RR Litter

Whelped 6/11/19: 4 bicolor males (one a long coat); 1 bicolor female; 1 black female

Mr. Green (Rudi) went to Wisconsin for obedience competition and Schutzhund. Miss Pink (Sadie) went to Pennsylvania for agility and obedience competition and therapy dog work. Miss Gray (Duchess) went to NW Montana, Mr. Blue (Ruger) went to southern Wyoming and Mr. Purple (Kaiser) went to Colorado as pets. Mr. Brown (Radik) went to Colorado as a pet and hopefully therapy dog.  

Duchess (Celhaus Royalty) at 7 months

“Her Royal Highness with nose-it horse ball.”

First photo: “The Duke and Duchess”
2nd photo: “Earl joins Duke & Duchess”
3rd photo: “Duke and Duchess discuss menu.”
4th photo: “Earl considers sharing.”

Radik (Celhaus Radik of Eagle Vista) at 8 months
Name story: Radik is German/Czech for “Famous ruler” and is pronounced “Rah-deek”.

“He’s our sweet boy! Super sensitive and smart so corrections are verbal and just enough to get his attention. We love him so much! Great breeding!”

Radik at 7months
“Profile of Radik as we are watching our first official rally and obedience classes. We just might compete at the next show!”

1st two photos:  “Radik in September and Radik in January.  A little size difference!”
Next 5 photos:  “A few more pics of our seven-month-old Radik. His favorite thing is our daily hikes! He does well with the “come back” request, even when chasing a rabbit or deer! He also loves to pick up and carry pieces of branches!”
last photo:  “Sleepy boy.”

Kaiser (Celhaus Risk the Romance) at 7 months
“Happy New Year! Kaiser with Jazzy the kitty”

“Picture Avalanche!  You can’t have too many right? Here is Super Bowl Sunday (Kaiser is a Chief’s fan!). Also other miscellaneous snow and other beauty shots. How could I not be a paparazzi, this boy is beautiful. 😍🥰  He’s also still perfect in every way. He’s so sweet, so funny, his temperament continues to be so steady and confident. He loves snacks and catches treats. Everybody loves him, everywhere we go. He’s enthusiastic, nose whistles to show his excitement for ball time or nosework or whatever other adventures! He grew up SO fast, I was just looking wistfully at his baby pics recently! He tolerates his grooming admirably, and since he’s grown into his adult coat it isn’t difficult to take care of at all. The hair is slick and shiny so it’s not too hard to manage out here in the country. I absolutely love his charming fuzzy ears too. I’m kind of glad his Velcro puppy coat wasn’t long term! Absolutely everything stuck to it and he’d come in looking like pigpen with little sticks and hay stuck in it (peanuts?). We are pairing odor with food at this point in Nosework (we are just on the 2nd session of the 2nd class after a holiday break). He really gets the game now! Afterwards we always pick a dog friendly store to walk around and socialize.  Today it was Jax we visited, and he got the usual level of public adoration!  One lady recognized his more European build and liked him so much that she found us in the store again and gave me her card so I could email your information to her.  That’s how I originally found you as well, so I did give her your website and email.  Thank you for blessing us with him. We are so grateful.”

Rudi (Celhaus Rudolph) at 7 months
Name story: Rudolph, loosely translated, means well-known wolf.

“Happy January!! We finally have snow again and Rudi loves it. So much fun to eat. It also makes the game of where are the sticks harder but he still finds them. Pretty sure we could hire him out to a landscaping company. He’s still the hit of the neighborhood. Loves meeting new people. He’s been over to the training barn (where my horse is) a couple of times now and I keep getting requests to bring him back. He’s just such a happy, personable pup! He is nothing if not persistent and resilient when he wants to play. We keep trying to think of new jobs for him. We’ll be starting another obedience class in February to fine tune what he already knows. Our other challenge is finding tough toys for him- he’s one of the hardest chewers we’ve had. Even the toughest Kong toys barely hold up. Although he makes us think all the time, we love this guy. Couldn’t imagine life without him now!! Hope this finds you well. I do want to find out more about the next litter you mentioned. Because one of these amazing dogs is not enough!!”

Ruger (Celhaus Ruger Wesley George) at 27 weeks

“Ruger continues to be great! We love him so much.  I needed to get out of my house so, yesterday, I took Ruger to Curt Gowdy to hike some snow covered trails. It was amazing! We both absolutely loved it! It was cold and windy, but so refreshing.  He does really well lying on a blanket when I put one on the floor/couch for him. I made the girls blankets for Christmas, so I made him his very own blanket as well. He really is a goofball!!!  He makes us laugh. His new things are sitting on the stairs. And when I make him get out of the kitchen when I’m cooking, he will sit right on the edge where the tile to the kitchen is. Cracks me up every time. And he loves the snow! It was so funny watching him jump on the snowdrifts! He had the girls and I laughing so hard! We would scoop the snow and he would jump in. All in all, we are going great!”

Ruger at 21 weeks
“Ruger is doing amazing! We have been working with him and doing training lessons with him and he is doing so good. The trainer even told me that “we got a good one!” We already knew that. 🙂 His color is changing. He’s almost lost all of the bowtie on his neck, he’s almost all black around his face. I think he is looking like Cantor and his build kinda looks like Cantor. And he has big boy eyes now. Here are some recent pictures. The one of him looking at the cupboard is his way of saying he deserves a treat or his vitamins. I keep them in that cupboard. Thanks again for sharing your amazing dogs with us. We are so in love!”

Sadie (Celhaus Rhapsody in Black) at 4 months, with her great-uncle Cody (Celhaus Gembala), 6 years 4 months.
Yes, he IS her uncle, being GloryToo’s litter brother.

“Hi G’ma Cel, how are you and everyone with 4 paws doing? Not sure it you received this pix before or not??? Sadie is about, almost 4 months here. Our club photographer does such an amazing job of taking ‘action’ shots…it took about 25 shots to get this one. She photo-shopped out the leash!!!  Sadie is doing great. She was 32# at her 4 month check up. The vet said that Sadie was not looking like a puppy, but more like a miniature GSD.!!! Class is going well. This week we went to one of the special need schools in the area with Cody and Sadie. We’ve been going there for years. We have about 15 minutes in each classroom, then on to the next one. She really did very well, good manners, no puppy biting, and never barked at any of new sights and sounds that surrounded her all of the time.  Never sure when one of the students may have a sudden scream or outburst…  One of the other teams is actually our tester for ATD and she even said she did great!!!  We were all very tired and someone had herself a very long nap that afternoon.  Any snow yet in Sheridan? We also really enjoyed reading your accomplishments for your Nose Work weekend!!! WOW, talk about tired. That sounds as tho it was non-stop for you. Also enjoyed reading your explanations for the various searches and the how to’s, etc. Our club does have an AKC Scent work group. We’ve not been to any of the trials…Sadie would definitely have THE nose.  Gary is still busy preaching in the Cleveland, OH area and filling in for our church often. Not certain how the winter weather and travel will effect his commitments to OH, and they are very understanding of that. They have asked Gary each time, when is Cody coming back, we want to meet Sadie, and oh yeah, bring Jan along, too!!!”

Sadie at 13 weeks

9/12/19: “I’ll try to remember the highlights of Sadie’s week, starting with her Puppy class on Monday nite. Of course Cody came along to ‘watch’. One thing I’ll say, just once but ALL and EVERYONE who meets Sadie says she is soooo cute, what a sweet face, look at how good she is, sitting and looking at you. Yes, she really does have the sit/look down perfectly, even when we don’t ask for it, there she is looking up and sitting. Several dog club friends have GSD’s and know Cody very well. They all think she is great!!! She did well at class, did not bark at the other pups at all, let others pet her and approach, needed reminding to ‘off’ and not jump on anyone for a greet. Many were just laughing, ah, so what, they are only puppies, they are suppose to jump. ( teacher reminded them some day, she’ll be 70#??? and we do not want her jumping then. Over all she did well and definitely was not the worst pup in class…(remember our Bengal!!!)

Tues was the vet visit and our dog club meeting followed, so we all packed up supper, dishes, etc and headed out for the afternoon/evening. She is 24#, and doing great. Everything checked out 100%. She has started to grow her adult grown up coat and has about a 3-4″ strip of shine wavy black down her spine. And she is growing longer tuffs of fur at her neck, looks a bit scrappy, reminds of the Gremlins. Those are about the only adult things she has going at the moment. Cody also had his annual check up, weighed in about 65# and also doing great. Sadie tended to watch Cody and take cues from him, he’d lay down, she did the same. Lots of treats from the vet and tech, of course they both were treated for the other’s behavior…they had this down pat!!! Sadie, again, was quiet not barking or whining and surprised me that she was pretty calm for the long visit for both of them.

Today was Cody’s turn at class, UDX. Sadie and I were outside doing the meet and greet thing and came into class after it started. She was quiet as could be and I’m not certain if she knew Gary and Cody were out there in the ring. I put her on my lap and then she sat quietly and watched intently while Cody went out for gloves, articles, etc, as if she paid attention for her turn!!! Again, had good manners with meeting new friends, including dogs of all sizes and colors.

Afterwards we hit Home Depot with both of them. Felt as tho someone had made an announcement…Pups in aisle 10!!! People were following us to see them. Know you are accustomed to all of these reactions, having 2 GSD’s seem to increase the attention. One man was looking for a black GSD and wanted to know where we got her.”

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