OO Litter
bred to Cantor
Whelped 8/22/18:  2 males and 2 females, all black sables

Mr. Blue (Titus) went to Utah for Search and Rescue. Mr. Green (Finley) stayed close in Wyoming as a pet. Miss Pink (Leidy) went to northwest Wyoming for Search & Rescue. Miss Purple (Pilot) went to the Spokane area for competition in a variety of venues: tracking, nosework, agility, herding and maybe more.

Pilot (Celhaus Olabisi Isolde CGC TKN) at 1 year 11 months
Name story: Olabisi is Egyptian, meaning brings joy; Isolde is Gaelic, meaning brat)

1st photo:  “Guess who licked our the yogurt container.”
2nd photo:  “Helping me prepare the strawberry bed.”
3rd photo:  “Photogenic girl”
4th photo:  “Enjoying a beautiful morning here before it gets to 90.  Ugh!”

Finley (Celhaus Onyx) at 1 year 10 months
“Just wanted to send a few pictures of Finley. He’s had a great start to this summer. Lot’s of hiking and fishing, and of course chasing everyone around the backyard.”
2nd & 4th photos are at Bud Love
6th photo:  Wildflowers on Hospital Hill
Last photo is at Brown Bear Lake  

Finley at 1 year 9 months

Leidy (Celhaus Odina Leidy) at 1 year 11 months
Name story: Odina is Native American for mountain; Leidy is a mountain of which Tammy has particularly fond memories.

“Did some SAR training today.  The photo shows Leidy at the cadaver source (black spot on tree).  She’s doing great with her training.  Hopefully I’ll be able to certify her this summer.”

Leidy at 1 year 10 months
“Enjoying the sunny day”

Leid(Celhaus Odina Leidy) at 1 year

“Thank you for breeding such great dogs.”  
(That’s Laser in the one photo with her. He has the same sire as Cantor does. I had him for a while but he had an elbow problem that needed surgery and, since I couldn’t breed him, I placed him with friends as a Search & Rescue Dog and he’s doing fantastic. He’s a kind of uncle, then, to Leidy – no wonder they look alike.)

Leidy at 37 weeks, training in Search & Rescue

Titus (Celhaus Octavius Titus) at 17 weeks
the former Mr. Blue

Name story: Octavius, was the family masculine name is Gaius Octavius, who became known as Cesar Augustus of Rome the name means Magnificent or Majestic. He was known as a great tactician, philosopher, and statesman who brought Rome out of Civil war following the death of Julius Cesar and into a golden age for the empire know as the Pax Romana (Roman Peace). Since we learned that trying to call any two dogs with an O name is just bringing them both to us we liked Titus who was another Roman Emperor and his name means depending on culture, pleasing, saved, of the giants (He has big paws). We felt a call name of Titus sounds nothing like Oakley and matches his personality he loves to please and work hard with a smile on his face.

“Titus has been doing extremely well, his days have been filled with puppy games, adventures around town and in the wilderness full of exposure to new things. He is loving his Search & Rescue training, thus far it has all been positive fun and in the form of puppy games. He has a nose for the cadaver and just loves to find it, it is truly amazing to see him having fun with it.”

“You were right when you told us he is a fun loving special boy, and we are doing everything we can to keep him happy and engaged.  Titus and our female (Oakley) are growing together and she really has taking a liking to him, even though he loves to tease and harass her!  I hope you have had a great Christmas, thank you again for a special boy!  We hope you enjoy the photos, our team photographer is working on more images hopefully soon we will have them. “

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