MM Litter

MM Litter
whelped 7/1/17

Spirit bred to Toby

Miss Green (Bindi) went to southern Colorado to be a farm dog (dairy goats and chickens) and therapy dog. Miss Gold (Lexi) went to Virginia to be a Search & Rescue dog (their 3rd SAR dog from me). Miss Pink (Beyla) went to originally Washington state then to Alaska for Schutzhund, obedience and tracking. Miss Red (Ruby) went to Ft. Collins, CO to be a family companion and do obedience & nosework competition (their second dog from me). Mr. Blue (Ziggy) went to the Denver area to be a therapy dog and family companion for two busy boys. Mr. Yellow (Grizzly) went to southwestern Wyoming as a pet.  

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Police/Narcotics test and Search & Rescue Test

Lexi (Celhaus Majestic Lexington) at 3 years 3 months
Lexi is in training for Search & Rescue
“Morning with Lexi.  Here is our little girl loving the early mornings, checking the front yard to see what went on last night”

Grizzly (Celhaus Mercy Grizzly Bryant) at 2 years 11 months
11/26/20:  “This Thanksgiving means Grizzly has been with us now for 2 years… he is doing well.  On our morning dog walk which includes chasing a couple of Frisbees, he is staying in good shape.  We used to aim for 20 tosses.  Last week we hit 82 tosses… now we often surpass 50.  62 this morning.  He’s getting enough exercise so that his toe claws are maintained at a good length without trimming.  He eats 3 times a day with gusto and keeps his slim body and strong muscles….  See attached picture from a couple of days ago.”
9/17/20: “Your last email said a great deal in a very few words.  I know that you know what I am about to say, but I write to you anyway.  You give a tremendous gift of bonded friendship and support and companionship and love in each and every one of the fine dogs you have worked so hard and for so long to breed.  If Grizzly is an example, he is a powerhouse of devoted energy and fills my days with our combined routines.  I imagine on some days keeping all of your dogs fed, healthy, exercised, and bred multiple times a year is a tremendous amount of work. I never spent $1,800 for a dog before, it sounds like a lot, but now that I know the quality of Grizzly, it is a bargain.  I can do the math, if you have 2 litters a year, with maybe 16 pups, and all of the expenses for food and vitamins and vet bills and….. it’s a tremendous amount of work and there are lots of costs….. very little profit even under the best of circumstances.  I want to send you my very best during these difficult times and remind you, if I am any measure at all, of the huge amount of very special joy you have spread to so many people with your fine working and companion dogs.  Luckily I am smart enough to know that one dog, Grizzly, is better than two dogs….Otherwise I would sign up for another one….  Grizzly is a beautiful, strong willed, loving dog and we (at least I) think of you every morning when he and I are out on our morning walk and Frisbee exercising. He is now quite good at leaping and catching it in the air after I have thrown it as far as I am able….”

Beyla (Celhaus Miss Beyla Vanir) at 3 years 5 months
Name Story: Although being a goddess herself, Beyla is servant to Freyja, goddess of fertility. She is often connected with earth, and known as the goddess of bees… She is wife to Byggvir, also a servant to Frey and Freyja. Beyla is basically a god-servant to Frey, who’s the god of life, fertility, nature, etc. I thought it was fitting that she be named that (not only because it was a pretty name) but because she’d be my “servant” in that her job is to be protector and companion to my husband and I, and any future children. Vanir is simply the group of gods she is originally in. Thor and Odin and whatnot are in the group called Aesir (Aesir were thought of as being the powers that hold the cosmos together, the animating personalities of the “forces of nature.”). Vanir are the other “tribe” of gods, associated with fertility, wisdom, nature, magic, and the ability to see the future. It sounded nice paired with Beyla, and matched as far as meanings and aligning with Norse Mythology.

“Snow machine ride today. Now she’s tired and happy.  Fatbiking last weekend. And mostly just standard daily walks or bike rides besides that. Josh is finished up north and has been home lately so she follows him around all day.  She visits the neighbors and their two-year-old. She does really well with her, is very gentle and gives her space and doesn’t go after her toys. She doesn’t like when kids try to hug her; that is the only thing I watch for.  So we work with the kids not to do that (because that’s dangerous and not a nice gesture in dog language) and also work with Beyla to tolerate it.  She’s progressing really well, especially for not having very many kids in her life.”


Bindi (Celhaus Mireya Bindi Satchke Umida) at 3 years 4 months
Name Story: Mireya is Spanish for miracle: Bindi is the Hindi forehead spot designating spiritual seeking, etc.; Satchke is Finnish for sparkle; Umida is Punjabi for hope/wish/desire.
1st & 2nd photos:  “Bindi got to go and play with Ashoka for the day…they have this little sing-song they seranade while one has the ball in their mouth one way and the other the other way!  Minutes tick by with their mutual off key tuning….silly girls.”
3rd photo:  “Mz Bindi & Moxi. They get along famously…only because Moxi is a spit fire and gives her what-for most of the time!  Don’t mind the mess- pre remodel mayhem!”

Bindi at 3 years 3 months
“Well-these aren’t great of our Bindi Gal – but you can see she takes her job of keeping us all together very seriously! “

Bindi at 3 years 2 months
Photo 1:  “Snow fun”
Photos 2 & 3: “We” just returned from a four day jaunt to the most amazing gaited horse riding clinic (by Ivy Schexnayder)on the planet-what a treat!  Ivy is an awesome instructor and so kind, consistent and follows her heart and instincts-actually started out with training dogs. Amazing rider, intuitive trainer. Feather did real well-super in fact-and Miss Bindi? Well-she too-was the star of the weekend!  Loved everybody, was quiet, polite and invited EVERYONE to play ball, stick or just be silly and eat manure… It got a bit toasty on Saturday-so I asked permission to bring her into the arena between my sessions and nobody minded at all-they couldn’t believe she would just “konk out” and not say a word!  She got chicken AND beef for dinner!”
Photos 4-8:  “Here are a few more of Miss Bindi the herder-upper! 🙂 She never pesters or bites or anything-just quietly goes around the group and back again…lati-dah-ti-dah.  She’s learning the word “trail” pretty well though-so if I feel she’s bugging someone-I can usually get her to go on ahead by saying “trail”. I have so many commands for that smarty pants-I get mixed up!  I just adore these mules that my friends have!  They are just so kind, steady and perfect for them! Feather loves the “zen” of mules and donkey’s too.  My friends all commented on how good Bindi was. Quiet, obedient.  Bindi was awesome and just stayed by me when asked.  She’s a rock star on obedience.”