Quinta Puppies

X Litter (sired by Caz, whelped January 29, 2007)
AA Litter (sired by Chaos, whelped 11/25/08)
EE Litter (sired by Chaos, whelped 5/21/10)

CC Litter (sired by Kway vom Posthorn SchH3 KKL1a, whelped 11/3/09).
My Lively (Celhaus Celebrate Life) is from the CC litter.
CC litter background information
CC litter pedigree


Annie (Celhaus Calamity Anarchy) on her 10th birthday. Happy Birthday, Annie!!!

“Annie today after her frisbee game.”


Josie (Celhaus Easy Does It) at 9 years 1 month
Josie is an Avalanche Dog at a ski resort in Jackson Hole. She’s also a great family dog.

“Josie…… is well at 9 now. She is slowing down a bit and I have to manage her efforts competing with the young dog for toys to fetch. She over did it, slipped and was sore. Like me, she still has the drive, but the body runs a click slower than it wants to be….”


Norman (Celhaus Ever Hopefull) at 8 years 7 months

“Norman at rest. I think he might be doing yoga.”


Dextyr (Celhaus Exceptional Guy) at 7 years 7 months

This is Dextyr’s own Christmas tree – notice all the ornaments are dog toys and treats!  What a lucky guy!  In the second photo he looks like he’s caroling!

Bodee (Celhaus Enforcer) at 7 years 8 months

Bodee is doing well….he is happy and healthy and loving life.
Here is a picture of Bodee taken this last week snuggling his favorite bear. He will give little love nibbles to his teddy but he hasn’t chewed him up!

Here are a couple of pictures of our precious Xtra! and Grace, who are still the loves of our lives. Both are in good health, and perfect, perfect, perfect family companions.

Schatzie (Celhaus Xena) at 9 years

Unfortunately, in 2017 Schatzie succumbed to a tumor that was undetectable by x-rays and burst.

Charlie (Celhaus Cochise) at 8 years

There are two Kongs in the second picture.  He laid his head over them I guess to protect them from any possible thieves lurking about!

Grace (Celhaus Amazing Grace) at 8 years 7 months
Unfortunately, Grace succumbed to cancer at 9 years of age.

Xtra! (Celhaus Xtra! Xtra!) at 9 years 6 months.

Dear Cel, It has taken me almost two months to become able to send this email. In mid-summer, our fabulous Xtra! developed some very suspicious-looking lumps on his inner thighs. Testing results at first were inconclusive, and a few weeks later indicated they were mast cell tumors. We were heartbroken and devastated and felt all the awful levels of angst and sadness a true dog lover feels when this aggressive cancer begins to snatch one’s Love away.

More tumors appeared, more and more rapidly, until we were feeling new ones almost daily. Our wonderful vets agreed with our wishes to keep him absolutely comfortable and to give him the very best summer.

One evening, before he felt too uncomfortable, Daniel and I took him to a local gathering place so he could spend a lovely, summer evening on his blanket, between our lawn chairs, while we three ate a light supper, listened to a local band, and visited with all the folks who approached to remark about what a stunning boy we had, to tell us how well-mannered he was, and to ask myriad questions. Xtra! enjoyed every minute of it.

At home, we spoiled him rotten with everything we could think of. He was not feeling well enough to leap in and out of his pool, a 50-gallon rubber horse trough, with the gusto he had always had before he became ill. But he appreciated it still, and climbed in to lie down in the exquisite cool water from time to time.

The vets prescribed multiple medications, intended to keep him as comfortable as possible. Xtra! adored peanut butter, so his pills were wrapped in peanut buttered bread. He never missed a dose.

Xtra! had always been my bedfellow, Mondays through Thursdays, as Daniel works in another city a few hours away and is home only on weekends. Eventually Xtra! found climbing onto our bed too painful. Daniel built him a ramp but Xtra! did not like it. He preferred sleeping on his quilt, next to my side of the bed, and did so for many weeks. Toward the end of his days, he gave that up, deciding it was completely worth whatever pain or discomfort he felt when jumping up. He would turn up in my bed randomly, thump his tail lightly when I thanked him for the extreme effort, and lie there for awhile to keep me company. I figured that eventually I would sleep on the floor next to him… But the end came up surprisingly quickly.

Now we miss all the behaviors that exhibited his big, BIG personality. He loved snapping at insects that ventured too close to his jaws, especially bees. Although we tried, there was no stopping him from hunting bees, and more than once his muzzle swelled with his battle wounds, but he still looked quite pleased with himself: He KILLED those bees, so he WON…. He loved snatching a shoe or a toy, or any item left too near the back door, as he raced out into the yard. Years ago I lost count of the number of times I trekked out in whatever weather to retrieve whatever he had stolen. It gave him great pleasure to steal and run, but he only did this when going out the back door…. He was never more ferocious than when attacking a spraying garden hose. He would chomp and chomp and chomp the flowing water, conquering it mercilessly…. He also loved his Jolly balls, his favorite of which, the blue one, he had practically destroyed. Every time we let him out the back door, he raced straight to his favorite Jolly ball, picked it up, and carried it off with him, usually holding it in his mouth while he pottied. Other times he would lie in the grass, resting his chin on it for long stretches of time. Xtra! loved his Kong ball, and would retrieve until he dropped, if we let him (we didn’t). He had injured his right shoulder as a pup, and too much running would set him to limping, so we were careful to stop the game before he became too tired. But if he’d had his way, he would have played ball to the point of collapsing.

Xtra! was also quite tender. He was happiest sitting on my lap, “letting” me scratch him. I almost always had a small, strange bruise or two on one or both of my thighs, from his huge, hard paws or his huge elbows. He was my closest companion. He went up our stairs next to me, nearly every time I ever went up the steps. It was second nature to rest my left hand on his head, or his shoulders, whenever I headed upstairs. I will never forget the feeling of his head under my left hand.

There was a year when our younger daughter, Sydney, took a class at the local community college, before she began driving. I drove Sydney to her class, dropped her off, drove around searching for a parking space on the street, then waited in the car for the hour she was in class. The college was not in the safest part of downtown Dayton, so Xtra! was my companion on all those trips. I read in the driver’s seat while we waited, and he observed the world intently from the back seat. Usually we shared a donut. During those waits he remained calm and confident and quiet. I was very safe. That was several years ago, but I will never forget the profound sense of his protection.

Grace, his beautiful half-sister, was present with us at his passing. We made it a celebration, as much as we could. We shared hamburgers, and ice cream, which was Xtra!’s favorite food. For years Xtra! had always licked my ice cream cup, once the ice cream was gone and only some melted sweetness remained…. On his Last Day with us he ate a couple of hamburgers and then received an entire large “Frosty,” which is a chocolate soft-serve ice cream, of his own. He was never happier.

He passed almost instantly when Dr. Binzer gave the injection. His body was ready to let him go. Our family gathered around him, to stroke him a few last times and to say the “goodbye” things we say at the passing of a great friend and beloved family member. We were all sitting on the floor around him. His body was lying at my right side as everyone said their goodbyes to him. But I suddenly felt his presence undeniably at my left side, under my left hand. He remained there for a long moment, and then was gone.

Long ago you had a picture of him on your website, when he was about a year old. You had decided his hips did not meet your standards for your breeding program, and you had him neutered. I wrote you and remarked that there was certainly something special about that one… And blessedly, after many conversations, you sent him to us. He was supposed to have become my husband’s dog, since Daniel had recently lost his One and Only, Levi… Not long after, Grace was born, and I was sure she was the One I had waited 5 years for, since my Alex had passed… Somehow it went the other way. Grace is Daniel’s Special One, and Xtra! chose me.

We sincerely thank you, Cel, for these amazing gifts that are your kids.

I have honored Xtra!’s life by adopting a GSD mix pup from a shelter. We will do our best to give him a wonderful life.  Love and prayers, Sally

Doc (Celhaus Xalt Doc Shepherd) at 8 years 5 months
Unfortunately Doc died suddenly at 11 years of age.

All 3 waiting for their morning treat


Doc on one of his 6 mile walks with myself and Rebecca


Treasure (Celhaus X Marks the Spot) at 8 years 10 months
Unfortunately Treasure died suddenly at 11 years of age.


Annie (Celhaus Calamity Anarchy) at 6 years 3 months


Here are some pictures of Annie I took today so you can see how she’s grown and matured.  Annie is a joy, she loves to hunt mice in the snow, play frisbee and tend to our goats, chickens and rabbits. She got pecked on the nose from one of the hens so she knows they are not friendly lol.  Annie continues to have a high drive and has a very busy morning helping to tend all the animals then having a game.  Annie still loves to cuddle and eat cheese.

at 6 years 1 month




Ellie (Celhaus Elite Essence) at 5 years 3 months



on a camping trip


Sinner (Celhaus Cinder vom Wachter) at 5 years 2 months


Emma (Celhaus Cali Elsa Quiterie) at 4 years 10 months
Unfortunately, Emma died at just under 8 years.



Shadow (Celhaus Chase the Wind) at 4 years 2 months, with roommate, Annie


Ellie (Celhaus Elite Essence) at 3 years 4 months


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