Joyful (Celhaus Ode to Joy) TDInc.

November 14, 2003 – June 27, 2011

Mother of the W, BB and DD litters

I kept one daughter, Berakah from the BB litter


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Joyful received a Health Award Certificate of Recognition from the German Shepherd Dog Club of America.

NADAC Agility titles:  EAC (Elite Regular), OAC (Open Regular), O-CC (Open Chances), HP-O (Open Hoopers), TG-O (Open TouchNGo), TN-O (Open Tunnelers), S-NJC (Superior Novice Jumpers), S-HP-N (Superior Novice Hoopers), S-NCC (Superior Novice Chances), S-NAC (Superior Novice Regular), S-TG-N (Superior Novice TouchNGo,  S-TN-N (Superior Novice Tunnelers), O-WV-N (Outstanding Novice Weavers). 

OFA good hips:  GS-73082G24F-PI 

OFA elbows:  GS-EL18500F24-PI 

OFA cardiac GS-CA249/19F/P-PI

OFA thyroid:  GS-TH236/90F-VPI

CERF:  GS-1179/2011

OFA Degenerative MyelopathyGS-DM162/65F-VPI-CAR 

TLI Test normal at 67 months (free of EPI – Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency)

von Willebrand’s & hemophilia free

DNA Profile:  V500084

shown at 85 months, playing in a blizzard

at 82 months (nearly 7 years)

 at 70 months

Joyful is the mother of the W Litter (4/21/06), theBB Litter (11/28/08) and the DD litter (11/3/09).

Joyful began her agility competition in May 2007.  She’s not extremely fast but is exceptionally biddable and accurate.  In limited showing, she has two legs toward her AKC Novice Standard Preferred title and two legs on Novice Jumpers Preferred title.  In NADAC competition she has her Novice Regular title and needs only 10 points to get her Outstanding  rating (100 points).  She has her Novice Chances, Novice Jumpers, Novice TouchNGo titles and points towards her Outstanding rating.  She has two legs towards her Novice Tunnelers title.

Joyful was an absolute joy to live with.  She seemed to be intent on living up to her name, because she was the most “up”, cheerful, happy dog I have ever seen.  She was doing extremely well in agility training.  As I expected, she was quite an athlete like both parents.  She was a totally honest dog, always trying to understand and do what I want.  She was very social, tolerant of other dogs, and totally sound in nerve and body.  She was a great Therapy Dog, too.

She was extremely nose-driven and a rabid retriever.  She combined those two drives in an interesting way.  Every time I threw the ball, she raced for it, then on the way back she tracked everywhere it bounced.  She was always tickled when it hits a tree or other obstacle.  She’d raise her body up as high as possible, or climb the obstacle, so that she could follow the ball’s path.

at 10 weeks, practicing the Irresistible Pose made famous by her grandmother, Glory

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