year
Just up 7/16/21:  Some great photos of Hopeful and Hildy at a playday.

Stetson got to attend the Dave Kroyer Nosework seminar here in June. 
See him.

Hildy (Celhaus Seraph’s Serenade) at 1 year 1 month
the former Miss White
Photo 1:  “Action at Lake DeSmet today.  They had fun!”
Photo 2:  “Here she is the day we brought her home.”
Photo 3:  “And here she is exactly 1 year later.  Funny how the photos shifted position.  She’s grown just a tiny bit!”

Hazel (Celhaus Scarlett Scout) at 1 year 2 months
the former Miss Green
“Hazel on a nice long hike above Firebox Park.

Hazel at 1 year 1 month
Tug rag

Scully (Celhaus Scully) at 1 year
the former Miss Pink
“Attached are a couple of pics I took of Scully this morning and about a month and a half ago. She’s on track to complete her CGC requirements, though we had a bit of a delay in her start due to COVID. SAR has been put on hold as teams have not been practicing this year, so we’ve been working on channeling her energy into agility. She seems happy to do anything as long as it involves her ball or treats 😊 She’s turning into a lovely companion and we couldn’t have asked for a better pup. Thanks so much for doing all that you do!”

Hildy at 1 year
Hildy celebrating her birthday.  First, new gator, a hedgehog, Kong ball, a long walk, and steak for breakfast!!

Stetson (Celhaus Six-Shooters Spur N Saddles) at 1 year
the former Mr. Blue
Here are a few photos for his 1st birthday.  He did a nice sit/stay but it was hard because the calves were right across the driveway from him.  He likes to pick on Raven as the black and tan pair now and he got the squeaky birthday cupcake to play with for a while.  When practicing ‘leave it’ at class Monday evening he was SO bored by it so was laying on his side, the treat laying on the floor a few inches from his nose while he did not raise his head even a fraction of an inch but did his best to ‘mand’ from the corner of his eye.

Stetson at 9 months
Photo 1:  “Stetson with the babies.”
Photo 2:  I thought you might enjoy a photo of Stetson being Stetson today.  During the run around the hayfield he did take off from the rest of us, has never done that before, went across the drainage ditch to check out a specific spot, I think where the antelope bedded down.  On the way back to us he misjudged the jump over the ditch and did a faceplant on the ice.  I felt bad for him but he didn’t seem fazed.”
Photo 3:  We were in the hay shed today for something (several things) new.  When one of the puppies got worried and whined a bit it was Stetson that came to check on them, Raven was too busy clearing the shed and straw & hay stacks.  He is just an amazing dog, so gentle with the babes and then thinks he can take on the cows when I was moving a feeder in the lot for them, talk about a dust storm!  But the cows are used to dogs and he got out when I got his attention after he failed to stay at the gate.  Roscoe assumed full responsibility for the error, of course.
Photos 4 & 5:  Stetson’s favorite seems to be Amos, it might be black/tan & black/tan or maybe a boy’s club thing.  Andie thought about nibbling on him today!  This just amazes me how he–an adolescent male–is so sweet with the little ones, quite the statement for the temperament of your lines.
Photo 6:  Stetson will happily share his bully stick holder but not the cat toy wubba!  The puppies took the wubba while he was out of the area then when he came back in Raven wouldn’t let him near the puppies with their toy, when she left he went right over and took it back.  He loves the tiny toys for some reason.
Photos 7 & 8:  The puppies decided Stetson needed some grooming today so Amos took care of his ears and Andie took care of his nails.  He is so tolerant.

Stetson at 8 months
“Raven has gotten over the couple days of not wanting anyone to visit the pups.  Amos, black/tan male weighs 18.5 oz and Andie, red female weighs 19.0 oz today.  They are about the size of Stetson’s muzzle!  What is Stetson now? 34 Weeks? (actually 37 weeks).  Amos and Andie are 19 days.”