Quinta Pups

Quinta Puppies

X Litter (sired by Caz, whelped January 29, 2007)
AA Litter (sired by Chaos, whelped 11/25/08)
EE Litter (sired by Chaos, whelped 5/21/10)

CC Litter (sired by Kway vom Posthorn SchH3 KKL1a, whelped 11/3/09).
My Lively (Celhaus Celebrate Life) is from the CC litter.
CC litter background information
CC litter pedigree


Josie (Celhaus Easy Does It) at 11 years 7 months
Josie was an Avalanche Dog at a ski resort in Jackson Hole until her retirement.  She’s also a great family dog.
“Christmas romp.  Merry Christmas!”

Josie at 11 years 5 months
“Josie still has lots of energy and feels young!”

Josie at 11 years 3 months
“Josie swimming and running the show.  Great day with the girl….  All is well.  I missed checking in with you on this girls’ 11th birthday.  She’s doing great.  We love her so much.  She still gets after it!  Vet says she’s very healthy.  She’s a bit more food driven than she used to be.  Still loves nose work so I keep doing stuff with her to keep her engaged.”

Ellie (Celhaus Elite Essence) at 11 years 3 months

6/6/21:  “Sadly, Ellie collapsed yesterday, and we had to stop her from suffering, and had her put to sleep.  It was so hard, because she had done so well all week.  We will miss her so much!! This is the most recent picture we have of her.  Scott and Kayla were looking at all our sleeping bags to decide which to take backpacking, and Ellie just laid her head on one watching them.”  

5/17/21:  “I just thought I should let you know that Ellie has been diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma, which we are told is terminal cancer.  She had her spleen removed last week, but it had already spread to her liver and possibly other areas.  We will treat her with chemo as long as it does not lessen her quality of life and hope for a few more happy months for her.”

Annie (Celhaus Calamity Anarchy) on her 10th birthday. Happy Birthday, Annie!!!
“Annie today after her frisbee game.”

Charlie (Celhaus Cochise) at 8 years
“There are two Kongs in the second picture.  He laid his head over them I guess to protect them from any possible thieves lurking about!”

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