October Nosework Trial

October Nosework Trial

We put on a UKC nosework trial here in Sheridan October 6 – 8, 2017. I have to brag on my kids:
On Friday Berakah got her superior containers title, Lively got her advanced container title and GloryToo got her novice container title plus she got her last pre-test.
On Saturday Spirit finished her last 3 pre-tests plus passed both novice exterior runs to get that element title, GloryToo got her advanced exterior title, Berakah got her superior exterior title and Lively got one leg of her Masters. On the morning one the wind was violently swirling in the area and she ran out of time just before she found the third hide. On the one Masters run Lively blew the wind was high and swirling. We were under the grandstands so it was bowing in, hitting walls and whirling all the scent together and everywhere. The rules say we have 10 minutes but this judge just gave 6, and in those conditions, on her very first attempt at Masters (3 scents, 2 distractions, hides up to 4’ high), Lively needed a little more time. The third hide was 4’ up a aluminum ladder and we just couldn’t locate it in those conditions in the time allowed. We were very close. That afternoon she was the only one in Masters to qualify and the wind had died down; I thought it strange the other dogs didn’t but I think someone said they fell for the distraction.
On Sunday Cantor got all 5 pre-tests in the morning while Mercy got all five in the afternoon; Lively got her novice vehicle title (2 successful runs, morning and afternoon) and Berakah got her advanced title (again, two runs). That finishes the big Novice title for Lively and Advanced title for Berakah (all 4 elements). So in 3 days we had 29 passes out of 30 tries!!!!!  Lively & Berakah each got a High in Trial and all three received lots of 1st – 4th placings.
And the group I’ve been helping train their dogs for the trial did super well, only 2 runs not passed. Five people at two runs per day plus I think 9 pre-tests between them so 39 runs there, 37 successful. Jamboree (Mercy’s sister whom I co-own) was one of them, finishing her Novice Exterior title and getting her first leg on Advanced and getting her Novice Vehicles title.

The first day (Friday) was containers.  I have received some photos of that day.  Many thanks to Barb Walseth for these photos!  Someone took photos on the second day, which was exteriors, but I have yet to receive them.  The Friday photos are easy to follow.  The day was quite cool to begin with so in GloryToo’s pretest, first thing in the morning, I had a coat on.  By the first trial of the day (mid-morning) the weather had warmed enough that I only needed a heavy shirt.  By the second trial (afternoon) I was in shirtsleeves.  In case you’re unfamiliar with nosework trials sponsored by the United Kennel Club (the venue around here), you compete in four “elements”:  containers, interiors, exteriors and vehicles.  The dog has to pass each element in two trials to get that element title (such as Novice Containers).  When it passes all four elements in a level, it receives the “big” title (Novice, Advanced, Superior, Masters or Elite Nosework).  We have two trials per day, so a dog can get its element title in one day if it passes both.  Before any dog can compete in an element, it must pass a pre-test by successfully identifying the scent used in that level in a row of containers.  I try to get all my pretests out of the way at once so I don’t have to remember that a dog needs a pretest before I can enter it in the next level.  GloryToo had the first four pretests but did a false indication on the elite pretest in May, tried for it again at our trial, and was successful.  We use the Dave Kroyer method of training which teaches the dog to lie down at the hide (or sit and stare at it if it’s up high).  They remain there until we call the find and then come to us for reward.  You’ll see one photo of Lively that was taken just as she leapt up to come for her reward.

GloryToo was first, trying successfully for her fifth and last pre-test, and then earning her Novice Containers title.  

On the second day, she earned her Novice Exterior title.  Unfortunately, these were the only photos from day 2 that I received.

Lively had previously passed all her pre-tests and had her Novice Containers titles, so she competed in the morning and afternoon Advanced Containers trial and aced them.  The first photo is from a practice just before the trial.

Berakah competed in Superior Containers and aced both those trials.  She brought home a pile of ribbons.  The last photo is one we took of all the people that I helped train in nosework all summer, with their ribbons.  We sent a copy of the photo with a thank you note to all the business that gave us permission to train on their premises.



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