Joyful Puppies

W Litter (sired by Mem’ry, whelped April 21, 2006)
DD Litter (sired by Chaos, whelped 11/3/09)

BB Litter (sired by Chaos, whelped 11/28/08)
BB litter background information
I kept Celhaus Berakah (call name Berakah, which is Hebrew for “blessing”), from the BB litter.  Don’t miss the photos of her as a therapy dog!


Tao (Celhaus Delightful Tao) on her 10th birthday.  Happy Birthday, Tao!!!! 

“Tao thanks you for your birthday wishes! She celebrated with a few carrots and some apple slices as treats. We’ve had a lot of snow the last few weeks, and she loves rolling in it! She never fully recovered from her back injury, but she doesn’t let it slow her down much. She still wants to play ball every night. I’ll try to get some better pictures this weekend. “

Tao at 9 years 2 months
Miss Tao is doing great and living life to the fullest. I snapped a few pics of her after her bath last night. The last ones aren’t super great, but she was moving pretty fast… she loves the snow.


Denali (Celhaus Denali) on her 10th birthday.  Happy Birthday, Denali!!!! 

“Here are a few birthday pictures of Denali. She is blowing her coat out and I haven’t really brushed her out yet. I will send more after she is finished blowing her coat.”

Denali at 9 years 7 months
“I really enjoyed seeing Denali’s siblings. I think they look like peas in a pod. “


Baron (Celhaus Beowulf) at 10 years 7 months
Sadly, Baron died suddenly of cancer shortly this photo.

“No one argues with his score keeping😊”


Gracie (Celhaus Bounding Grace) at 10 years 6 months
“Gracie is doing fine. Still full of herself and full of energy even at 10 years old. I’ll attach a couple photos.”


Lakota (Celhaus Dreamcatcher) at 9 years 5 months
Sadly, Lakota died suddenly of cancer shortly before her 10th birthday.

“9th Birthday”


Devon (Celhaus Wyoming’s Devon) at 12 years 6 months
Devon died 11/21/18

Devon had to retire from Search & Rescue due to an injury and turned his talents to making a movie, “They Remain”. He and one human were the only characters and the entire movie is about the relationship between Devon and the man.

Kathy:  “I lost Devon on Monday.  We had finally just watched his movie last Friday. He was a true star in more ways than one.” 

I love the one with just Devon and my foster Skye. All respect him.


Ike (Celhaus Bearchen) at 9 years 1 month

Sadly, Ike died suddenly of cancer before his 10th birthday.

Ike is doing great!  He continues to be very expressive, kind, gentle and loves adventures!  Love having him in my life.  Wanted to show you how BIG he is.


Kaycie (Celhaus Dara Deirbhile) at 6 years 10 months

“Kaycie is going strong at 9 years.  I downsized to a condo and retired.  We have lots of time together now.  She has been a model citizen and she is known as the “good dog” in the building!  She’s my best pal.”



Zoey (Celhaus Dabomb) at 6 years 10 months

Things have been well out here since we last spoke. Courtney, Colton, and Zoey have been staying busy and the family is about to relocate to Fort Worth, Texas, next month for my new job in the military. I’ve got to tell you, Zoey is a very well traveled dog between Wyoming, California, Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, Texas, and the coast-to-coast moves.


Gracie (Celhaus Bounding Grace) at 7 years 4 months






Zoey (Celhaus Dabomb) at 5 years 7 months







Celhaus German Shepherds

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