QQ Litter Visits Westview Healthcare Center
41 Days Old

The pups rode great this trip. Only one voice in the back complained at all. The four that I could see in the front crates sat up most of the way and looked at the world going by. Good puppies!!!! This is a very smart bunch. They seem to figure things out after one introduction. Mr. Purple and Mr. Blue again fell asleep in people’s arms. Miss Yellow was the ‘visiting” hit as she gave super eye contact and kisses to everyone who held her. I took different toys (which I do for every visit) and they pounced on them as soon as we opened the bag. We had some very entertaining tug battles. The residents also got a big kick out of the grunting noise the latex pig made when they attacked it. I usually take something that makes weird noises on every visit except the first one, which is stressful enough. Today I took a battery-operated train engine that moves on its own while playing music. We got lots of laughs out of the pups bravely following it to investigate and then jumping out of the way as it reversed and headed to them. Mr. Blue and Miss Pink were the ones most interested in it. They played for about 30 minutes and then began settling down. Everyone got a kick out of Miss Red who resolutely kept following me as I moved around to take photos, trying to settle in my lap. She finally gave up and decided to use my foot as a pillow and was quite insulted when I transferred her to a resident’s foot. Eventually she accepted that and stayed there quite a while, to the resident’s great pleasure. About 50 minutes after we arrived, we ended the visit, packed up the toys and picked up the puppies.

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