SG Droll vom Kohrener Land BH AD CD CGC TDInc


“a” normal HD-ZW 79

Von Willebrand’s free

CERF, GS-782/1999–32

OFA GOOD Hips, GS-56656G30M-T

OFA elbows, GS-EL10261-T

OFA heart, GS-CA59/30M/P-T

OFA thyroid, GS-TH58/30M-T

Therapy Dog

 2/10/97 – 9/9/02

Goodbye, Droll

Droll was born in northern Germany.  His sire was one of the top producers of working dogs in Germany.   His mother has the German herding title (HGH) as well as her Schutzhund 3 title.  In fact, Arra worked a flock near the German capital.  Droll’s breeder is heavily involved in sheepherding competitions.

Droll was imported into this country in February 1999 by a man who just fell in love with him.  Unfortunately for him, family problems forced him to sell Droll, a dog he described as a “once-in-a- lifetime” dog.

Droll was irresistible to everyone who saw him.  Children, adults, and senior citizens had to come over and admire his huge head and gorgeous thick coat and just get their hands on him.  From the beginning he always showed very good manners and was quiet and gentle with all his admirers except for his tail which wagged and wagged. 

What a dog!  Nice retrieve and food drives.  Excellent attitude and willingness to please. Very biddable.  Unflappable temperament.  LOVED people of all ages.  He was an extremely honest dog with no secrets.  A snuggler and cuddler, very affectionate.   Gorgeous eyes and beautiful expression.  Sound conformation.  Rich, rich pigment– red, red, red.  Flowing gait.  Sound coming and going.

Droll was a registered Therapy Dog.  He would lie quietly while nursing home residents tickled the hair inside his ears and between his toes.  He had that effect on everyone he meets.  He was a great ambassador for the breed.  He was totally unflappable, always happy, interested in everything.

He sired three litters from Bless, two litters from Glory, and three litters from Ashi.  My Bunny was a Droll/Ashi daughter.

Celhaus German Shepherds

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