Celhaus Song of Hope in Hard Times

the former Miss Yellow from the SS Litter
born 4/30/20
SS litter background information

So many people commented that the diary and photos of the SS litter comforted and cheered them during the hard times of the Covid pandemic, that I decided both her registered and call names needed to reflect how important our animals are to our health and well being.

Hopeful at 9 weeks
I was just trying for a head shot to go on my home page, so I didn’t take a lot of photos.

Hopeful at 8 weeks

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Celhaus German Shepherds

4817 Big Horn Ave
Sheridan, WY  82801

Nu-Vet for Health

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The NuVet people had tried to recruit me for their breeder program for several years but it wasn’t until I was getting frustrated at my inability to get a soft, shiny coat on Quasi that I decided to try their products. I finally told the NuVet people I would never recommend any product without trying it first, and that I’d like to try their NuVet Plus on Quasi. They sent a free two-month supply and at the end of the trial period I was seeing enough improvement that I signed up for their breeder program.   [READ MORE]