SS Litter

SS Litter
whelped April 30th, 2020:  One black & tan male, three black and tan females, two black females

Cantor bred to GloryToo
This is a repeat of the NN litter.
SS litter background information
Police/Narcotics temperament test results
Search & Rescue test results

Mr. Blue (Stetson) went to Billings to compete in obedience, rally, nosework and barn hunt and to get Canine Good citizen titles.  His new owner was so impressed that she is now considering herding, too.  Miss White (Hildy) stayed here in Sheridan and will be a therapy dog working with the nursing home residents.  Miss Green (Hazel) also stayed here in Sheridan and will be a companion and fishing buddy.  Miss Pink (Scully) went to Seattle where she will be a therapy dog in children’s hospitals and also train for cadaver work (Search & Rescue).  Miss Purple (Ava) went to Wisconsin to compete in obedience and possibly Schutzhund. Ava joins Rudi, from the RR litter.

I kept Miss Yellow, who is now “Hopeful.”  She is a breeding prospect, will compete in agility and nosework, and be a therapy dog.  Her registered name will be “Celhaus Song of Hope in Hard Times”.  That was inspired by the many, many comments I got from people who said following the litter diary on my website and enjoying their photos had lifted them up during the early, dark days of the pandemic shut-down.  
Here she is at 13 months, at a Rally Obedience class

See Hopeful’s page.
See Hopeful’s daily antics at morning playtime

Hildy (Celhaus Seraph’s Serenade) at 2 years

Stetson (Celhaus Six-Shooters Spur N Saddles) at 2 years 1 month
Photo 1 (6/12/22):  “
Again I have to let you know there is no better GSD than Stetson, I don’t care what their other accomplishments are, he is THE BEST.  We had a Norfolk extravaganza here today with seven Norfolks from 5 months to 13 years, from single dog homes to strictly Norfolk homes to the conglomeration Stetson resides in.  Even when he is growled or snapped at he does not react negatively, his most dramatic move is to just leave the area and refuse to engage them.  The people here were debating which dog to steal away with, Lizzie or Stetson!  Thank you!
Photo 2:  “Nap time.”
Photo 3:  “Stetson and Gino in step”

Stetson at 2 years
Photo 1:  “Stetson’s 2nd birthday photos.  It was torture, but he earned a liver treat.”
Photo 3:  “He is such a good boy, but needed Lizzie as his emotional support pup when he was having some body work done, similar to chiropractry.  He loves all the little ones.”
Photo 4:  “Poor boy has to curl up in a tiny bed.  He is reminding me that he is just a puppy still.”

Stetson at 1 year 11 months
Today I put Stetson in the back seat of John’s truck and went to get Gino.  Next thing Stetson is behind me!  He got in the front seat and jumped out the driver’s side window!  He did then sit for a mug shot and went back in the truck with the window up!  He also has a new charge to watch over.  He continues to be stellar!  He laid down to be less intimidating then just waited for her to come to him; as she did, he remained fully down and calm even when she decided to be all excited and bounce about in front of him.  The only things he moved were his ears and the tiniest tail wag when she barked.  She is barely above three pounds so he outweighs her by about 80!  Lizzie is10 weeks old, I just picked her up yesterday.”

Hazel (Celhaus Scarlett Scout) at 2 years
“Two years old!  Taking her to Tongue River Canyon tomorrow for a hike before snake season starts.”
I asked Tom about the brown on her legs, as she had been solid black from birth, and he
said she got it last summer.  To be solid black for over a year and then change colors is a new one to me.  

Scully (Celhaus Scully) at 19 months
“As she reaches the year and a half mark, I can say that she is truly one of the best canine companions a person could hope to have: she listens wonderfully, is the perfect balance between independent and wanting affection, has not met a person or dog she doesn’t absolutely love, loves to learn and work, and is bursting with personality. People often comment on how much ‘character’ she has (if she were a person, I think she’d be equally likely to be an athlete or comedian). I can’t thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to have such a wonderful companion.” 
Photo 1:  “The first photo is what we wake up to every morning. As soon as the alarm goes off Scully quietly crawls into bed for some snuggles.”
Photo 2:  “The second is her after trying to help with painting the barn.”
Photo 3:  “the third is a pic of the first trail ride she accompanied me and my horse on. I had held off on taking her when she was younger as I didn’t want to overwork her developing body. She did great.”