Photos of Lively Pups from the FF, GG, HH, ii & KK Litters

FF, GG & HH litters were from Lively bred to Chaos
see FF, GG & HH litter pedigree
see FF, GG & HH litter background information
GG litter temperament test results
(a change in website servers lost the FF & HH litter test results and I didn’t put them back up due to the time involved, but they can be emailed upon request)

Lively is grandmother of the LL litter, MM litter, NN litter, PP litter, and SS litter.
She is great-grandmother of the QQ litter and RR litter.

.See NADAC Championship 2019 agility competition photos of Fenway from the FF litter

I kept a female from the GG litter, GloryTooSee GloryToo’s pages.

ii  & KK Litters are from Lively bred to Quasi
see ii & KK litter pedigree
see ii & KK litter background information
ii litter temperament test results:  Police/Narcotics test and Search & Rescue test
(a change in website servers lost the KK litter test results and I didn’t put them back up due to the time involved, but they can be emailed upon request)

I kept a female from the ii litter, Spirit.  See Spirit’s pages.

Comanche (Celhaus Irresistible) at 5 years 7 months
Comanche is a Search & Rescue dog with all kinds of certifications.

“Watching his toy sink into the pool.”

Comanche at 5 years 5 months

Hyder (Celhaus Hyder) at 6 years

“Hyder hunting bumblebees”
“Hyder’s sixth-birthday Present:  a new insulated kennel cover”

Kairos (Celhaus Hoffnung) at 4 years 8 – 9 months
Kairos’ parents retired and are touring the country in a motor home.

“Hi Cel, I finally got to see your book!  It waited for me at our 6 year old grandson’s house. Attached is a picture of him reading to Kairos.  What a beautiful labor of love.  Congratulations!”

Gryphon (Celhaus ho Galenos) at 6 years 5 months
Name Story: Greek for Gryphon the calm

“Good morning Ma’am! Just wanted to send you a Gryphon update! We are living happily in Omaha and he is the favorite dog at his doggy daycare! He gets to work as the intake dog to meet all the potentials due to his temperament and everyone there said he is the most well tempered GSD they’ve been around! Just had a vet check up and they said he is at a near perfect weight of 80 pounds and looks healthy in all regards!  He even wears a mask when he can’t social distance.”

Layla (Celhaus K Layla) at 4 years 2 months

:Layla loves helping Bob fix the sprinklers!  Too bad she isn’t more athletic.”

Havoc (Celhaus Forget Me Not) at 8 years
“Havoc is doing great and still so full of energy.  He doesn’t have quite the spring in his jumping but he is still game for running the trails and chatching the ball.”

Hamish (Celhaus Hurrah’s Halleluja) at 6 years

Hamish was all set to test for his Search and Rescue certifications when the pandemic hit and everything had to be cancelled.  So disappointing.

Fritz (Celhaus Fritz) at 8 years 3 months

Chavah (Celhaus Grace Upon Grace) at 6 years 8 months

8/12/20: “I have not been nearly as exact with her over the last few years due to my health stuff.  But I will say that it is such a joy to have such an obedient and well trained dog when the health stuff is such a climb.  The countless hours I spent training her and learning how to handle such a headstrong, brilliant GSD, who stilll tests me!!! has more than paid off…if I hadn’t met her where she was at and visa versa, I dont know that our bond could have grown as deep and tenacious as it has.    This pup is THE BEST OF THE BEST.  Like I wrote earlier, if there was a limit to how many times a person could tell their dog/pet they love them then I crossed the line years ago with Chavah.”

7/30/20:  “I wonder if it is possible to tell your dog you love them too often???  If so, I probably crossed the line years ago.”

5/12/20:  “Hello dear Cel, I have followed the SS litter puppy diary (and pregnancy) – have told Chavah often she has more nieces and nephews!  She follows me everywhere, I talk to her often,, she mauls my hand with gentle gnawing which is her way of ‘deep you and me time’, one word of ‘gentle’ and the ‘mouthy’ moment ends.  I tell her “I love her” A LOT, it’s true and she loves it.  I also tell her she is beautiful, a gift from God and a treasure….sometimes I add goofball, ever mouthy…..but not nearly as much.   Just a little story:  After taking her out for a while, we were headed back to the house when I realized I had left her poop bag somewhere in the field we were in.  I looked at her casually and said, ‘Shoot, we need to go back and I need to find the poop bag.’  After we walked about 100 yards approaching the field, I was looking in my pocket for something when I looked up and saw her lying in the grass about another 100 yards away…right by the poop bag…I hadn’t even asked her technically to go find, she just did.  Amazing girl – truly a gift from God.”

“Hello Cel,
It has been a while since I have communicated to you the following:
Robb and I LOVE CHAVAH!!!
The young man I trained to care for her from time to time LOVES CHAVAH!!!
The ‘don’t touch me dog’ has turned into a lover who almost purrs to me when she and I have our time together. She only does it with me but she has this soft purring sound from the back of her throat as she and I have our deep touch time. She is not a ‘snuggler’, still too much energy for that! but when I ask her to let me scratch her belly, softly stroke her ears and tell her stories of when she was a pup….she lets her tongue hang out and just lays there for a time.  She is still all the quick kinetics, great nose, intimidating watch dog….and mama’s girl, that is for sure 🙂  Julia”

Ava (Celhaus Kyla) at 4 years 1 month
Name story:  Kyla is Hebrew for “Victorious” and “Ava” is a Hebrew derivative meaning “life”.

“Ava loves sticks! This is her taking a walk in our trail behind the house. She always wants the biggest stick to carry.  On the trail she will look for the biggest stick. She knows the difference and will search for a big one.”

Hamish and his sister and good buddy, Nikki (Celhaus Ho’nehe Nicolita) at 5 years 6 months

Gunnar (Celhaus Gallant Gunnar Celebrate Chaos) at 6 years 6 months

“Another new grand baby. Gunnar is such a momma with the grandkids. He has taken it upon himself to keep track of them whenever they visit. He will come and get me if something is going on with them that he doesn’t like. As you can see in the picture he even has to oversee bath time. 😊 He will whine outside of the bathroom if we close him out.  He’s pretty cute! “

Coda (Celhaus Ho Fiducia In Coda) at 5 years 5 months
“Sorry I’m so late sending you updates, but Coda and I had quite the busy year. I spent a lot of time for work in Washington D.C. and at the end we decided to move there. Yes, I asked Coda’s opinion and he quite loved his new apartment life when we tried it out between March and June. We officially moved at the end of August, sold our house in Oregon, and now we’re living the city life in an apartment near the zoo and Rock Creek Park. Coda really loves his two dog walkers and being surrounded by people. Plus we are surrounded by trees and parks and green spaces and we try to go hiking enough times to have a good balance of city life and country life. Two of my co-workers also became his best buddies, so he spends a lot of times with them as well. And, as always, he’s the most admired puppy in town (nobody believes me when I tell them he’s five years old!). “

Harlee (Celhaus Harlee Von Grimmelhausen) at 5 years 5 months

“She is covered with snow. She is very intense & serious all the time “

Harlee with nephew Gus (Celhaus LeBeau Gustavason), 3 years 8 months

“Kids on guard duty.”


Abby (Celhaus Hues Good Abbie Gail) at 5 years 4 months

Abby from the HH litter (a full younger sister to my GloryToo) came to visit November 3rd and of course we took a bunch of photos (no, it wasn’t snowing; the snow you see flying is from Abby racing after her ball).  See those photos.

Cody (Celhaus Gembala) at 6 yrs 4 months with his great-niece, Sadie (Celhaus Rhapsody in Black), 4 months


Soleil (Celhaus Good Day Sunshine) at 6 years 5 months

“Sol being unusually quiet.”


Soleil celebrating her 6th birthday
Let’s play, mom!!!!!

Soleil, 5 years 11 months, at Search & Rescue Water Seminar, working the dock
“We went to Huntsville, AL. to train for HRD water. Opted out of certifying; we were not ready. Training on winter in NE for water, and without a boat equals unobtainium. It’s all good, learned a lot under Lisa Higgins, hopefully we can spruce up and try again. Sol was actually much better on the boat than on shore line. On our last boat ride, which would have been the certification, but we ran it as scenario, she got impatient with me and jumped off the boat.  “If you can’t figure it out, I sure can, so I’m gonna get it myself.”  Left me and the trainer with open mouths, but it sure was fun!! She’s got attitude, you gotta give her that!!”

Gunnar (Celhaus Gallant Gunnar Celebrate Chaos) at 6 years 5 months and Katie (Celhaus Katie von Lively) at 3 years 5 months (Katie’s the bicolor)
These two dogs are owned by a mother and daughter.  Katie is a service dog and gives Janelle’s husband and family peace of mind when she is out on her own. 

Rainn (Celhaus High Desert Rainn)  at 4 years 11 months

Some of you  may remember Rainn, who was intensively training for Search & Rescue when she received a mysterious spider bite (if I remember correctly) which ate away all kinds of flesh and nearly claimed her life and ended up with months of treatment.  She has now fully recovered, thank God.

Cody (Celhaus Gembala CDX, BN, NA, NAJ, ACT1, CGC, ATD) at 5 years 10-11 months

First photo:  “Well, by the grace of God, we did it!! Cody has his CDX finally. Had fun doing it, though it was indeed frustrating at times!  Cody also got a 1st place ribbon. He was the only dog out of seven to qualify. Learned some more and nice to have the support and encouragement of all there. Judge was really good in explaining his marks.  For the “Command discrimination” he accidentally clicked his pen which Cody heard, just as I was giving the sit from down command. So I had to give a second command. He didn’t fault us, and apologized for doing that. Nice judge! Hope to get some more legs in agility in May, and keep moving on.”

Other photos:  “I’m attaching some pictures we had taken this past weekend at our agility trial. Cody “Q’d” in three of five runs. He finished his “Novice B Fast” title, and gained a leg in “Open Jumps & Weaves”. And having fun doing it all. He’s not a speed merchant like Cantor, but gets it done. Part of it is uncertainty, due to unclear signals from his handler. “

Cody the Therapy Dog at 5 years 9 months

“They took a bunch of pics last week when we visited with our group “Thera-paws” on our regular schedule.  It is a special needs school. It can be very challenging for the dogs with sudden noises, outbursts and “ear pinches”, but overall the kids love the dogs, and are really very good with them. Sometimes dogs help to calm them as well. That’s the idea, right?”

Bohdi (Celhaus Killian) at 2 years 11 months

“Hi Cel, Sorry I have been so bad about sending pictures of Bohdi. I haven’t been taking very many pictures so I don’t have a very good selection. We were up at Red Feather cutting our Christmas tree down and Bohdi was having a great time chewing tree branches.”

Layla (Celhaus K Layla) at 2 years 11 months

“Layla keeping Bob’s chair warm on cold snowy day. Will send more pictures soon.”

Greta (Celhaus Faithful Frauline) at 6 years 6 – 7 months
A couple pictures of Greta in her new back yard. We are now living in Minnesota. About a month later, pictures of Greta and her first snow in her new home. Snow is very early this year, but kinda pretty.




















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