LL Litter

LL Litter Photos
GloryToo bred to Quasi
whelped 3/16/16

Mr. Gold went to Idaho for Search and Rescue, obedience, tracking & agility competition.  Mr. Red went to Missouri for obedience, tracking, barn hunt and rally competition.  Miss Rainbow went to a biologist in Alaska to search out wolverine lairs and bat nests for research. Miss Pink went to Montana as a pet and Mr. Green stayed in Sheridan as a pet.  Mr. White went to Yellowstone Park as a family pet and Search & Rescue dog, though they haven’t pursued SAR training due to family obligations.  Mr. Blue went to Casper as a pet and therapy dog.  I kept Miss Orange (“Lovely”, see her page and her litter’s page).

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Also see the SS litter, which is a repeat breeding of the LL Litter.

I’ve never had anyone name one of my pups “Otto” but for some strange reason we now have TWO pups in this litter whose call names are “Otto”. At least one is a sable and one is a bicolor so you shouldn’t get too confused keeping track of them.

Otto D (Celhaus Lancelot Otto) at 5 years 10 months
“Otto D is doing very well.  Always the gentleman but sometimes led astray by the wild and crazy antics of his little birddog sister Rosie.  Even still, best doggo ever – we’re so blessed!”

Bridger (Celhaus Lodestar Bridger) at 5 years

Gus (Celhaus Lancelot Otto) at 4 years 11 months
“It been a while since the last update. I’ve attached some pics of the kids.  Harlee and Gus are doing awesome.  Harlee is demanding to play constantly!   Gus is more content to hang out with his mom and totes around his water buffalo horn with him at all times. He still isn’t allowed back at the hospital to do therapy so he comes to work with me every Wednesday afternoon to nap for four hours. He loves it!  The upside down picture is of him at the office yesterday.  The picture with the German Shepherd stuffed animal shows how impressed they were with them. They each got one and it has a squeaker in it but neither one much cares about them. I thought they were quite cute!  I guess they will stay nice and new!”

Otto P (Celhaus Lead the Way Otto) at 4 years 9 months

“I’m glad you let me have Otto.  He is a remarkable dog.  He goes to work with me at my office and has a circuit that he runs—the secretaries all buy treats for him.  In fact he goes everywhere with me, including hotels all around the northern states.  He is a good boy.  He is remarkably healthy and resilient.  Still chases rabbits, though, and he knows better. You breed great dogs.  Truly great dogs.  I am grateful that you let me share him.  Best.  Paul”
Photo 1:  “I have never let dogs on the couch.  But I’m now 64 and Otto is excepted from that rule.  No beds, though, although I am wondering if my daughter lets him up when she comes back to town.”
Photo 2:  “Otto with his friend Bridger on Gull Lake, MN.”
            Photo 3:  “Otto, Gretchen, and retriever friend Mable, who visits often.” 
           Photo 4:  “Otto in truck bed with birds.  No, Otto didn’t hunt these birds.  But he did get on one.  Mable did all the rest.  But we did let him try.  And he darned near pulled a pheasant out of the sky when I missed it.”