PP Litter

PP Litter
Whelped 10/27/18: 4 black males, 3 sable males and 1 sable female

Mr. White (Pazuzu) went to Colorado for competition in obedience, tracking, agility, dock diving, barn hunt, rally and Schutzhund, and possibly breeding. Mr. Yellow (Malachi) went to Montana to be a therapy dog and to compete in rally, nosework and possibly agility. Miss Purple (Echo) went to western Wyoming to be a therapy dog and do training but probably not any competition. She is their 4th dog from me. Mr. Black went to Ohio (Pax) and Mr. Red (Bear) to South Dakota, both as therapy dogs and to be family pets. Mr. Black is their third dog from me. The others went to be pets: Mr. Orange (Samson III) went to Alaska, while Mr. Green (Samson) & Mr. Blue (Jake) went to Colorado.

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Pazuzu (Celhaus Pazuzu) at 2 years 8 months
“Pazuzu won a trophy this weekend!  2nd place “Hardest Hitting” on the long send at a K9OTC seminar in Topeka, KS.”

Echo (Celhaus Piper Echo) at 2 years 8 months
Photos 1-2:  “Up in the Big Horns.  Some deer hanging around.  She really wanted to go after them.”
Photo 3:  “Her nose is on the ground almost all of the time.”
Photo 4:  “Very close buddies with grandson.”

Jake (Celhaus Paragon of Gioia) at 2 years 4 months

Jake at 2 years 3 months

Pazuzu at 2 years 3 months
“We had a Valentine’s Day shoot today.”

Pazuzu at 2 years 2 months
“We are doing well! Happy and healthy here, Pazu is back to working regularly and we are currently contracted to do military working dog equipment testing.  If he does well with this round of testing, we will get to go on a C 130 Hercules! Everyone is very impressed with his temperament – no one has had issues doing an echo, or arterial blood draws on him because he is so social.”

Samson (Celhaus Pirate) at 2 years 1 month
“Samson is 70 lbs of love and engagement. Very athletic, strong, lean and a bit mouthy! Ha! Loves the snow, Frisbees and tennis balls. Exceptionally fast and extremely loyal!”

Pax (Celhaus Peace on Earth) at 2 years 1 month

“Pax is happy and healthy and just a joy every day.  I’m not very good at getting photos of Pax in motion, but I worked at it a little today so I could send you some updated ones.  We have worked on our perimeter fencing this fall and winter, and while it’s not quite finished, it’s secure enough for the dogs to go for a run if we’re outside with them.  (They do have a smaller, secure, fenced area where I can watch them from inside, which is where they usually play.)  The sun came out today and it wasn’t windy for a change, so Daniel and I took Pax and his best friend/rescue sister, Charlotte, who is 6 mos. older than him, out for a run.  Charlotte is a boxer/Ridgeback rescue.”

Pax at 1 year 10 months
“Enjoying a nice day.”

Pax at 1 year 9 months
1st photo:  “Pax and Charlotte, sunning on the deck on a wonderful June day.”
2nd photo:  “Charlotte was valiantly trying to nap among her pals, but last one up gets the least space.”

Jake at 2 years
Celebrating my bday by chomping down on two big bully sticks, running amok in the deep snow and chasing squirrels! It’s rough here…  XXOO, Jake.  My dad was in a horrific automobile accident.  It’s truly a miracle he survived.  We finally have him home (he’s staying here with us in Colorado to rehab).  Jake has been absolutely amazing with him. He knows he’s hurt and they have become the best of buds.  Best therapy dog!  Almost forgot to send the pic of Dad reading about GloryToo!  Thank you, for the great joy in our lives! 

Jake at 1 year 11 months
“Hi Gma. I just trashed another basketball.  Found it on my walk today.  And a softball too!  Love, Jake”

Jake at 1 year 10 months
“Hi Gma Cel.  Look what happened when I tried to carry a basketball, tennis ball and softball in my mouth…  LY, Jake”

Jake at 1 year 9 months
“At my Pa’s place.”