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This morning, when I entered the room, Mr. Purple and Mr. Brown were asleep on the floor. I’ve been wondering when they’d begin escaping the whelping bed, which is the indication that it’s time to open up half of the room for them.

I put up another 8″ board on the side where Lovely has been entering and leaving and lowered the front side to form a ramp. I put papers and a light blanket for traction over it and the floor, opened up part of the room and let the pups begin exploring. A 12″ board works nicely to define the initial space – Lovely can easily step over it to get to her water and the doggie door to go outside. I also took the pig rails out since even Mr. Green is now big enough that Lovely will notice if she lies on him – and he has good lungs and will let her know if she does! Lovely was mesmerized and watched all this so closely that I had to keep moving her out of the way in order to get everything done. She seemed to approve and checked that the pups were okay (all sleeping) while I grabbed my camera. I took photos of their new living space and then left.

When I checked before starting the big dogs’ ball sessions, Mr. Brown, Mr. Green, and Miss Pink were sound asleep on the floor on Lovely’s small fleece pad by the low gate that creates a buffer between the room door and the puppy area. The pad keeps her from sliding the newspapers and blanket out of place as she hops in and out. The others were stretched out in the whelping bed.

Mr. Brown, Mr. Green (missing his collar) & Miss Pink out of whelping bed

The three were still there when I opened the door for Lovely to come out for her ball session. They must have been nursing, because this time they were moving around as if looking for Lovely, who of course had jumped up as soon as she heard me coming. Then they began a little “play mouthing,” (“tasting”) and putting a paw on each other. That’s the first I’ve seen them noticing another pup other than as an obstacle to push aside in the search for a teat.

The same three were still out when I fed Lovely her lunch and again when I went in for the afternoon’s special feeding. My coming in and setting up a pad in Lovely’s “area,” and then picking up Mr. Blue, must have awakened the others, for as the two boys nursed, the other two came out and ended up stretching out in the new area.

When I checked them in the early evening, was quiet and all six were still out in the new area, sound asleep. They adjusted to the open area extremely fast.


RR Litter at 17 Days

This afternoon I grabbed my camera to try to get more photos. I was rewarded with shots of several of them having primitive wrestling matches. I also got some photos of them walking well up on their legs, and of Mr. Green sitting – a first.

They seem to be trying to figure out their world. Of course, they can only see vague shapes and the contrast between light and dark at the moment, but their world has vastly enlarged. I closed the window curtain, so they won’t have to deal with much intense light. Their eyes are blue and bothered by light; they won’t be comfortable in bright areas until their eyes turn brown, usually at 5 weeks or so, and will search for darker places.

Mr. Blue, Mr. Green, Mr. Purple

Mr. Green

Miss Gray & Miss Pink

Miss Pink

Miss Pink, Mr. Purple & Mr. Green

whole group


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