These pups are all gone. I’m still editing photos of all their visits. Miss Green went to southern Colorado to be a farm dog (dairy goats and chickens) and therapy dog. Miss Gold went to Virginia to be a Search & Rescue dog (their 3rd SAR dog from me). Miss Pink went to Washington state for Schutzhund, obedience and tracking. Miss Red went to Ft. Collins, CO to be a family companion and do obedience & nosework competition (their second dog from me). Mr. Blue went to the Denver area to be a therapy dog and family companion for two busy boys. Mr. Yellow went to Cheyenne, WY to be a therapy dog (her second dog & second therapy dog from me).

MM Litter, 47 Days Old, Visits Daybreak, a senior daycare

The pups were not happy with me when we had no ball sessions this morning, but perked right up when I went out to load them to go to Daybreak, a senior daycare facility. They followed me and loaded right up, although I had to carry Miss Red because she wouldn’t let my foot alone, attacking and tugging. Laurie, Denise and another friend, Cathy S, met me there to help with the pups and we could have used another person. Daybreak has a totally new location from our last puppy visit and, since it was a nice day, they wanted the puppies to be outside in their enclosed area. The problem was that it’s designed to enclose people, not puppies, with the two ends of the L-shaped yard made of decorative iron grids far apart enough for a puppy to squeeze through and which ended a good 6″ above the ground, and the two other solid wood fences about the same distance off the ground, a gap that the puppies could almost navigate at a dead run. Those open fences allowed the pups to see people going by on the sidewalk and all kinds of other movement and we kept having to retrieve them and return them to the concrete patio area where the elders were sitting in a rough circle. Mr. Blue, independent soul that he is, kept taking off for a grassy area, which was okay, but then he’d turn towards the short leg of the “L”, out of sight and where the other open iron fence was. As soon as he headed out, the others would follow, so Laurie and Cathy were kept busy running after pups. Denise had to put down her camera and run as well a few times. At least Miss Pink was too busy pestering Miss Green to take off with the others. I can’t help because then EVERYONE follows me.

Mr. Blue & Mr. Yellow

Miss Pink & Miss Green

Miss Red

Miss Red, Mr. Blue, Mr. Yellow, Miss Pink & Miss Gold

Cathy had an awful time moving around because Miss Red kept attacking her shoes. She went after Laurie’s feet, too, as did Mr. Yellow. Mr. Blue got in the act, too.

As usual, I took toys new to them, including a battery operated ball called a Bumble Ball. The Bumble Ball, bright yellow with multi-colored knobs, vibrates and bounces erratically. Miss Pink was hilarious with the Bumble Ball, chasing it, attacking it, talking and growling the entire time, trying to get her mouth over it and as much of her body as possible on it. Miss Gold and Miss Green attacked it, too, though no one matched Miss Pink’s intensity – and she wouldn’t share. Mr. Blue would often go past it and take a quick, sneaky side nip at it as he went by. Mr. Yellow investigated it but never attacked.

Miss Pink

Miss Pink & Miss Red

Miss Pink, Miss Red & Miss Green

Miss Red

Miss Green & Miss Red

Mr. Yellow & Miss Red

Mr. Yellow

Mr. Blue

I also took a big stuffed monkey that makes very weird noises. Miss Green particularly liked it. Mr. Blue joined her – they love putting their entire bodies on it to “subdue” it.

Miss Green

Miss Green & Mr. Blue

Mr. Blue & Miss Pink

Miss Gold

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