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GloryToo bred to Quasi
whelped 3/16/16

Mr. Gold went to Idaho for Search and Rescue, obedience, tracking & agility competition.  Mr. Red went to Missouri for obedience, tracking, barn hunt and rally competition.  Miss Rainbow went to a biologist in Alaska to search out wolverine lairs and bat nests for research. Miss Pink went to Montana as a pet and Mr. Green stayed in Sheridan as a pet.  Mr. White went to Yellowstone Park as a family pet and Search & Rescue dog, though they haven’t pursued SAR training due to family obligations.  Mr. Blue went to Casper as a pet and therapy dog.  I kept Miss Orange (“Lovely”, see her page and her litter’s page).

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Otto D (Celhaus Lancelot Otto) at 4 years 4 months

Otto D at 4 years
“Greetings from Dan and Otto D! Otto is doing great.  I’ve been traveling for work the past few weeks so Otto has been enjoying some time with my parents in Indiana on the shores of Lake Michigan and next to the Indiana Dunes.  My Dad sends photos each day from his morning walk with Otto, and I’ve attached a few photos of Otto visiting his grandparents.”

Pika (Celhaus Lively Pika) at 4 years
“Sorry for the delay in getting you some updated pictures of Pika. She’s doing great. I think we logged a little over 500 miles of hiking and backpacking trips with her this year. She’s the best. This year we made it across Alaska’s Resurrection Pass twice, which is about 40 miles one way. We also crossed over a famous trail called Crow Pass. She’s the greatest trail dog ever!”

I just couldn’t delete the gorgeous photos of Pika in the breathtaking Alaskan scenery so I created a special page for anyone who wants to enjoy them:  Pika photos

Gus (Celhaus LeBeau Gustavason) at 3 yrs 8 months
Name Story:  LeBeau means handsome man in French

“Mr. Gus is the most happy go lucky, sweet guy ever.  Here is my very handsome man, Gus. He celebrated his 4th birthday with homemade cheese dog biscuits, new jolly ball and water buffalo horns!”

Gus with his aunt Harlee (Celhaus Harlee), 5 years 5 months

“Kids on guard duty”

Bridger (Celhaus Lodestar Bridger RATN) at 3 years 8 months

12/3/19:  “Want to bring you up to date on Bridger’s adventures. This past weekend we entered our 2nd Barnhunt trial (the first was in August). He had gotten one leg of his novice title in August, but really didn’t care for working in the heat. I say it’s because he is from Wyoming. Remy was the same way. We entered Crazy 8’s on Friday night. He found 4 rats and told me, then found 2 more but I wasn’t sure so didn’t call them. He didn’t do the tunnel, not his favorite part. Anyway we did earn some points. It’s a start. Saturday in the 1st trial he wasn’t really indicating but had found the rat (that I didn’t call). His big accomplishment was doing the tunnel all on his own, without me telling him. I was so happy I patted and congratulated him. We were NQ’d for time, but would have been for my celebration. I told the judge it was worth an NQ. The afternoon trial he signaled the rat, did the tunnel, and got 3rd place. I had told him before we went in that he really needed to let me know cause I wasn’t the smartest crayon in the box and needed his help. He listened.  Sunday morning I told him again I needed a clear indication, so he ran into the ring, jumped on the fencing to say hi to someone and sniffed the judge, then ran to the rat, uncovered it with his nose and stood there looking at me and it. He then did the tunnel after I told him to (a couple of times). One of the judges and a friend told me later that I was standing to close to the entrance of the tunnel so he could not get in. Anyway that was his title run and he got 1st place. It was very fast, even with his other activities. Later I was told we missed high in trial by about 4 seconds. I never even considered high in trial. My goal was to have fun with him and finish his title.
I’m sending a couple of pictures from the August trial. The photographer wasn’t at this trial so don’t think any pictures were taken.”

Bridger at 2 years 2 months

4/7/19:  “Bridger is doing fine. We are having periods of warmer weather so he won’t be happy when he has to stay home rather than riding along. We continue to work on Rally and Obedience in the hopes that one day I’ll be able to enter us and try for our titles.  I’m attaching pictures from last years scent work camp. Hopefully we will get to go again this year as I’ve requested time off. The pictures range from a re-introduction to rats for barn hunt, nosework and a couple of tracking.  As you will see, he loves using his nose.”

Bridger tracking

Bridger doing barn hunt

Bridger doing nosework

Otto D (Celhaus Lancelot Otto) at 3 years 7 months
“Greetings from Otto D. He’s doing great! Here are a few quick photos from a recent hunting trip near Dubois. He’s staring at a chuck-it. It was the only way to get him to stand still for a photo opportunity! Hope all is well with you. And as always, thanks for such a wonderful gentleman of a dog!”

I’ve never had anyone name one of my pups “Otto” but for some strange reason we now have TWO pups in this litter whose call names are “Otto”. At least one is a sable and one is a bicolor so you shouldn’t get too confused keeping track of them.

Otto P (Celhaus Lead the Way Otto) at 2 years 9 months

“Good afternoon Cel:  I have been wanting to do this for a long time, and your recent email reminds me that now is as good a time as ever.  He is the best dog I have ever had, and at 62 I have had a lot of dogs. I named him Otto, and he is about as sweet and pleasant as a dog can be. He comes to work at the office with me every day, and he is a joy to everyone in the office.  I suspect that many times your dogs go off with folks and you never hear from them. That of course is nearly true with me. But I just wanted to share my appreciation of the good work that you do with your dogs. They are one of a kind. Otto has brought me and mine a lot of joy. Keep up the good work! Thank you. Paul.”

Leo (Celhaus Leonidas) at 1 year 3 months
“He’s doing great. He has such an awesome personality and just loves everyone (human and animal). I just took these photos as we eat a very late dinner outside.” 


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