JJ Litter Photos
Quasi bred to Soleil
(who is from the GG litter), whelped 12/20/15

Mr. Blue went to southern Colorado for Search & Rescue; Mr. Green stayed here in Sheridan to train for Search & Rescue; Mr. Sparkle went to Utah for Search & Rescue; Mr. Red went to northern Colorado for obedience, herding, tracking and agility competition and to be a therapy dog. Miss Pink (Jamboree) stayed in Sheridan, is a service dog and is competing in agility and nosework. See Jamboree’s page for info on how she was owner-trained as a service dog.  I kept Miss Purple (Celhaus Jubilee Year of Mercy) for breeding, nose work and agility competition and therapy dog work.  See Mercy’s page.

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See Jamboree competing at the October 2019 UKC Nosework Trial here.

Charis (NN Celhaus Johann RAE TC ATD) at 3 years 9 months 

10/2/19:  “We had a successful, though not stellar week Wednesday through Friday at the German Shepherd National Specialty show in Loveland. It was mostly my fault we were not better. Charis did almost everything I asked even when I asked wrong. His biggest “goof” was not doing the send to the jump. I think only one dog in the class did that successfully. The competition was pretty stiff, so our only placement was a 4th in one class. He had a 95 out of a 100 in another class which was only good enough for 7th place! Still, he qualified in every class, giving us 3 double Qs in 3 days & his RAE title on Thursday. RAE is short for Rally Advanced Excellent. He has to qualify on the same day in both Advanced & Excellent for a “double Q”. To get an RAE title, he must do this 10 times.  Not bad for a 3 year old! Many, many compliments on how well mannered & calm he is outside the ring; & what a handsome boy he is. Now we will concentrate on training for Open & Utility in regular obedience. Also – if I can keep up – he is starting agility classes next week. I’m sure he will love that.”

10/22/19:  “Charis had his first agility lesson last night. He did well, as I expected (he’s such a brilliant child!). I introduced him to all the obstacles except the table, which wasn’t set up. The only one he didn’t like was the low teeter. He did well the first few times across it then decided he didn’t like it banging down. We’ll work on it next week, & I’m sure he will do well. All the rest – low A frame, low dog walk, tire, tunnels, channel weaves – he was great. By the end of the hour he did a short sequence – curved tunnel, jump, jump, channel weaves, another curved tunnel. He was a little confused & hesitant about the 2nd jump, but he drove through the tunnels & flew through the weaves. I think he has a great future as an agility dog!
There are only 3 in the class, 2 of which are Shepherds & one is a Shepherd mix. The other Shepherd is Ruby with her owner Lisa (Celhaus Mount Moran from the MM litter). It was fun to meet them; & I’m looking forward to knowing them better.”

Charis at 3 years 1 month

“I’m attaching a picture of Charis at the airport. Charis is a member of CATS (Canine Airport Therapy Squad) . We pick a day, a 2 hour time slot, & a concourse at the Denver airport & wander around de-stressing people. There are over 100 therapy dogs (& one therapy cat) in the program – the largest in the nation. It is hugely popular & a lot of fun. I go down a couple times a month. I’d go more often but it’s about 1 1/2 hour’s drive each way. It can be pretty intense. The dogs meet all kinds & ages of people – sometimes big groups at a time which mob them.  “Charis is doing great in the CATS program at the Denver airport (therapy dogs visit). He delights people with his tricks – talking (indoor voice) & giving five, which he initiated himself. He’s such a great kid.”

Charis’ official CATS card


Riker (Celhaus Jeghbe’ tlh Inganpu) (means “Never Quit”, from Startrek) at 3 years 9 months
Riker is doing very well in Search & Rescue training.

“Woefully behind on sending in pictures…. So let me flood your email with a few of the better ones. Quick update: Last year, because its very difficult to complete the last phase of trailing training without a group, Riker and I switched our focus for our first test to Wilderness air scent. Over the last few months we have been polishing up the skills needed to test in that discipline. As usually he picked up everything very quickly, I’m the one slowing us down. But we are getting there! Here are a few shots of us training in Wilderness Area. We try to shake up the terrain a bit, make things more challenging and different. We are still working on trailing though. Here he is finishing strong after a trail in 70 degree heat. We took a lot of water breaks, but was always quick to reacquire the trail after and continue working. When he makes a find, he is always to proud of himself… he parades back to the truck, showing his reward off to everyone he sees.”

1st 3 photos:  Wilderness training
4th photo: There isn’t a puddle or water source he doesn’t like to roll in. He is generally really good about waiting til I says its ok for him to go in…. unless its a mud puddle…
5th photo: He loves to camp. 
6th – 8th photos:  Trailing training

1st photo:  Riker is also being trained for building searches. In the vast majority of searches for young children, the kids tend to be found someplace in the house, either hiding or just curled up sleeping someplace and missed by the adults. Here, he is practicing looking for some borrowed children of colleagues in a dormitory.
2nd photo:  He also helps me teach ‘wilderness safety’ classes to kids of various ages. When I talk about what colors to wear in the woods so you are easier to see, he helps by wearing his Broncos jersey.
3rd photo::  And this past Friday, he helped out at the county’s Standdown for Veteran’s Event, manning the booth with me as we talked about the opportunities Mesa Verde had to offer military veterans and their families.
4th photo:  Training
5th photo:  He loves to swim.
Next 4 photos:  He loves the snow…. and the desert… and sometimes he plays a little too hard… tweaked a muscle here. so I ended up have to carry him out for a little bit. We are working on reining in that enthusiasm a little bit. I remember you saying that Quasi could be a little boneheaded at times, so I guess we know where he gets it from! and last one….
Last photo:  Riker babysitting my nephew… He is an exceptionally gentle dog with kids… He is always watching them and checking on them and following them around. Making sure they are OK.

Riker at 3 years 1 month

Here he is impatiently waiting to begin a search. And staying warm in between searches. One 10 minute trip to Big R for dog food turned into 30 minutes of watching baby chicks

Jamboree (Celhaus Jamboree to Celebrate Life) at 3 years 3 months
in front of the sign where she works

Jamboree at 3 years 3 months

Jamboree at 3 years

Jamboree and Laurie are working the Visitation and Advocacy Center in Gillette, WY. On January 4th they had their first team training with the staff at 6th Judicial. They worked on meet and greets with Children. Staff members acted like children who had been through a severe trauma, crying and very frightened so Laurie could get a clear picture what particular tasks they will need from a facilities dog. Then she had a staff member handle Jamboree while Laurie acted like the distressed person so they, too, understood what the dog’s handler needs to know and incorporate.  Laurie just sent some photos of  the staff training.

Here is Laurie’s description of the first staff training:
“If it was not for Jamboree’s temperament and her flexibility of many skill sets from going from Service Dog, Agility and Nose work team partner, to also have the natural skills to be a excellent Therapy Dog when she is told its okay to go visit not any of this would be possible. Everyone just loves her and they tried to get Laurie to sell her but that was impossible. Jamboree will help implement a program where children can fill safe and protected and give them courage to face their abusers in the courtroom when she is needed until a facility dog is purchased.
“We absolutely had a blast at our first team training class today. Everyone loved the idea of doing Meet and Greets with different scenarios each time and taking turns roll playing. Honestly, I had no idea how Jamboree was going to react to any of them. I wish you could have seen her work. She did amazingly well adjusting to all her different handlers. And they were amazed how well she worked for them.
“Gradually the scenarios became harder. At one point it was my turn to play the role of the child, but this time the child was supposed to be having a horrible temper tantrum because they just didn’t want to be there. I surprised everyone when I started jumping up and down and screaming. In the meantime Kelsey brought Jamboree into the room and Jamboree immediately ran over to me and put her paws on my chest while licking my face, and she continued doing so until I quieted down. I wish I’d had a camera to capture the expressions on every body’s face. Jamboree also had the same response when someone else played the exact same role.
“Another Scenario: this time the child was throwing toys while having a tantrum. Jamboree ran over and put her head on her shoulder until she was quiet and started petting her. It was quite the first day.
Children will be introduced to the process very slowly in the coming weeks.”
As far as we know, this is a first for Wyoming.


Loki (Celhaus Celhaus Jaeger Loki Hull) at 3 years
“Loki and his best friend, Daisy, my daughter’s dog. They love each other and play so well together.”


Connor (Celhaus Jeremiah Connor) at 3 years
Enjoying his Christmas presents.


Ruger (Celhaus Justice Ruger) at 2 years 2 months
Ruger is doing great, he is still a handful without an off switch. He loves SAR work and is currently certified in cadaver, area and will be taking an avalanche test in March 2018 in Jackson. Even though he has turned two he is still a hundred pound puppy.

Ruger (Celhaus Justice Ruger) at 37 weeks at a Search & Rescue training seminar

This is a cadaver introduction technique.  The Bowl game.  There are holes in the bottom of the bowl and it is sitting on top of a source.  The dog only gets rewarded when their nose is in the bowl. It reinforces nose-to-source




at 34 weeks

“He is an impressive dog, we are still trying to find the off switch but he been a good dog and he really loves to work.  He very powerful and only has one speed and that full throttle.”  Ruger is in training for Search & Rescue.




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