MM Litter in their New Homes

Miss Green went to southern Colorado to be a farm dog (dairy goats and chickens) and therapy dog. Miss Gold went to Virginia to be a Search & Rescue dog (their 3rd SAR dog from me). Miss Pink went to Washington state for Schutzhund, obedience and tracking. Miss Red went to Ft. Collins, CO to be a family companion and do obedience & nosework competition (their second dog from me). Mr. Blue went to the Denver area to be a therapy dog and family companion for two busy boys. Mr. Yellow went to Cheyenne, WY to be a therapy dog (her second dog & second therapy dog from me).  See photos of Mr. Yellow

Bindi (Celhaus Mireya Bindi Satchke Umida) at 15 weeks
The former Miss Green
(Mireya is Spanish for miracle: Bindi is the Hindi forehead spot designating spiritual seeking, etc.; Satchke is Finnish for sparkle; Umida is Punjabi for hope/wish/desire)

Bindi is doing great at herding on her farm, and when I shared the latest post about what she’s doing with another GSD breeder, she sent me this link to pass on to Bindi’s owner about how GSD’s herd:  That page had links to two also-fascinating pages:  Explanation of large-flock sheep herding and the relationship with the dog that makes it happen (mutual respect):  And a fascinating article on selecting the GSD for herding:

Here are pics as promised. Unfortunately-we missed the really “Rin Tin Tin” pose of Miss Bindi…both she and Marlin were up on the top of the rock together and totally “magnificent”…and when I suggested Smoky might want to take a picture…the moment was gone! But she was happy to comply and climb partway back up again…LOTS of experiences on difficult terrain that day…she has an enormous amount of good sense! When it was a bit much for her to follow Uncle Marlin-she quietly turn around and came back up or down the way she had gotten in. I have never seen her attempt stupid-bridges, steep banks etc…wise pup!

Ziggy (Celhaus Maverick Zigmund Bullet Luxman) at 13 weeks
The former Mr. Blue

10/8:  I attached a recent photo of Ziggy. He is doing great.

Ruby (Celhaus Mount Moran) at 11 weeks
The former Miss Red

Cel’s note: Stella is their lab mix. Ozzie was their first German Shepherd from me. He was Celhaus Quandary Peak, a brother to my Quinta, who is Ruby’s grandmother. They like to use local mountains for registered names, thus Ruby’s official name. 

9/19:  She is great! We are socializing as much as possible: she’s been out to breakfast, visiting family, experiencing stores, hanging out at brewpubs, and meeting many people and some dogs and a couple of cats. Her stamina is increasing daily (ahem). Like her mother, she learns very fast and once she has it, is eager to keep working. We are working on polite greetings – she loves people and wants to jump up to be kissed (just like her great uncle Ozzie). She had her second round of shots yesterday and weighs 20#.  She really grew this last week and is getting long legs and the start of her adult coat.

Her first real hike was Saturday at Vedauwoo and she loved it. So many smells and new things including a group of trail riders. She wasn’t sure about the horses since they approached rather quickly so we will take her to the urban farm here in town next weekend for more horse practice. She especially likes the sticks she chose to bring home though! We’ll have a cool, fall-like weekend coming up so will get her out on the trail again.  She is keeping us busy and we will continue to channel that energy – a very smart, fun girl! She will be in puppy kindergarten, too.

Beyla (Celhaus Miss Beyla Vanir) at 11 weeks
The former Miss Pink

Although being a goddess herself, Beyla is servant to Freyja, goddess of fertility. She is often connected with earth, and known as the goddess of bees… She is wife to Byggvir, also a servant to Frey and Freyja. Beyla is basically a god-servant to Frey, who’s the god of life, fertility, nature, etc. I thought it was fitting that she be named that (not only because it was a pretty name) but because she’d be my “servant” in that her job is to be protector and companion to my husband and I, and any future children. Vanir is simply the group of gods she is originally in. Thor and Odin and whatnot are in the group called Aesir (Aesir were thought of as being the powers that hold the cosmos together, the animating personalities of the “forces of nature.”). Vanir are the other “tribe” of gods, associated with fertility, wisdom, nature, magic, and the ability to see the future. It sounded nice paired with Beyla, and matched as far as meanings and aligning with Norse Mythology.

 New engineer!   Tough day at the office today! 🙂

Beyla at 10 weeks

Hi Cel,  here we are mid third week with Beyla, and I’m still so happy with her! I already can’t imagine not having her around. She’s such a ball of energy, has a great personality, I love that I can already see her intellect and drive (lots of drive oh my!), and she is such a sweetheart. She’s picking things up really quickly, and is pretty mannered at home. I definitely don’t have to worry about her biting my nose much anymore 🙂 She is getting big, too! I swear sometimes I come home from work and I can visibly see that she’s grown! Her favorite game works with Thor’s favorite game fairly well. While Thor loves me to use the chuck-it to throw the ball, Beyla loves to play tug using the chuck-it! I was worried that this was a bad idea at first, but then I decided that really a chuck-it isn’t priced much differently than a fancy tug toy, so why not! Now we use it for a tug game while Thor is fetching, and it’s a cool way I’ve found to teach her to sit quietly for what she wants, because if she does that she gets rewarded with a game of chuck-it tug sooner! 🙂

Beyla is learning so much, but I’m also learning so much too! It’s actually pretty fun. I like that she keeps me on my toes, and I constantly get to devise ways to make her success imminent. It’s really fun mental exercise for me, as well as her I think 🙂 I’ve almost gotten over the fear that I’m going to ruin a good dog, and have figured out that whatever I do, as long as I do it assertively, consistently, calmly, and with love, she will be alright, and will adapt and grow 🙂  Amber

PS – in the photos below I don’t actually put Beyla in sweaters, but she was chewing on Bentley’s sweater so my sister thought it would be a good idea to put Beyla’s new found chew-toy on her! 🙂


Lexi (Celhaus Majestic Lexington) at 8 weeks, at the airport
The former Miss Gold

Cel’s note: Lexi had quite an adventure flying. Kelly was supposed to fly out of Billings Friday at 4 p.m. and get to Washington, DC at 9 p.m. (our time). Instead, they didn’t get home until about that time SATURDAY. Henry is her eleven-year-old son.

I specifically booked (with Delta) over the phone and spent two hours with representative going over all the specs. Come to find out, they only let 8 weeks old underneath and 10 weeks up top. They were not willing to work with me even though they booked the flight. They did however re-book me, and pay for it due to inconvenience, through Alaska Airlines. I left the next day, had to fly to Seattle then Washington DC. Needless to say, it was a nightmare on my end; however, she traveled perfectly and the airline attendants on our 5 hour flight were in love. They let me have her on my lap and the whole crew came up to see her as did the 18 month old boy running up and down the aisle. It is a good thing I have travel and dog handling skills as this would have been a disaster. What I did notice is, people love pets during travel much more than young children. She met dozens of people and we got to know each other very quick.

Upon arriving home, Henry was asleep and he was awoken by her licking his face. They are fast friends and his activity is on the same level as her. Henry is learning how to walk her, hold her and trade his clothes for bones/balls with her as she is very interested in his laundry/shoes/socks and bedroom overall.

She is eating well, growing fast. She has been to the vet for her health check and weighed in at 17.3#..

8/29 Here are a few pictures: First walk with Henry, first-day-of-middle-school photo, watching Henry walk to bus (I walked ahead to take picture, she was pulling to get to me,. Our days waiting on flights were spent heavily bonding.)

Steve called me today and said you won’t believe what she did. He said, “While I was trying to refocus her from my shoe, I said to her, “Go find your bone…She disappeared. As I didn’t know she could fit behind the couch, I got worried and watched her; as she finally made it out, she had her bone!”
We’re getting to know her personality. She was little sassy girl this morning, prancing around after going up and down stairs, finding my socks/shoes. Went to vet yesterday with flying colors, watching Henry get picked up by bus in morning, going to lemonade stands and so forth.

9/3 Her ear is coming up today and she likes to hide her bones behind the couch, under the furniture and so forth. Crate training fantastic and easily soothed. Going potty outside…mostly. We are working on walking on a leash, treats are working. She has found most every small plant/parts to be very exciting such as tree nuts, mushrooms, moss, house plants etc. She likes to hide behind our indoor plants and act like she is doing nothing then when I turn my head away she nibbles on the ends of the leaves as they bounce up in down and it is very exciting. We have met two neighbor dogs successfully on leash, today we have a walk scheduled with friend/dog. We are taking time to meet our cat Peanut as he is not that excited as this is his third German Shepherd and he is 14 years old.



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