RR Litter

Whelped 6/11/19: 4 bicolor males (one a long coat); 1 bicolor female; 1 black female

Mr. Green went to Wisconsin for obedience competition and Schutzhund. Miss Pink went to Pennsylvania for agility and obedience competition and therapy dog work. Miss Gray went to NW Montana, Mr. Blue went to southern Wyoming and Mr. Purple went to Colorado as pets. Mr. Brown went to Colorado as a pet and hopefully therapy dog.  


Ruger (Celhaus Ruger Wesley George) at 18 weeks
the former Mr. Blue

“Ruger is getting so big and he is wonderful! We love him so much! We are moved into the new house and he had no problems with the adjustment. He sits, lay down and rolls over. Brooklyn is trying to teach him to give high fives. 🙂 “


Sadie (Celhaus Rhapsody in Black) at 4 months, with her great-uncle Cody (Celhaus Gembala), 6 years 4 months.
Yes, he IS her uncle, being GloryToo’s litter brother.
the former Miss Pink

“Hi G’ma Cel, how are you and everyone with 4 paws doing? Not sure it you received this pix before or not??? Sadie is about, almost 4 months here. Our club photographer does such an amazing job of taking ‘action’ shots…it took about 25 shots to get this one. She photo-shopped out the leash!!!  Sadie is doing great. She was 32# at her 4 month check up. The vet said that Sadie was not looking like a puppy, but more like a miniature GSD.!!! Class is going well. This week we went to one of the special need schools in the area with Cody and Sadie. We’ve been going there for years. We have about 15 minutes in each classroom, then on to the next one. She really did very well, good manners, no puppy biting, and never barked at any of new sights and sounds that surrounded her all of the time.  Never sure when one of the students may have a sudden scream or outburst…  One of the other teams is actually our tester for ATD and she even said she did great!!!  We were all very tired and someone had herself a very long nap that afternoon.  Any snow yet in Sheridan? We also really enjoyed reading your accomplishments for your Nose Work weekend!!! WOW, talk about tired. That sounds as tho it was non-stop for you. Also enjoyed reading your explanations for the various searches and the how to’s, etc. Our club does have an AKC Scent work group. We’ve not been to any of the trials…Sadie would definitely have THE nose.  Gary is still busy preaching in the Cleveland, OH area and filling in for our church often. Not certain how the winter weather and travel will effect his commitments to OH, and they are very understanding of that. They have asked Gary each time, when is Cody coming back, we want to meet Sadie, and oh yeah, bring Jan along, too!!!”

Sadie at 13 weeks

9/12/19: “I’ll try to remember the highlights of Sadie’s week, starting with her Puppy class on Monday nite. Of course Cody came along to ‘watch’. One thing I’ll say, just once but ALL and EVERYONE who meets Sadie says she is soooo cute, what a sweet face, look at how good she is, sitting and looking at you. Yes, she really does have the sit/look down perfectly, even when we don’t ask for it, there she is looking up and sitting. Several dog club friends have GSD’s and know Cody very well. They all think she is great!!! She did well at class, did not bark at the other pups at all, let others pet her and approach, needed reminding to ‘off’ and not jump on anyone for a greet. Many were just laughing, ah, so what, they are only puppies, they are suppose to jump. ( teacher reminded them some day, she’ll be 70#??? and we do not want her jumping then. Over all she did well and definitely was not the worst pup in class…(remember our Bengal!!!)

Tues was the vet visit and our dog club meeting followed, so we all packed up supper, dishes, etc and headed out for the afternoon/evening. She is 24#, and doing great. Everything checked out 100%. She has started to grow her adult grown up coat and has about a 3-4″ strip of shine wavy black down her spine. And she is growing longer tuffs of fur at her neck, looks a bit scrappy, reminds of the Gremlins. Those are about the only adult things she has going at the moment. Cody also had his annual check up, weighed in about 65# and also doing great. Sadie tended to watch Cody and take cues from him, he’d lay down, she did the same. Lots of treats from the vet and tech, of course they both were treated for the other’s behavior…they had this down pat!!! Sadie, again, was quiet not barking or whining and surprised me that she was pretty calm for the long visit for both of them.

Today was Cody’s turn at class, UDX. Sadie and I were outside doing the meet and greet thing and came into class after it started. She was quiet as could be and I’m not certain if she knew Gary and Cody were out there in the ring. I put her on my lap and then she sat quietly and watched intently while Cody went out for gloves, articles, etc, as if she paid attention for her turn!!! Again, had good manners with meeting new friends, including dogs of all sizes and colors.

Afterwards we hit Home Depot with both of them. Felt as tho someone had made an announcement…Pups in aisle 10!!! People were following us to see them. Know you are accustomed to all of these reactions, having 2 GSD’s seem to increase the attention. One man was looking for a black GSD and wanted to know where we got her.”

Rudi (Celhaus Rudolph) at 20 weeks
the former Mr. Green
Name story: Rudolph, loosely translated, means well-known wolf.

“Rudi has been awesome – we couldn’t be happier!  He continues to gain fans everywhere he goes. The staff in the vet’s office have added him to their Facebook page and everyone has to come visit when he goes in. He’s an attraction at the local pet store too. He’s been out to visit my horses, the local farm store, and lots of different neighborhoods. Everywhere he goes, people want to meet him. He loves the attention. He’s been walking with several of the neighborhood adult dogs – it seems that some of the other dog parents have been enjoying their walks more with Rudi along.  We’ve been going to a puppy class for about 4 weeks and he’s been a star there too. He learns everything so fast that 2 or 3 repetitions and he’s got it. The instructors love him. Last week, during a supervised free play time, they wanted to work on just getting the puppies to acknowledge they had been called while they were playing. Rudi was across the room from me, fully engaged with another puppy. I called him to me and he immediately came over and sat in front of me. Needless to say, the instructor was impressed. I have worked a few times on it at home but I didn’t really expect that response either. I’m looking forward to continuing more formal training with him. It helps that he is motivated by treats and his ball. He likes nothing better than to play fetch. He learned very quickly that I wasn’t going to wrestle the ball away to throw it for him so he drops it for me every time.  Rui has brought us much joy. He is so attuned to us and growing up so fast. He is enjoying a fair amount of freedom in the house because he has earned it already. He is curious and resilient – always up for new adventures. He’s confident but pretty respectful, even at 4 1/2 months old. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s handsome too!! Thank you again for entrusting this very special boy to us. He’s filled a huge hole in our hearts and we look forward to many years with him. We’re already talking about a little sister for him next year!!!


Radik (Celhaus Radik of Eagle Vista) at 20 weeks
the former Mr. Brown
Name story: Radik is German/Czech for “Famous ruler” and is pronounced “Rah-deek”.

“The boxes on the counter are for finding certain scents – nosework. He just started birch. He lives the game!”

Radik at 19 weeks

Radik at 17 weeks

“He likes to eat Roman style.”


Kaiser (Celhaus Risk the Romance) at 20 weeks
the former Mr. Purple (“Romeo”)

“Our boy has graduated Puppy Kindergarten and started Nosework class. We are just beginning but he loves it! We were told no homework after our evaluation last week. The instructor wanted to see if he was going to be mature enough to do participate, and quickly decided yes he was all business and not a bit backed off 😄 The funny part is, this instructor starts off with treats in the box and once he found out this was possible, he investigated every empty bucket and stuffed his nose in boots and every box we have sitting around for our kitty 😂 Seriously, an hour doesn’t go by without him making me smile.  Physically he’s doing well and weighs 46 lbs, this will be the last week he doesn’t outweigh my other two dogs! His baby hair is mostly gone except his mane. I am not sure if the hair will get longer as he gets older or this is it, but it seems more plush coat than long hair at this point.” 

Kaiser at 18 weeks

Kaiser at 17 weeks

“Hi, loved your pictures of the Nosework trials and congratulations on doing so well! I’m so excited we start intro to Nosework on Saturday! We also have 3 more weeks left of Puppy Kindergarten.   I got to spend a day at the GSD National Specialty show! It was so fun, although I regret I didn’t find out about it until the herding and tracking trials were already done. But we watched some rally and obedience, which was good.  He could not be a more perfect puppy, and he’s getting big way too fast! He weighs almost 40 lbs. It’s not only me (as I may be partial), but so many people we meet say what a good boy he is and how good natured/calm. I know adolescence is coming but for now this is the truth.” 


Duchess (Celhaus Royalty) at 16 weeks
the former Miss Gray

“Duchess and the cat, Leo, have reached an arrangement—unless he moves. Then comes the correction, which she pays attention to and backs off.”

Duchess at 15 weeks

“Duchess has been soooo busy enchanting the neighborhood boy puppies I haven’t had a chance to take pictures of her vamping them. Winslow is her favorite, a former reservation dog rescued in AZ by our wonderful neighbors, as he’s still a puppy at 18 months. Rigel, 5 months Aussie Shepherd is her favorite sparring partner. Our ‘twins’ tolerate her—and our new Alpha, Duke (since Baron’s passing) already knows Duchess will be applying for the position when she’s older, bigger, etc. Thus far, she’s been on several road trips to football games locally, shopping, airport, Housing Committee meeting as our “therapy dog”—and her puppy class is scheduled for 10/8. The horses are used to puppies invading their space, but she’s on lead and they mutually sniff each other and she is no longer intimidated by their size, nor are they bothered by her curiosity. Our deer are used to the twins not bothering them, so they assume she won’t either–and she doesn’t.
She is definitely fearless, and her nose is often glued to a scent and nothing distracts her from her investigation of the scent (that’s a new one for us). She doesn’t retrieve any better than Max or Baron did—I’ll recheck your suggestions on that—-but the yard is littered with Kongs, Jaz, squeaks, balls, marrow bones….so her ADHD puppy attention span has plenty to distract her. She disappeared into the garden area and has been systematically digging up toy squirrel squeaks Earl buried years ago to prevent his brother Duke from claiming them. So far, Duchess has found three of the six. Every AM Earl plucks her favorite new squirrel squeak from her kennel and drags it to his bed for the day. More picture of her royal highness coming. Winslow’s mother is clearly a better photo person than I am… Enjoy!”

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