RR Litter

Whelped 6/11/19: 4 bicolor males (one a long coat); 1 bicolor female; 1 black female

Mr. Green went to Wisconsin for obedience competition and Schutzhund. Miss Pink went to Pennsylvania for agility and obedience competition and therapy dog work. Miss Gray went to NW Montana, Mr. Blue went to southern Wyoming and Mr. Purple went to Colorado as pets. Mr. Brown went to Colorado as a pet and hopefully therapy dog.  

Ruger (Celhaus Ruger Wesley George) at 7 & 8 weeks
the former Mr. Blue

8/5/19:  “The drive home was fairly uneventful, I’d say. He whined for a little bit when we started leaving, but by the time Hailey had a chance to get her donut at the Donut Company, he had stopped whining and fell asleep before we even got on the interstate. We stopped in Casper. Our old daycare lady moved there and we are still pretty close to her, so she and her husband met us at a park with breakfast burritos. We were there for about an hour and a half to let Ruger run around. It even included the girls holding him on their laps for a ride down a short slide. He seemed like he enjoyed it. Once he laid down on the grass and didn’t want to play anymore, that was our cue to load him up and head out. Again he slept until we got to Wheatland. The girls needed to go to the bathroom, so we did a quick pit stop at a truck stop. We got him out and walked around in the grass to go potty. It was so hot, so I just took him with me in the truck stop to go to the bathroom and he was the center of attention with all the bikers headed to or from Sturgis. He didn’t complain about the attention. Then we loaded up and made the final stretch home and he again slept through it. A couple times during the trip, he woke up and the girls put him on their laps. But, he mostly slept in the car.  I would say last night relatively well. Better than I anticipated. I put him in the crate next to my bed. He whined quite a bit at first, I just put my hand down so he could smell me and kept saying, “ssshhhhh, bedtime” in a soft/quiet voice. Then he woke up a few times with little whines, but I just repeated that and every time he was quiet again in a matter of a minute or two. I heard him really wrestling around at 4 this morning. So, I carried him outside and he pooped twice and peed. Then I put him back in the crate and he slept again until about 6. So, I would call it a success for the first night. It was pretty cute this morning to look over at him and see him standing on the crate looking up at me. Those puppy eyes! This morning he has been running around, still exploring the new place and engaged in a game of tug of war with Hailey with one of his rope toys.  All in all, we are so in love!”

8/8/19:  “He is doing good! He is sleeping through the night and doesn’t whine when it’s time for bed. He is starting to eat his meals better. We learned he loves to run through the sprinkler with the girls. It is so cute to watch, he was drenched when they finished. We took him to the park after his vet appointment and was tuckered out and decided the cool grass was a great place for a nap. The girls then joined him. He and the cat are beginning to accept coexisting. I know they will be buddies eventually. He likes rocks. We are taking him with us to Nebraska tomorrow to visit my elderly grandparents. He travels so well. The car puts him to sleep and he just snuggles up to the girls in the back seat and sleeps.  We are so in love with him! All in all we are doing good!”

Rudi (Celhaus Rudolph) at 8 weeks
the former Mr. Green

Name story:  Rudolph, loosely translated, means well-known wolf. 

8/5/19:  “We made it home. Pulled in at about 10:30 PM your time.  Rudi was a champ! He howled until we got onto the interstate and then promptly fell asleep. Slept for about 45 minutes and then woke up because I had to drive over some rumble strips because of construction. He howled again for about 15 minutes then went back to sleep. Then anther hour later – awake again and cried for about 5 minutes, then sleep, then awake and only cried for about a minute. That seemed to be his pattern the rest of the way home. After a few hours, he didn’t even cry anymore – would just talk a little, reposition, and go back to sleep. The towel was toward the rear of the crate and he slept on that for a bit but then came up closer to us. We stopped about every 3 1/2 hours for a potty and water break, he ate some treats too. No accidents or vomiting in the crate!  

He’s pretty brave exploring the limited area of the first floor he has access to. Very interested outside too. But he sure keeps an eye on us.  I can tell already he’s going to be a strong chewer – he’s been attacking the Kong and carrying it around. Crushed a plastic water bottle in about 30 seconds so no more of those! They’re all so different – two of our other dogs were Kong junkies and two really didn’t care for them at all.  He slept on my lap last night with lots of trips outside. Tonight we’ll try the crate and Steve will sleep downstairs with him. I’m hoping we can transition him to the crate upstairs in our bedroom by the end of the week. Then maybe we’ll all get some good sleep.  Thank you again for everything. I think we got a SUPER pup and already love his smarts, his connection to us, and his curiosity. I loved meeting all of your dogs – they are all so solid!! What a great foundation Rudi starts with.”

8/8/19:  “Rudi is doing well! He is a great pup. Smart- catches on to everything so quickly. Interested in everything. Strange noises and new experiences don’t concern him. Curious but not obsessed. Loves his Kong and his soft flossy bone. Follows us happily. Likes to cuddle and loves to play. I can tell he’s going to be a hard chewer so I’ll be shopping for a few more tough toys. Fine with settling in his crate for naps and at night. Slept from about 10:30 to 4:30 last night. He already knows to head to the door if he wants to go out. Everyone at the vet clinic loves him- he had quite the fan club by the time we left. He’s eating pretty well- some days he only eats a few bites for one meal but then eats well the other two. Couldn’t be happier with him. So confident without being pushy or defensive, isn’t offended by being told “no” but learns from it.”

8/21/19:  ” Hi! I’ve been planning to email but get distracted by a puppy!! All the neighbors have met him so he’s known around the neighborhood and lots of offers to trade for their dogs. Not a chance!!  Rudi is doing very well- everyone who meets him thinks he’s awesome. So do we. He does everything with gusto except maybe eating but that’s getting more consistent too. He plays hard, sleeps hard, cuddles hard. Learns so fast. I love the direct eye contact and how attentive he is. Seems to have quite a bit of prey drive, takes full mouth bites on his toys. He loves the big Kong. Strange things don’t worry him- he’s curious but not concerned. Keeps us running to the door as he definitely knows where we go outside. He’s been sleeping upstairs with us in the crate- goes to bed about 11 and gets up at 4 with no trips out.   He’s met my horses – thought they were pretty big at first but ended up giving them kisses on the nose by the time I left. Will start a puppy class in about 5 weeks.   I hope everyone else is as happy with their pups as we are with Rudi.” 

Radik (Celhaus Radik of Eagle Vista) at 8 – 10 weeks
the former Mr. Brown

Name story:  Radik is German/Czech for “Famous ruler” and is pronounced “Rah-deek”.  

8/21/19:  “After his second walk of the 5 we take daily, which he loves. We play find the treats in a plastic tub (your idea, which I love), and we’re desensitizing him to the Dremel. Tomorrow he goes to me to Bible Study, then (hopefully) to the school where I used to work to meet the little kiddos! He’s a good traveler. And sooo smart! One photo shows Gunther teaching Radik to survey the territory.  Another photo of the two is Gunther reluctantly figuring out the new little guy is staying.”

Duchess (Celhaus Royalty) at 10 weeks
the former Miss Gray

8/25/19:  “Helping harvest the tomatoes.”

8/4/19:  “Too tired to lift receiver to call. Ms D is amazing…peed and pooped everytime we stopped and then went to sleep on her puppy bed. She does so well on her leash…no pulling tugging or tangling. The towel comforts her.   Smart girl found some shade right away.  And then took over one of her brothers’ bones.”

Sadie (Celhaus Rhapsody in Black) at 10 weeks
the former Miss Pink

8/21/19:  “Our vet visit was wonderful and A+ for our new vet. She spent about 1 hr with us, sat on the floor with Sadie most of the time. Answered all questions and advised accordingly. She currently has only 4 GSD’s. Sadie was a BOUNCING 17.6#, so has gained about 2# in the week. She eats well 2 out of the 3 meals depending on when she filled up. Last nite after the visit she was very thirsty and not hungry. Yesterday Gary went into the vet’s office while (I stayed outside as) Sadie watered the grass…people coming out all said how CUTE she is ( of course, she’s a puppy!!) she really is sweet, and that she is.  So far, she knows…sit, come, off, no bite, down ( most of the time) outside, potty, leave it. Amazing how fast she is to learn. And now we need to be consistent and rewarding for her good manners.

She and Cody are doing well, too. Cody has finally been able to tell Sadie to settle and Sadie will run away lay down, bark and head back to him. Initially Cody was taking her toys and offering them to her, offered his as well. Then on Sunday I realized he had taken his favorite wobbles and balls upstairs, away from her. They were all in the dining room. He is not sharing his toys, but is helping himself to hers, gently. Still the tease and the clown of the family.  She slept thru the nite again last nite and does not want up if we get up during the nite.   She does seem to be more rambunctious and energetic than Cody was, but maybe we don’t remember as well, plus we were a bit younger too.  She did not bark or attack the vacuum today, enjoyed her SHORT car ride to the vet’s yesterday.  Tomorrow she is going to the dog club while Cody has his class. She can meet some new people and other dogs, carefully. I trust our instructors and closer friends who are responsible with their dogs and new puppies.

Cel’s note:  Cody is Celhaus Gembala, GloryToo’s litter brother from the GG litter, and great uncle to Sadie.  He’s in the last photo. 


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