Jamboree at 21 Months

Unlike when I take photos of the dogs here, Jamboree came for her photos shoot with Laurie to throw her ball.  Because of that, I got enough good photos for TWO pages, including five pretty dramatic series of photos of the ball doing its best to elude Jamboree.  You’ll notice she’s wet in some of the photos.  I have a 4′ diameter sheep pool in the play area so the dogs can cool off at will as they play.  We took these in the afternoon rather than early morning as I do when I take photos by myself, and unfortunately the sun glaring on the metal made those photos unusable. 

First, the individual play photos.

Series 1

I love the expression on her face as she wonders where in the world the ball went!

Series 2

The ground is hard and dry.  Plus the exercise area was, in the 40’s and 50’s, an auto race track so it rocks come to the surface all the time, making the ball bounce crazily if it hits one.

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