SS Litter
whelped April 30th, 2020:  One black & tan male, three black and tan females, two black females

Cantor bred to GloryToo
This is a repeat of the NN litter.
SS litter background information
Police/Narcotics temperament test results
Search & Rescue test results

see the three who stayed in Sheridan on their first Puppy Playdate since they left for their homes

Mr. Blue (Stetson) went to Billings to compete in obedience, rally, nosework and barn hunt and to get Canine Good citizen titles.  His new owner was so impressed that she is now considering herding, too.  Miss White (Hildy) stayed here in Sheridan and will be a therapy dog working with the nursing home residents.  Miss Green (Hazel) also stayed here in Sheridan and will be a companion and fishing buddy.  Miss Pink (Scully) went to Seattle where she will be a therapy dog in children’s hospitals and also train for cadaver work (Search & Rescue).  Miss Purple (Ava) went to Wisconsin to compete in obedience and possibly Schutzhund. Ava joins Rudi, from the RR litter.

I kept Miss Yellow, who is now “Hopeful.”  She is a breeding prospect, will compete in agility and nosework, and be a therapy dog.  Her registered name will be “Celhaus Song of Hope in Hard Times”.  That was inspired by the many, many comments I got from people who said following the litter diary on my website and enjoying their photos had lifted them up during the early, dark days of the pandemic shut-down.  See Hopeful’s page. 

Scully (Celhaus Scully) at 10 weeks
the former Miss Pink

“Thought you’d enjoy a few more pics of Scully and her latest socializing experiences 🙂 Her training is progressing in small doses (just enough not to max out her attention span). I’ve started introducing the first leg of directionals (the  away and hup command) which she loooves (mostly because she gets to run and hop onto her elevated bed). The ankle is still her favorite bone and she wants to chew on everything, so lots of redirecting and puppy timeouts are happening to ensure good manners develop.”

Stetson (Celhaus Six-Shooters Spur N Saddles) at 10 weeks
the former Mr. Blue

7/12/20:  “So this morning at puppy play group, his first time there now that he is 10 weeks old, his ears stood up almost the entire time.  They have not stood up since we came home, sigh!  We also went to an automatic car wash, I think he may have slept through the entire cycle.”

7/11/20:  “Puppy poop was finally back to normal after catching and eating a moth with about 4 inch wing span, but tonight he found a cow pie and apparently consumed some of it so we will probably be back to soft/loose stools.  On the positive side it seems to have perked up the right side ear!   Roscoe finally came around and did some racing games with him this evening, they had a great time and Stetson was worn out!  He has located the short dog’s stairs up to the bed and figured out how to use them.

Stetson at 9 weeks

7/7/20:  “I really enjoy all the suggestions and breed information you send.  Stetson went to the grooming shop yesterday, now he has two scarfs!  Report was he did really well with the bath, brush and Dremmel.  I think they used too much conditioner as his coat was so soft.  Each ear has taken a turn standing for just a few seconds today–there is hope!  Our biggest challenge at this time is to get him to not mess with short dogs!”

7/5/20:  “I wish I could figure out how to adjust the video from yesterday to send it, he was bobbing for apple pieces in a few inches of water in the puppy pool.  He had a great time doing it.  The photo of just him is a couple days old.  According to the home scale today he weighs in at 22#.  I should be putting height marks on the door frame too!!!  I think he is going to be huge!  His ears are still sticking out to the sides, sigh.  He is growing so fast I don’t think his ears will ever have a chance to stand up.  He is being a good boy, we are so pleased with how good he is with potty outside, sticking by me or the other dogs when outside the fence doing chores, etc., not afraid of tractors, big truck noises, etc.  Thank you again!”

7/4/20  “This morning while doing chores he was a bit scared by one of the steers, so he raced under the gate where I was pulling some weeds and stood next to me barking at it.  Zoomer (7# Yorkie) shot under the gate and into the steer’s space barking and bouncing making that steer back off about 10 feet.  It was really pretty funny.  She still had the baby’s back even after he irritated her terribly yesterday.”

6/30/20:  “Here are a couple photos from today when the bomb dog was practicing at the shop and Stetson was watching then following a bit then grabbing the lead and holding on tight!  He met a couple more kids today, men in uniform and yet another breed of dog– a field-bred Irish Setter.

6/25:  “Thank you for the excellent start with Stetson!  We went to bed about 10:30 after a LONG potty attempt, he fussed some then at 12:30 was quite upset so he and I went outside. He piddled immediately then we went back to the crate with minimal fussing and stayed pretty quiet until 5:00 when we went out for another very quick piddle.  He had breakfast shortly after that, he is a slower eater than I am used to.  After breakfast he pooped in the yard with minimal wait time.  He met the steers this morning, didn’t seem to care much about them but loved their pellets.  Sitting photo is from last evening taken just a short while before he got brave enough to head toward Raven.”

Ava (Celhaus Sascha) at 9 weeks
the former Miss Purple

7/5/20:  “Our first week with Ava has been great.  She is a sweet girl and full of life.  She loves exploring.  So far it’s mostly been the house and yard (it’s been in the high 80’s every day so we aren’t taking longer walks just yet).  She maintains her A++++ rating in house breaking (zero accidents).  She sleeps 6+ hours at night without needing to go out.  She loves flopping in the grass in the shade.  I’ve mentioned that Rudi loves to carry sticks – she has started doing that as well – doesn’t seem to need to like he does but is happy to do it.  Several of our neighbor have met her and, of course, think she’s great.  I took her out to meet my friends where I keep my horses locally and they could not get over how calm and confident she was.  She met the horses over the stall doors and gave them puppy kisses.  Then she curled up and took a nap while I brushed them.  Rudi has been a good big brother – he needed to be reminded to be gentle in the beginning but they play so well together now.  After a play session, I often see them curled up together sleeping.  As she gets stronger, she certainly makes her opinion known.  They have a great time “sharing” toys.  It’s pretty clear they are closely related – they have a lot of the same mannerisms and reactions to things.  They both like to chew (Rudi liked to chew on us and less on furniture, Ava seems to prefer chair legs and shoe laces at this point).  They both like to sleep on their backs and flop in the grass if they decide they just want to enjoy the great outdoors a little longer.  Ava is enrolled in Puppy Kindergarten to start in late July.  I’ve started a few easy exercises with her with luring – she’s smart and has picked up on them quickly.  This week, I’ll try to get her into a few stores for more socializing.  It’s going to be hot and humid for the next 10 days or more so the walks around the neighborhood will need to be shorter and probably done early morning or late evening.  Thank you again for such wonderful pups!!”
Last photo: Ava with Rudi, who is from the RR litter.  They have the same sire (Cantor).  Rudi’s mother is GloryToo’s daughter from the LL litter (Lovely), so Ava is Rudi’s aunt, I guess.

Hazel (Celhaus Scarlett Scout) at 9 weeks
the former Miss Green

Hildy (Celhaus Seraph’s Serenade) at 9 weeks
the former Miss White

“Some amusing photos of Hildy and pearl.  They had a great time!  Pearly was remarkably tolerant and chastised Hildy only once, when Hildy bit her backside.  Guess who grabbed an article from the latest puppy mailing – she must have wanted to check it out first.”

Hildy (Celhaus Seraph’s Serenade) at 8 weeks

“Hildy with the backhoe.  Having some fun outside.  Look at those ears!!   What a cute Hildebeest!”







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