RR Litter at 32 Days Old, page 1

I generally name the pups in the photos from left to right, front to back.

The photos are in the order that I took them so you can see the pups engaging and disengaging.

My friend, Joey, came to give a monthly massage to two of my older dogs. After she did that, she was willing to play with puppies so I could take photos and also hold them so I could do toenails. I knew there was something I had planned to do this morning before I put the puppies outside, but I didn’t remember until I got to the puppy yard with my camera: I was going to put larger collars on them. Joey played with babies while I ran into the house and got the collars so we could see which pup we were photographing.  By the time I returned, they were having a great time visiting with her.

Mr. Blue, Miss Pink, Mr. Brown & Mr. Green were the first to visit with Joey.

They changed positions a little: (l to r) Mr. Green, Miss Pink, Mr. Blue & Mr. Brown

Mr. Green left, leaving Miss Pink, Mr. Brown & Mr. Blue

Then there was only Mr. Brown.

Meanwhile, Mr. Purple was in a favorite spot to my left, under the big lilac bush. 

Now Mr. Brown, Mr. Green & Miss Gray – and Lovely – interacted with Joey. 

Mr. Brown left, leaving Miss Gray & Mr. Green – and Lovely. 

Miss Gray

Lovely kept getting in front of the camera so I put her out of the puppy yard. Mr. Brown went to Joey for some private attention.

To the left, Miss Pink, Mr. Green, Mr. Purple & Mr. Blue were hanging out.

Then Miss Pink & Mr. Purple got into a wrestling match.

Meanwhile, Green, Blue & Gray were visiting with Joey.

Mr. Brown joined them and Mr. Green went behind Joey, out of sight.

Mr. Blue left and Mr. Green came back into sight.

Mr. Brown headed to the cool spot under the lilac.


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