Cantor 18 Months at Agility Class 1

Cantor at Agility Class

He’s 18 months here.  This was his 5th complete course.  I wish the photos could show the speed and power of this dogs.  It’s exhilarating to run him.  At least notice how long his stride is.  

Cantor began agility classes in February.  He LOVES it and is doing incredibly well.  My friend Denise came to one of his classes and took photos of him.  He had recently graduated from the last set of introductory classes to Coursework, which consists of a different course each week, gradually becoming harder as the dogs become more proficient and look towards competition.  This particular course had two real challenges.  At the start the dogs had to ignore the dog walk and instead go out to the tunnel.  The first photos show the whole course so you can follow the action.

After the tunnel they had to do one jump, run out (laterally) to another then turn sharply to a third jump instead of going to the weaves.  Cantor struggled with the first go out to the tunnel so I was unable to get my usual distance from the start that would have put me in better position to handle the go out to the jump.  My feet are bad and I can’t run very well, so Cantor and I really had to work hard to both be in the correct position.  

In fact, the instructor wanted me to go past the third jump so as to do a “Right Here!” so he turned towards that jump and ignored the weaves.  He’s very fast and has a huge stride, so I didn’t do that too well, as will show in the photos of me in front of the jump rather than beyond it.

They then had to go through a hoop and do a switch to head to the weaves.  

Cantor’s class began learning the weaves in July and he picked it up incredibly fast.  At home I have the guides on the ground rather than up (to form a channel to remind them to weave around each pole).  The others in his class still need the ex-pens reinforcing the guides (you can see them folded up and leaning against the wall to be put up when the other dogs run the course).  Cantor doesn’t really need the guides but it takes too much time to take them off for him and put them up for the others.

After the weaves they go out to a jump, then a hoop and then to the dog walk.

Cantor flies over the dog walk.

They have to get at least one foot in the yellow contact zone on the dog walk as they go down.  The hoops at each end of the dog walk remind these young-in-agility dogs to remember their contact touch in the excitement of running a course.  They’ll come off as the dogs put everything together and are able to remember everything in the excitement.  To finish, he goes through the original starting hoop.

Cantor is so exciting to watch on the weaves – powerful and very fast as well as accurate, that Denise changed positions so that on a later course run she could get photos of him weaving towards her.  See those photos.