PP Litter
Whelped 10/27/18: 4 black males, 3 sable males and 1 sable female

Mr. White went to Colorado for competition in obedience, tracking, agility, dock diving, barn hunt, rally and Schutzhund, and possibly breeding. Mr. Yellow went to Montana to be a therapy dog and to compete in rally, nosework and possibly agility. Miss Purple went to western Wyoming to be a therapy dog and do training but probably not any competition. She is their 4th dog from me. Mr. Black went to Ohio and Mr. Red to South Dakota, both as therapy dogs and to be family pets. Mr. Black is their third dog from me. The others went to be pets: Mr. Orange went to Alaska, while Mr. Green & Mr. Blue went to Colorado.

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Echo (Celhaus Piper Echo) at 43-45 weeks
the former Miss Purple

“Loving the sun roof.  Echo enjoying the mountains – You’re kidding, there are bears here?’ With the grandson.  Watching Fox and Friends.”

Echo at 23 – 27 weeks

“Chasing the ball is my life.  Them eyes.  Yes, I’m beautiful.”


Jake (Celhaus Paragon of Gioia) at 46 weeks
the former Mr. Blue

“Jake and his best buddy, Rocco, had fun in the sun in this beautiful September day. “

Jake at 34 weeks
1st photo: “Look Gma! A new sleeping bag! ”
2nd photo: “He loves camping.”
3rd photo: “He loves his elk antler…”


Pazuzu (Celhaus Pazuzu) at 7 weeks
the former Mr. White

7/11/19:  “It has been a while since Emma and I have sent in an update on Pazuzu, but he is doing great! He is growing up so quickly. He is now nearly 80 pounds, and he does not seem to be done growing. He is still training for protection work, and he is getting the idea of what he is supposed to be doing now. He has also been doing nosework and basic obedience. I’ve attached some pictures of him doing his thing.”

6/19/19:  “He is progressing well in bitework foundations and has started screaming for the bite, indicating that his drive is kicking in or turning on. He is getting big enough that I am going to have to get a longer leash to wrap around myself as the back tie – at over 70lbs, he can almost pull me off my feet lunging for the toy or sleeve.  He is also progressing phenomenally in barnhunt, although we might have to put that on hold for a bit until we figure out the best way to get him off rats. He will scream and bite at the tubes, and getting him away from the tube so the wrangler can come get it is proving to be more and more difficult with every practice. He is a slow and methodical searcher, but it is very clear once he finds a rat.  I can see the nosework lineage in his work, he has a natural talent for it. Watching him work a scent picture is beautiful, I have no doubt that he will be fantastic at trialing.  

“The other day we were working Obedience with a trainer in a public park and out of nowhere someone’s little girl (barely taller than Pazu) comes running up to us and launches herself at Pazuzu for a hug. There was little to no time to stop her if I had wanted to, but he was not phased by it at all. He just stood there in “drive mode” and let this little girl hang on him. She grabbed his face and gave him rough, little kid pets. After she let go she asked to give him a treat and I let her give him a piece of cheese after showing her how to hold her hand flat with the cheese in the middle (he has a big mouth and can be grabby). He was a perfect gentleman and gently took the cheese from her (and not her hand) and she went on her merry way. That moment made me so thankful that you socialize the pups with children and the elderly from a young age – that picture could have gone very differently had he been a less well-balanced dog. At 7 months old he was able to react appropriately to a completely new situation (one that freaked me out for sure) and keep a level head during the whole ordeal. We were able to keep working afterwards, though we kept an eye out for additional stray children.

“He had his first “swimming lesson” last month, which was comical to say the least. Swimming/jumping in a clear water pool is more difficult to a dog than in a cloudy body of water. He was pretty hesitant to go past where he could touch for the first portion, but we upped the game by throwing a retrieval toy into the water just in front of him. That presented quite the conundrum because he HAD to retrieve the toy, but also wasn’t sure what would happen if he couldn’t touch the bottom. He talked through his decision making process (screamed through it) and ultimately launched himself into the water after the toy. He is a natural swimmer! The intro pool lessons are only 45 minutes long, start to finish, and he went from never having swam before to launching himself off the side of the pool and retrieving in the water. I foresee a dock diver in the future!”


Malachi (Celhaus Pjesma u odjek olujo) at 45 – 46 weeks
the former Mr. Yellow

Meaning of the name: “It’s Croatian [my family heritage] and means “the song in the echo of the storm” or conversely in English “the song in the storm’s echo.” I like storms, and was inspired by a beautiful song by nya called echoes in rain.

Malachi has discovered the insides of dilly bars and his new bed are great. Here also are a few nice sunset shots of him on the trails we walk and train on.

Malachi at 39 – 41 weeks

7/31/19 & 8/20/19:  “And then there’s Malachi haha I left the shower open so I could take it and then got a phone call, and so Malachi decided to go play with his ball in it and fell asleep in there haha I had to evict him, but what a clown he is this week!  He was so much help while I fixed the shower head… he’s pretty proud of himself anyway.  He can’t stand being left out of anything, so he makes sure to invite himself at every possible chance.”

7/13/19:  “Here are Malachi’s recent exploits this past week while my friend visited. Most are from when he was up in Glacier, which he was very good with, but it was buzzing with people so he had to be head collared so he wouldn’t poke and prod them. and then my friend had fun playing the ‘hose’ with him so I took the opportunity to get some good photos of my nutball pup.”


For the second time, I have a litter with two pups given the same call name (see the LL litter) , and again one is a sable and the other is dark (in the LL litter a bicolor; in this litter a black).  The people who took the sable have a tradition of naming their pups “Samson” and this one is their third, so he is Samson III.  Hopefully you can keep them apart.


Samson III (Celhaus Perfect Protector) at 36 weeks
the former Mr. Orange

“I’ve included some recent pictures of Samson now at 36 weeks, on his first motor home trip.  Full of energy. Reminds us often to go to the front yard for ball time.  He loves the routine.  Showing some great traits when it comes to contact with people or other dogs.  He is very friendly with strangers as long as we are with him but not too tolerant if we are inside the house. He reads us and calms down immediately when we tell him to settle.   He is stubborn, fearless, and loving almost all in the same moment.   High energy, high prey drive (even though his testing didn’t show that) and high play drive.  He is now at #70 and trim.  We get a lot of great comments about him. He is becoming a really great buddy.”


Samson (Celhaus Pirate) at 32 weeks
the former Mr. Green

First photo:  “Trout fishing – Sammy has one spotted!” 
Second photo:  “Ready to go search and find! Kind of like his cousin, Lando!” (Lando is from the LL litter)

Samson at 18 – 24 weeks

First photo:  “Walking great together.” 
Last photo:  “Could someone please bring my dinner?”



Bear (Celhaus Pherein Brave Hart) at 20 weeks
the former Mr. Red

Hiking the hills. Welcoming someone home from college.


Pax (Celhaus Peace on Earth) at 31 weeks
the former Mr. Black

“Pax is absolutely wonderful, healthy and happy, smart, well-behaved and loved by all who meet him.  You may remember that hubby Daniel has worked out of town and been home only on weekends for approx. 8 yrs now. We have taken a leap of faith and will be leaving our hometown area, where we have lived all our lives, to move 3 hrs. north, 15 min. from Daniel’s office. We are downsizing at the same time, leaving this large house on 5 acres for a much smaller farmhouse on 1 acre. It comes with a securely fenced area that attaches to the house for our 4 dogs, and it has a small family room that we are dedicating to the dogs’ crates and the TV and “snuggle” chairs. We’re planning to give them the run of the family room and kitchen through the day, and take them upstairs with us at night.   Daniel is installing a 5-ft. fence around most of the lot. That is now Priority One. 😊  Also, I have essentially retired and am now home full time! HOORAY! The dogs are SO helpful as I am packing to move, as you can imagine…. 4 big bodies and 16 legs between me and the door, for every box I carry. Luckily Mud Season seems to have passed, so they are able to romp outside for good periods in between “helping” me.  I will be visiting a couple of obedience-training facilities when we are settled.”










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