RR Litter at 21 Days

I generally name the pups in the photos from left to right, front to back.

It’s Day 21, when the neurological systems are usually all hooked up, shown by the ears opening so the pups can hear. However, this litter is a little behind schedule, probably due to being 4 days before Lovely’s due date, and their ears still haven’t opened.  Since the pups are telling me they’re ready to explore, I went opened up the entire room for them, except for a small area so they can’t get to the doggie door. I also put away the heater since they’re fat and furry even if their ears haven’t yet opened, indicating they can control their body temperature. I checked a couple of pups’ ears but they’re still closed.

I took out the long 12″ board to open up the room, putting a shorter board up to keep them from the doggie door, put newspapers on the rest of the floor. I then covered the newspapers with a sheet and some towels for traction.

In the first photo, that’s Mr. Brown stretched outside the whelping bed, with his butt against Mr. Green. The second photo is from the other end of the room and again Mr. Brown is in it, then I got a closeup

Mr. Blue, Mr. Green & Mr. Purple quickly explored their new space.

It wore Mr. Green out and he decided to nap a bit. Mr. Purple crashed, too.

I noticed Mr. Blue really using his nose in his new surroundings. He sniffed his way from the new area into the whelping bed, thoroughly investigated the new fleece pad and headed out again. You can almost hear that little nose working as you look at the photos. He wore himself out, evidently, because he collapsed on the edge of the ramp and slept for a while with his head hanging over before eventually moving into what looked to be a much more comfortable position.

Mr. Green, Miss Gray, Mr. Purple & Miss Pink really enjoyed the new space. Mr. Brown enjoyed his nap.

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