These pups are all gone. I’m still editing photos of all their visits.  These will be the last ones I put up.  Everybody gets a kick out of the pups and kids, so I have to share this batch.

Miss Green went to southern Colorado to be a farm dog (dairy goats and chickens) and therapy dog. Miss Gold went to Virginia to be a Search & Rescue dog (their 3rd SAR dog from me). Miss Pink went to Washington state for Schutzhund, obedience and tracking. Miss Red went to Ft. Collins, CO to be a family companion and do obedience & nosework competition (their second dog from me). Mr. Blue went to the Denver area to be a therapy dog and family companion for two busy boys. Mr. Yellow went to Cheyenne, WY to be a therapy dog (her second dog & second therapy dog from me).

MM Litter, 48 Days Old, Visits the Children’s Library, page 2

Miss Pink first, and later Mr. Blue made us all laugh as they chased and barked at the Wiggly Giggly ball that makes a very weird noise as it rolls. They got their entire bodies on the ball, rolling it, biting at it as they tried to get the 6″ diameter ball in their mouths, and vocalizing heavily. After a while Miss Pink went on to other toys, but Mr. Blue stayed with the Wiggly Giggly ball forever, stopping every so often to catch his breath then attacking it again. He made so much noise growling and talking to it that he was scaring the toddlers, and he was wearing himself out so I finally had the ball put back in the toy bag out of sight, but not before Miss Red played with it for a bit.

I got some great photos of gentle Mr. Yellow visiting with and kissing some young children.

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