JJ Litter Photos
Quasi bred to Soleil
(who is from the GG litter), whelped 12/20/15

Mr. Blue (Riker) went to southern Colorado for Search & Rescue; Mr. Green (Connor) stayed here in Sheridan to train for Search & Rescue; Mr. Sparkle (Ruger) went to Utah for Search & Rescue; Mr. Red (Charis) went to northern Colorado for obedience, herding, tracking and agility competition and to be a therapy dog. Miss Pink (Jamboree) stayed in Sheridan, is a service dog and is competing in agility and nosework. See Jamboree’s page for info on how she was owner-trained as a service dog.  I kept Miss Purple (Celhaus Jubilee Year of Mercy) for breeding, nose work and agility competition and therapy dog work.  See Mercy’s page.

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Riker (Celhaus Jeghbe’ tlh Inganpu) at 4 years 7 months
Name Story: It means “Never Quit”, from Startrek)
Riker is doing very well in his Search & Rescue training.

Congratulations on your Area Search Certification!!!!!!

Riker at 4 years 6 months

“Nothing like cuddling with the wubby after a hard weekend of training.”

Jamboree (Celhaus Jamboree to Celebrate Life) at 4 years 6 months
Jamboree and Laurie are working at the Visitation and Advocacy Center in Gillette, WY.

“Jamboree attending arraignment hearings this morning at Crook County Courthouse.  She welcomes individuals who are facing criminal charges, to help them ease their anxiety before they face and enter a plea in front of the Judge. She also attended court proceedings while maintaining the down position and remaining quiet, tucked under the bench for the hour-long proceedings, totally out of sight of everyone.  Pictures, of course, are not allowed but I as allowed to take one of Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Linda Bush, who is one of Jamborees biggest supporters.”

Jamboree at 4 years 4 months

“We finally had a pleasant break in the weather so we were able to have a fun ball session, with of course water.  Thirteen-month-old Quizz (Celhaus Question Me Or Not) has to do everything that her Aunt Jamboree does.  If Jamboree gets into the water tank, Quizz has to also.  If Jamboree chases a ball, Quizz chases Jamboree.  It works two ways as well:  if Quizz loses her ball, Jamboree has to search until she finds it for her.”

Jamboree at 4 years 2 months

1st – 3rd photos:  Jamboree serving as a Reading Dog in the schools.  The kids there, like those in Sheridan County, are are writing to the Reading Dogs and the Reading Dogs write back.
4th – 5th photos: at the CASA annual fundraiser, where Jamboree was an honored guest and her photo was used in the decorations. 

Jamboree at 4 years 1 month

They are training to prepare Jamboree to become the first courtroom dog in Wyoming.  She will go to court when children must testify in abuse/neglect cases.  Jamboree will lie in the witness box with the child as he or she testifies, while Laurie sits back in the gallery, quite a ways away.  Last week no court cases were scheduled so Laurie and Jamboree trained in the courtroom with one judge in his staff.  This week they met a second judge. 

“The judge loved her. He couldn’t believe how calm and confident she was. He actually took us in and he sat at the bench while Jamboree did a down stay in the witness stand, which is right next to him on his right.  He lowered the gavel several times. Jamboree didn’t budge then or any time while doing thirty-minute down stays with Laurie out of sight. The judge said no child would ever have to testify for that long but they want her rock-solid.  During the week, the staff helped with distraction training. One person even offered to take her kids out of school to come help. They are all so supportive and very excited about the program. Food was used as one distraction; they placed it so Jamboree could smell it while still holding her position in the witness box.  Jamboree was a rock star, absolutely perfect.  The professional trainers helping Laurie prepare her were there one day.  They are amazed how Jamboree can shift so easily from being a ball-driven working dog to a quiet courtroom dog.  They told the judge she is the best-tempered German Shepherd they have ever worked with.”

1st photo:  The courtroom from where Laurie will sit.
2nd photo:  Jamboree in front of Judge’s bench.  Witness stand is under the American flag.
3rd & 4th photos:  Jamboree on a down stay in the witness box.
5th photo:  Laurie rubbing Jamboree with her feet like a child will probably do while testifying.
6th & 7th photos:  staff members providing distractions while Jamboree is doing her down stays.
8th photo:  Jamboree with one judge.
9th photo:  Jamboree with courtroom staff.

Ruger (Celhaus Justice Ruger) at 4 years
“Ruger has been doing great. He is currently certified in cadaver I, Cadaver II, Shore and avalanche.  He is a hard working boy with a definite attitude.  He loves to search and always has his nose to the ground.”

Jamboree (Celhaus Jamboree to Celebrate Life) at 4 years
Jamboree and Laurie are working at the Visitation and Advocacy Center in Gillette, WY.

“Jamboree’s daily training includes preparing to be sworn in for her duty as Courtroom Facility Dog.”

They had a party for Jamboree’s 4th birthday.

Jamboree at work, first comforting a child going through an adoption process, then helping with a staff orientation.

Jamboree in front of the sign where she works

Charis (NN Celhaus Johann RAE TC ATD) at 4 years

“Loved the picture of the pup offering her paw to the store clerk (that’s Quizz from the QQ litter, who is training to become a service dog.  Her mother is Charis’ litter sister). Charis started doing that about our 2nd visit with CATS. He does it regularly now; & I did not teach him that. It always delights people, as does his soft “talking”. Again, he somehow knew without my teaching him to keep his voice down at the airport. He can almost shatter glass here at home when he knows he’s going outside! RE the birthday photo: I tried to get him to pick out a toy, but he was more interested in visiting with people. I finally gave up & got him a new Nylabone to replace the one he wore out. He’s chewing on that right now. “

Charis at 3 years 11 months

11/26/19:  “Good morning!  We got about 10-12 inches last night. And it’s still coming down! It’s hard to tell the exact depth because of the wind. We have a 21” drift just off our front porch. Charis is ecstatic. Ruger is willing to go along with the fun, to a point. Erich sensibly watched from the step. We’re not even going to try to dig out until it slows down about noon.
Stay warm & safe. Tonight is supposed to be a 2 dog night.”

Charis at 3 years 9 months

10/2/19:  “We had a successful, though not stellar week Wednesday through Friday at the German Shepherd National Specialty show in Loveland. It was mostly my fault we were not better. Charis did almost everything I asked even when I asked wrong. His biggest “goof” was not doing the send to the jump. I think only one dog in the class did that successfully. The competition was pretty stiff, so our only placement was a 4th in one class. He had a 95 out of a 100 in another class which was only good enough for 7th place! Still, he qualified in every class, giving us 3 double Qs in 3 days & his RAE title on Thursday. RAE is short for Rally Advanced Excellent. He has to qualify on the same day in both Advanced & Excellent for a “double Q”. To get an RAE title, he must do this 10 times.  Not bad for a 3 year old! Many, many compliments on how well mannered & calm he is outside the ring; & what a handsome boy he is. Now we will concentrate on training for Open & Utility in regular obedience. Also – if I can keep up – he is starting agility classes next week. I’m sure he will love that.”

10/22/19:  “Charis had his first agility lesson last night. He did well, as I expected (he’s such a brilliant child!). I introduced him to all the obstacles except the table, which wasn’t set up. The only one he didn’t like was the low teeter. He did well the first few times across it then decided he didn’t like it banging down. We’ll work on it next week, & I’m sure he will do well. All the rest – low A frame, low dog walk, tire, tunnels, channel weaves – he was great. By the end of the hour he did a short sequence – curved tunnel, jump, jump, channel weaves, another curved tunnel. He was a little confused & hesitant about the 2nd jump, but he drove through the tunnels & flew through the weaves. I think he has a great future as an agility dog!
There are only 3 in the class, 2 of which are Shepherds & one is a Shepherd mix. The other Shepherd is Ruby with her owner Lisa (Celhaus Mount Moran from the MM litter). It was fun to meet them; & I’m looking forward to knowing them better.”

Charis at 3 years 1 month

“I’m attaching a picture of Charis at the airport. Charis is a member of CATS (Canine Airport Therapy Squad) . We pick a day, a 2 hour time slot, & a concourse at the Denver airport & wander around de-stressing people. There are over 100 therapy dogs (& one therapy cat) in the program – the largest in the nation. It is hugely popular & a lot of fun. I go down a couple times a month. I’d go more often but it’s about 1 1/2 hour’s drive each way. It can be pretty intense. The dogs meet all kinds & ages of people – sometimes big groups at a time which mob them.  Charis is doing great in the CATS program at the Denver airport (therapy dogs visit). He delights people with his tricks – talking (indoor voice) & giving five, which he initiated himself. He’s such a great kid.”

Charis’ official CATS card

Loki (Celhaus Celhaus Jaeger Loki Hull) at 3 years
“Loki and his best friend, Daisy, my daughter’s dog. They love each other and play so well together.”

Connor (Celhaus Jeremiah Connor) at 3 years
Enjoying his Christmas presents.

Ruger (Celhaus Justice Ruger) at 2 years 2 months
Ruger is doing great, he is still a handful without an off switch. He loves SAR work and is currently certified in cadaver, area and will be taking an avalanche test in March 2018 in Jackson. Even though he has turned two he is still a hundred pound puppy.


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