QQ Litter (Mercy bred to Cantor)

Whelped 3/7/19:  6 females & 2 males

Miss Orange (Envy) went to Utah for Search & Rescue; Mr. Blue (Olaf) went to Durango, CO for Search & Rescue and to do therapy dog work with veterans; Mr. Purple (Cash) went to Minnesota for agility, nosework and obedience competition; and Miss White (Ranger) went to Denver for possible competition and therapy dog work.  Miss Yellow (Neutron) went to Idaho Falls for all kinds of competition: agility, obedience, tracking, scent work and possibly barn hunt. Miss Green (Maya) and Miss Pink (Hilti) went to Colorado as pets.  Miss Red (Quizz) went to my good friend, Laurie Schwabauer, to be trained as a service dog so we’ll have one ready (or nearly ready) when people contact me wanting one of my dogs for a service dog.  Follow Quizz’s service dog training; Laurie sends me Quizz’s training log weekly and I update it online.

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Olaf (Celhaus Quasi Prince Olaf) at 10 months

“I was just accepted to be a member of the La Plata County Search & Rescue. The woman who does the K9s knows you and loves your dogs. She has met Oli when he was younger and more spazzie so she knows who he is.  It looks like we will be busy this spring and summer. Watching Oli’s drive I do not have any doubts he will be loving every minute of the journey. I have thought about agility training but I have taken him up into the high country and dog park where there are so many things to climb and work through that I default to that so that I can get him confident while he is on a leash.”

Maya (Celhaus Querida Maya) at 10 months

“Maya is super friendly and a great dog. She loves all our neighbors and visits them during our walks.She loves playing fetch at an outdoor ice rink. We’re going to take her to a new canine training program in a few weeks. “

Quizz (Celhaus Question Me Or Not) at 9 months
Remember to keep up with Quizz’s service dog training log.

1/18/20:  “Quizz in Walmart in Spearfish as we practice cover in the checkout lane. Cover is used by both service dogs and war dogs. Dogs will alert their handler to someone approaching from behind. For people who have suffered a severe trauma or have been attacked from behind, this task is an absolute must because it makes them feel protected. (Soldiers say the dog “always has their six,” meaning the dog always has their back.)  She was so amazing today. Worked like a seasoned service dog.  She was that good.  Store was insanely busy today. People everywhere. She gave me 100% and then some. So focused.”

Quizz at 8 months
12/6/19:  “Quizz was a busy girl today. Public Access Visits to Bumgaars (photos 1 & 2), Runnings (photos 3 & 4) and first trip to WalMart (photos 5 & 6). She was so good. Received tons of compliments. Absolutely love the picture of her offering her paw when doing meet and greet with the gal at the checkout.”

Neutron (Celhaus Quantum Entanglement) at 9 months
Name Story: “It’s a physics term and I’m a little nerdy as are my husband and brother – on July 13th scientists revealed the first recording of the phenomenon.”

“Neut is doing great, although she’s exhausting. New Year’s resolution is to buckle down and get “serious” about training, she learns fast but needs me to work on consistency and proofing. It’s been a busy fall and winter for me, but just gave up one activity that has taken a good bit of time and effort, so she will get some more time/focus from me. I have done some work with the search and rescue folks and some nosework, some work on agility foundations and obedience (but not nearly enough). I will be teaching a puppy class starting in February and Neut will be enrolled in basic obedience and possibly agility. We did part of a puppy class (taught by my other dog’s breeder) but it was on a bad day for me and I only got to attend half of the classes – she is awesome and as always I learned a lot from her.  More to come – some photos attached. Will have to get you a video of her herding birds from the bushes to the bird feeder and back. “

Neutron at 8 months

Ranger (Celhaus Queen Ranger) at 9 months

“Hello to the black GSD we saw on I-70 WB in Kansas. Ranger says hi and liked barking out the window at you guys!  Someone in a red hatchback with Texas plates. All black dog that looked like a son of Cantor so we thought it might be a Celhaus GSD. We were communicating through notes in our respective cars driving down the interstate. 🙂”
Cel’s note:  That person contacted me through my Celebrate German Shepherds page on Facebook.  They were actually from Oklahoma, driving in a rental car to visit relatives for Christmas.  Not one of my pups, but they were fun talking to.  Small world, isn’t it?

Ranger at 7 months
11/18/19: “Ranger is doing great! We’ve been working on distance recall lately on her commands. We’ve practicing in the fenced off leash dog parks and she does great even with other dogs as distractions. She’s also been learning to wear dog boots and goggles for when we are in the desert or on the snow. She’s a champ! In the last month, she has become CRAZY for her ball and that is now a higher reward for her than any treats. We are starting a nosework class and her next obedience class in the next two months. We went to the vet this morning and she weighs 62.4 pounds — an interesting (to me at least) thing that has happened in the last month is that despite being all black, she now has brown hair just between her toes on all her feet!”

Hilti (Celhaus Qua Hilta) at 8 months

“Merry Christmas!”

Hilti at 7 months

“Thought you might like this one of Hilti. She’s doing great. She’s definitely got the ‘snow zoomies.'”

Maya (Celhaus Querida Maya) at 8 months
“She is a cuddler! She is actually lying on my daughter’s lap. She loves her cuddle time.”

“And she loves the snow!!”

Cash (Celhaus Quiggley) at 8 months
12/13/19:  “Got some pictures yesterday. Cash is the sweetest dog we’ve ever had and is a great companion for Jane. He loves to jump up when I’m sitting on the couch and snuggle and lick my face.  We’ve had two nosework classes and he’s doing great.  He seeks until he finds the scent container. I put the box with the scent container up on the couch for the last search and worked until he found it. Once he gets the scent he runs to the box with the scent. Very fun to train with him. Cash is very active in his searches; he is WORKING until he gets all the lures and he does not tire. The instructor says he expects the dogs to be more tired from searching than playing catch but Cash is always willing to do another search. We do about two sessions every day and do about 5-6 searches each session. Cash has gotten very good about going to the landing on the stairs and waiting while I hide the scent containers.”

Envy (Celhaus Quest for Glory) at 26 weeks
Envy is in training for Search & Rescue

“Another quick update!  We’re out in Canon City, Colorado, at a training seminar with Dick Staal. We’re having a great time–learning a lot and Envy is having a blast.  Here are two photos of her at our campsite.”

Envy at 25 weeks

“Sorry I haven’t given you an update in a bit. Life’s been crazy busy with training, SAR deployments, and everything else. Envy is doing amazing with SAR training. She’s absolutely loving the work and has a spectacular nose! I have a bunch of photos of Envy to send you. Just need to get the time to edit them and send them over. However, I thought a quick email to you with a few photos would be nice to have in the meantime. First two photos: Envy and our other dog Dante on a hike in the mountains. (She and Dante are actually second cousins.) Third photo: Envy in the house.”














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