Lively Pups

Photos of Lively Pups from the FF, GG, HH, ii & KK Litters

FF, GG & HH litters were from Lively bred to Chaos
see FF, GG & HH litter pedigree
see FF, GG & HH litter background information
GG litter temperament test results
(a change in website servers lost the FF & HH litter test results and I didn’t put them back up due to the time involved, but they can be emailed upon request)

Lively is grandmother of the LL litter, MM litter, NN litter, PP litter, and SS litter.
She is great-grandmother of the QQ litter and RR litter.

.See NADAC Championship 2019 agility competition photos of Fenway from the FF litter

I kept a female from the GG litter, GloryTooSee GloryToo’s pages.

ii  & KK Litters are from Lively bred to Quasi
see ii & KK litter pedigree
see ii & KK litter background information
ii litter temperament test results:  Police/Narcotics test and Search & Rescue test
(a change in website servers lost the KK litter test results and I didn’t put them back up due to the time involved, but they can be emailed upon request)

I kept a female from the ii litter, Spirit.  See Spirit’s pages.

Comanche (Celhaus Irresistible) at 6 years 6 months
Search & Rescue Training

Comanche at 6 years 5 months
“We had a visitor this morning….both tails wagged as they checked each other…only on steps cause the goat can’t rear or butt….pretty fun……glad you socialized him with goats as a pup”

Comanche at 6 years 2 months
Search & Rescue Training

Abby (Celhaus Hues Good Abbie Gail) at 7 years
“We (Abbs and I!) have 5 grandsons…they’re hers also.  When I get together with the 4 youngest and they’re playing on my 14 acres off by themselves, she is always with the loner.”
Photos 1 & 2:  “A new friend gives Abbs a kiss at the Rec Center.”
Photos 3-4:  “Rounding up the grandboys at Shadow Mountain Lake”
Photo 5:  “A lady anxious to fly took a nap with Abbs.”
Photos 6 & 7: “A pillow for grandsons”
Photo 8:  “Guarding the Grandboys at the National Western Stock Show”
Photo 9:  “Boy time in the neighborhood”
Photo 10:  “After confirming again her role as my Medical Assistance Dog, the local clinic asked me to join them for a promotional photo they were doing for their website.”
Photos 12 & 13:  “Giving love at the hospice center”

Kairos (Celhaus Hoffnung) at 7 years
Photo1:  “Birthday photo”
Photo2:  “I just took this especially for you on our morning walk.  It was so nice to share our boy with you yesterday and I’m glad you got to see him.”

Hamish (Celhaus Hurrah’s Halleluja) at 7 years
Photo1:  “Happy my birthday, Grandma Cel.  Love, Hamish.”
Photo 2:  “Toy”
Photos 3-4:  “Got it!”

Hyder (Celhaus Hyder) at 6 years 11 months
“Taking it easy with my buddies”

Ava (Celhaus Kyla) at 5 years 2 months
Name Story:  Kyla is Hebrew for “victorious”; Ava is Hebrew for “life.”
Ava is doing wonderful. She is the absolute best family member and dog we have ever had. I can’t think of anything that would make her better. She is also so kind and playful with our little shichon dog, Milo. It is hilarious Milo tries to copy Ava and follows her everywhere she goes. So sweet.

Soleil (Celhaus Good Day Sunshine) at 7 years 7 months
 “Just a ‘touch’ of food drive.  This is a glass jar, btw. Doesn’t bother her.  We did go outside for a bit today, but it snowed all morning, now the wind is picking up.  If it calms down a bit, we’ll go for a walk, but driving is not recommended today.”

Harlee (Celhaus Harlee Von Grimmelhausen) at 6 years 7 months
 “It been a while since the last update. I’ve attached some pics of the kids.  Harlee and Gus are doing awesome.  Harlee is enjoying jolly ball so much, she has become even more bossy and demanding to play constantly!  That is her favorite thing ever along with being the house police officer. She keeps all of us, the cats, and Gus in line.  Poor Gus and Russ (the boyfriend) get the brunt of her “love bites”!”

Harlee and Gus (Celhaus Harlee VonGrimmelhausen, 4 years 11 months

Nikki (Celhaus Ho’nehe Nicolita) at 6 years 6 months
“Nikki with her hare that Hamish gave her for Christmas.”

Gryphon (Celhaus ho Galenos) at 7 years 6 months
Name Story: Greek for Gryphon the calm

“Gryphon and I are doing amazingly out here in Omaha, NE.  He has loved that I have been teleworking since March.  He is still the best boy ever and always gets comments from Dogtopia about how wonderful he is!  He has also helped me foster about 12 or so huskies for Taysia Blue Husky Rescue.  He is such a well-mannered boy!  He is always patient with the new dogs, and has helped some undersocialized dogs learn what it’s like to be in a pack!  He also still talks as much as ever and more than most of the huskies we have watched; it has been great having him as my telework buddy.”

Cody (Celhaus Gembala CDX, BN, NA, NAJ, ACT1, CGC, ATD) at 7 years 6 months
“Cody in the snow”

Soleil at 7 years 3 months
“Reworking my rain garden. She is way down there, about 110’ away. There used to be a wire fence, which has been taken out so we can work down there. She is tempted. She is obeying a border that is temporarily not there. Love that girl. Always ready to push the envelope, always!!! And then I see this!”

Soleil at 7 years 2 months
1st 2 photos:  “But Mom, tell Grandma I carrot all the time….just didn’t know it was a “thing”.” (in response to the book about her sister, GloryToo, which calls CARROTing her signature move.  “Collapse and Roll on Toy”)
Last 2 photos: “I also still drive the indestructible ball up the trees and the fence.”

Chavah (Celhaus Grace Upon Grace) at 7 years 6 months
“This remains her favorite toy, ever since she was a pup.  So grateful you recommended it years ago!!”  

Hamish at 6 years 5 months
Some shots of Hamish during Search & Rescue training in November.”

Hyder at 6 years 7 months
“Cabin fever”

Hyder at 6 years 6 months
“Hyder with our pet bunny.  Everyone’s tired from playing in the backyard today.  Watching the Westminster Dog Show tonight.”

Hyder at 6 years 5 months
“Hyder’s favorite toy:  a Playology chew stick.  Got it after she totally destroyed her Kong. It’s made of the same kind of red rubber and squeaks when it’s squeezed.”

GloryToo (Celhaus Gift of Glory) at 7 years 3 months
Since she is now retired from breeding, GloryToo is working on another career.  She is training to be a court advocate dog (dog who goes to court with a child who must testify in an abuse case, to comfort her) if and when that program is approved statewide in Wyoming.  Her niece, Jamboree (from Soleil’s JJ litter) is the pilot dog for the program.  In these photos she is working on a long down-stay with distractions, some of which move and make noise.