Celhaus Song of Hope in Hard Times

the former Miss Yellow from the SS Litter
born 4/30/20
SS litter background information

So many people commented that the diary and photos of the SS litter comforted and cheered them during the hard times of the Covid pandemic, that I decided both her registered and call names needed to reflect how important our animals are to our health and well being.

See Hopeful’s daily antics at morning playtime

See Hopeful at 1 year
See some hilarious photos of her at 17 weeks
Just up 7/16/21:  Some great photos of Hopeful and Hildy at a playday.
at 7 months

More seven-month-photos

I call Hopeful’s Signature Move HEARTing
(Hold, Elevate and Roll with Toy)
See her HEARTing at 14 weeks
And at 16 weeks
And at 17 weeks
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