Jubilee Puppies & Grandpuppies

The J litter was sired by Droll; M & Q Litters were sired by Comanche; N Litter was sired by Caz; V Litter was sired by Mem’ry.  My Quinta was from the Q litter.  My Lively is a Quinta daughter and Jubilee granddaughter.  My GloryToo, from the GG litter, is her great-granddaughter.  Mercy, Jamboree and Lovely are great-great granddaughters.

Jubilee is grandmother to the X litter (Caz x Quinta), Y Litter  (Timber x Zinna), AA & EE Litters (Chaos x Quinta), CC Litter (Quinta bred to Kway) plus two litters from Rogue (Celhaus Mischievious Rogue).  She is great-grandmother of the FF, GG & HH litters (Lively bred to Chaos) and the ii & KK litters (Lively bred to Quasi).  She is also great-great-grandmother of the JJ & LL litters of 2016.


Rogue (Mischievious Rogue) still hanging in there at 14 years old

Cozy (Celhaus Victor’s Girl) at 11 years

On her birthday, after a game of fetch and shredding some cardboard boxes, two of her favorite activities!


Duke (Celhaus Quando) at 12 years 3months, shortly before his death
Duke retired from Search & Rescue at age 11



Duke at 12 years






Cody (Celhaus Joie de Vivre) at 13 years

Just wanted to send a pic of Cody taken just a couple of days before Cody’s 13th birthday.  Hope all is well … Just told Cody I’m sending you the pic … She sends her love!


Rogue (Celhaus Mischievous Rogue) at 11 years 7 months
Rogue is still as bossy as ever but has become more affectionate with age.  She’s spoiled rotten and is usually on the bed..like now.


Bode (Celhaus Montana Bode) at 10 years 7 months
Bode died of a fast-growing tumor only 2 months after these photos were taken. He is greatly missed.



Lobo (Celhaus Valiente Amigo) at 56 months with Yogi (Celhaus Yogi) , 44 months

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