Zinna is the mother of the “L”, “R” and “U” litters, sired by my Caz.   “Lovely” (Celhaus Lovely Miranda) has her SAR certification and is a call-out dog for the Shasta County, CA SAR Team.   She also works with the water/cadaver dog and does evidence searches.  “Cazze”(Celhaus Lord Cazze) is a police dog in Colorado.  Two of the R litter (“Nandi” & “Reno”) are doing quite well in Schutzhund.  She was also mother of the “Y” litter, sired by Celhaus Rocky Mtn Timber, a Jubilee son, and the  Z Litter, sired by my Chaos.

Zinna is now retired from breeding and went to a great home to be an “only” dog and a service dog.

In limited showing, Zinna received her NADAC Novice TouchNGo title and Novice Regular title, plus two Novice Tunnelers legs, two Novice Jumpers legs, and 1 Novice Chances leg.  In AKC, she has her Novice Standard Preferred (20″ jumps) and Jumpers with Weaves Preferred (20″ jumps) titles plus two Novice Standard (24″ jumps) legs and one Jumpers with Weaves (24″ jumps) leg.



Zinna’s owner sent this photo, explaining that their daughter was home for Christmas 2011 weekend with her pet rabbit, Bunnicula.  Zinna was very fascinated with the bunny and very gentle with her.

“And the wolf shall be a guest of the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; the calf and the young lion shall browse together, with a little child to guide them.  The cow and the bear shall be neighbors, together their young shall rest; the lion shall eat hay like the ox.  The baby shall play by the cobra’s den, and the child lay his hand on the adder’s lair.  There shall be no harm or ruin on all my holy mountain; for the earth shall be filled with knowledge of the Lord, as water covers the sea.” Isaiah 11:6-9, one of my very favorite passages.

When I told Zinna’s former owners that she liked to smell flowers, they told me her sire and several other relatives do the same.  I just happened to catch this shot.

OFA Hips (good):  GS-69031G27F-PI

OFA Elbows (normal):  GS-EL16305F-PI

CERF GS-1018/2007–65

OFA Cardiac:  GS-CA1701/19F/P-PI

OFA Thyroid:  GS-TH163/41F-PI

von Willebrand’s & hemophilia free

Zinna was an unexpected addition to my family.  I had planned to breed my Bless to her sire, “Blitz”, but then Bless suddenly died of cancer on February 1st.  I e-mailed to Blitz’s owner, telling her of Bless’ death and asking her to keep me in mind if they came up with a nice Blitz pup some time.  Karolyn informed me in April that they would consider letting me have a 16 month old Blitz daughter.  I really liked her pedigree and what they said about her temperament.  Her hip and elbow preliminary x-rays were beautiful, so I bought her.

Zinna has a fantastically sound temperament and nice structure and movement.  She has an engagingly sweet, social and outgoing personality and is very eager to please.  Within five minutes of her arrival here she convinced Caz to play a wild game of chase.  I took several days to introduce her to Ashi, Jubilee and Bunny, but by the third day she was part of the family and the two mature females were busy mothering her.  I normally would not buy a nearly-mature female because chances are high that she would not get along with the ones I already had, but she has accepted her place in the pack and does well with everyone.  She is great with puppies, since she loves to play and is also very nurturing.

Zinna is a snuggler and cuddler.  She likes to lie under the computer desk as I work, and to curl up beside me as I read in bed.  She’s interested in anything and everything I do around the house and yard and often has her nose pressed against the action point.

Zinna is a registered Therapy Dog and is excellent with the old and sick as well as the very young and wild.  We’ve bonded nicely, and I have begun her tracking, obedience and agility training.  She was crazy about agility and cleared the jumps with tremendous leaps.

Sire:   “Blitz” (V FLINK WIE EIN GEOLTER BLITZ SchH3 CGC) whelped 4/19/1996

Blitz’s sire, Norbo, took 1st Place at the 1996 North Central SchH III Regional Championship.  Blitz himself went High in Trial, High Protection and High Obedience when he received his SchH3 title (97/95/95) under Floyd Wilson.  Blitz is known for his powerful, calm grip.  He has nice prey drive and some defense drive.  He is an excellent tracker, scoring a 100 (!) and a 94 point track.  The only time he has failed tracking is when the track was under water.  Blitz was chosen to be one of the 12 dogs competing in the first AKC Invitational Schutzhund Trial but was unable to compete due to an injury.  Blitz is conformation rated “V” (excellent) and is rated Koer Klasse1 —  with comments by the judge recommending using him to improve temperament.

He has his American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Award.  Blitz is a housedog, goes everywhere with Karolyn, and he loves kids.  He has absolutely no dog aggression and is great at babysitting puppies.

Blitz has OFA GOOD hips (GS-56444G39M-T)  and normal elbows (OFA GS-EL10570)


Dam:   “Anka” (ANKA VOM BROCKENSHEIDTER LAND SchH2 IPO2 Kkl1 “a” normal) whelped 11/18/1993

Karolyn’s husband had worked Anka in Schutzhund, really liked her temperament and drives, and felt she’d be an excellent cross with Blitz.  They were even more impressed with Anka when she came to be bred.  Anka settled in as part of the family, very much at home, easy to get along with, comfortable in the middle of all kinds of  confusion, horses and kids.  They were so impressed so that they changed the breeding arrangement from stud fee to pick female pup, which was Zinna.

Anka is a high drive, nicely conformed, dark sable daughter of Atze vom Xulpicher See, who participated in the 1991 BSP.  She is also Koer Klasse 1.  She has “a” normal hips.  She has high drives and extremely good nerves and is very social.  Zinna was from her last litter.  Her breeder kept a female from that litter, too.