QQ Litter (Mercy bred to Cantor)

Whelped 3/7/19:  6 females & 2 males
Olaf, Cash, Ranger & Envy left for their new homes 5/26/19.
Quizz left 6/11/19.  Maya left 6/25/19.  Hilti left 7/3/19.

Miss Orange went to Utah for Search & Rescue; Mr. Blue went to Durango, CO for Search & Rescue and to do therapy dog work with veterans; Mr. Purple went to Minnesota for agility, nosework and obedience competition; and Miss White went to Denver for possible competition and therapy dog work.  Miss Red went to my good friend, Laurie Schwabauer, to be trained as a service dog so we’ll have one ready (or nearly ready) when people contact me wanting one of my dogs for a service dog.  Miss Yellow went to Idaho Falls for all kinds of competition:  agility, obedience, tracking, scent work and possibly barn hunt. See photos of Miss Yellow & Hilti (Miss Pink) at 13 weeks, just before Miss Pink left.

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Hilti (registered name not yet chosen) at 14 weeks
the former Miss Pink

“She is doing great! The cat might be too dumb (literally- she’s an inbred barn cat) to make friends with dogs but we are rewarding Hilti for ignoring the cat and trying to de-escalate the encounters.”


Maya (Celhaus Querida Maya) at 13 weeks
the former Miss Green

“She is doing really good! Adjusting well to her new home. She has met all the neighbors and enjoys every person she meets. She is not as excited about other dogs so that is something we are working on! “


Cash (Celhaus Quiggley) at 12 weeks
the former Mr. Purple

“Went to puppy kindergarten yesterday and Cash did well. We have been working on come and sit so that was nothing new for him. He is very well behaved when meeting other dogs, although he is still a major pest with my other dog. Marley my other dog is too timid and while I know they are mainly playing she does need to correct him more. I think the hardest part of training him will be to learn my part of the process. He picks up on everything and outsmarts me when I try to give him a treat by ignoring my hand and putting his nose straight into the pouch. I’m sure we’ll learn together.  The team that set the posts for the new fence that we are putting in were very impressed with Cash and spent time playing with him. He is up to 24 lbs. at last week’s vet visit.
He sure did enjoy the lake yesterday.”


Ranger (Celhaus Queen Ranger) at 12 weeks
the former Miss White
“Ranger is doing very well. We had our 12 week check up last week and she weighs 28 pounds! We constantly think she is the most beautiful dog we have ever seen :). We continue to socialize her to everything and take her with us to as many places as we can. This past week she met some kids (and did great) and also went to a brewery with us. She patiently laid on the ground under the table while we ate, even though there were dogs at almost every other table. She likes to rough house with our best friend’s dog, Remi — and is learning how to be a big dog from him. We’ve been introducing her to water and letting her splash in the creek near our house. In two weeks, we start more formal obedience classes and we can’t wait! Ranger loves learning new things, particularly when there are treat rewards involved. We love her!”

Quizz (Celhaus Question Me Or Not) at 12 weeks
the former Miss Red

Cel’s note:  Jamboree, from the JJ litter) is the first court advocacy dog in Wyoming.  She and Laurie do family interviews when children come into the legal system, supervise all visits from non-custodial parents, and are training to go into court when the children must testify in abuse cases.  Jamboree will lie at the child’s feet in the witness box while it testifies, with Laurie sitting a distance away.  Jamboree is also Quizz’s aunt, being litter sister to Quizz’s mother, Mercy.  Laurie took Quizz to train her as a service dog.

“Visiting with the grandkids over the 4th of July.  They taught her to go p the big flight of steps to the deck”


Olaf (Celhaus Quasi Prince Olaf) at 14 weeks
the former Mr. Blue

“Oli (Mr. Blue) is rocking right along. He’s quite happy with the socialization and never quite gets enough. He’s growing like a weed and getting better at whatever we work on. I have had to use the rolled up newspaper on myself a handful of times!”


Envy (Celhaus Quest for Glory) at 10 weeks
the former Miss Orange

6/11:  “Just wanted to give you an update on Envy.  She’s been having a very busy time here! And enjoying every minute of it.  We’ve been checking off lots of things on her socialization checklist. Last Tuesday she got to meet a goat and three horses. And over this past weekend we went down to Fish Lake national Forest for a Search and Rescue conference. She got to meet a lot of new people, sites, sounds, and slept in a tent for the first time. As you can see from the photo, she had no issues snuggling in a sleeping bag.”



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The NuVet people had tried to recruit me for their breeder program for several years but it wasn’t until I was getting frustrated at my inability to get a soft, shiny coat on Quasi that I decided to try their products. I finally told the NuVet people I would never recommend any product without trying it first, and that I’d like to try their NuVet Plus on Quasi. They sent a free two-month supply and at the end of the trial period I was seeing enough improvement that I signed up for their breeder program.   [READ MORE]