MM Litter in their New Homes

Miss Green went to southern Colorado to be a farm dog (dairy goats and chickens) and therapy dog. Miss Gold went to Virginia to be a Search & Rescue dog (their 3rd SAR dog from me). Miss Pink went to Washington state for Schutzhund, obedience and tracking. Miss Red went to Ft. Collins, CO to be a family companion and do obedience & nosework competition (their second dog from me). Mr. Blue went to the Denver area to be a therapy dog and family companion for two busy boys. Mr. Yellow went to Cheyenne, WY to be a therapy dog (her second dog & second therapy dog from me).  See photos of Mr. Yellow

Lexi (Celhaus Majestic Lexington) at 27 weeks
The former Miss Gold

Lexi at 24 – 25 weeks

The last photo is a typical game with which Henry & Lexi amuse themselves.

Lexi at 23 weeks

The last photo is a attempted family photo with Lexi’s tongue.

Bindi (Celhaus Mireya Bindi Satchke Umida) at 21 – 23 weeks
The former Miss Green
(Mireya is Spanish for miracle: Bindi is the Hindi forehead spot designating spiritual seeking, etc.; Satchke is Finnish for sparkle; Umida is Punjabi for hope/wish/desire)

Bindi is doing great at herding on her farm, and when I shared the latest post about what she’s doing with another GSD breeder, she sent me this link to pass on to Bindi’s owner about how GSD’s herd:  That page had links to two also-fascinating pages:  Explanation of large-flock sheep herding and the relationship with the dog that makes it happen (mutual respect):  And a fascinating article on selecting the GSD for herding:

Bindi with her ball. Bindi waiting for her breakfast-Smoky thinks this is just hilarious… The “usual” hope for cat-tail hoer-d-voirs….
All the rest are out at Elephant Rocks yesterday…it was a “Pearler day” as Nies would say-and Bindi’s first time out there…She had a ball…chasing bugs believe it or not!

Grizzly at 23 weeks

Practicing long stays at the park, then enjoying ball time.  Then practicing more stays in very busy Tractor Supply store.

Ziggy (Celhaus Maverick Zigmund Bullet Luxman) at 13 weeks
The former Mr. Blue

10/8:  I attached a recent photo of Ziggy. He is doing great.

Ruby (Celhaus Mount Moran) at 20 weeks
The former Miss Red

A new (undesirable) behavior, very cute but it will be harder to sit on that small table the bigger she gets! Other photo is Ruby relaxing after breakfast.


Beyla (Celhaus Miss Beyla Vanir) at 12 – 19 weeks
The former Miss Pink

Although being a goddess herself, Beyla is servant to Freyja, goddess of fertility. She is often connected with earth, and known as the goddess of bees… She is wife to Byggvir, also a servant to Frey and Freyja. Beyla is basically a god-servant to Frey, who’s the god of life, fertility, nature, etc. I thought it was fitting that she be named that (not only because it was a pretty name) but because she’d be my “servant” in that her job is to be protector and companion to my husband and I, and any future children. Vanir is simply the group of gods she is originally in. Thor and Odin and whatnot are in the group called Aesir (Aesir were thought of as being the powers that hold the cosmos together, the animating personalities of the “forces of nature.”). Vanir are the other “tribe” of gods, associated with fertility, wisdom, nature, magic, and the ability to see the future. It sounded nice paired with Beyla, and matched as far as meanings and aligning with Norse Mythology.

She LOVES the chuck-it. Not for ball throwing though…for chewing! I wasn’t worried about this originally, because I think they’re roughly the same price as fancy chew toys, so that’s all good. And then she had all her vaccines so I took her to a dog park…and she loved everyone else’s chuck-its, too! We haven’t been back, but that will be interesting I think.

Beyla and Bentley…I’m not sure. I think they’re best fr-enemies. They’ll play, and then other times I’m not sure if they’re playing or not. It’s comical though. Bentley is always a grump (to both humans and dogs, he growls a lot, never bites though, and I claim no responsibility for the lack of training leading to that temperament). What makes it really funny is that Beyla is big enough to hold her own, and still just teases him! I’d have to guess they act like high school siblings that don’t like each other, but will hang out if they’re on vacation and have no other options 🙂 They were playing in those photos though, definitely. When I have them all outside and there’s lots of space they play, inside they only sometimes play.  My sister got her a soccer ball, and she loves it! 





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