QQ Litter (Mercy bred to Cantor)

Whelped 3/7/19:  6 females & 2 males

Miss Orange went to Utah for Search & Rescue; Mr. Blue went to Durango, CO for Search & Rescue and to do therapy dog work with veterans; Mr. Purple went to Minnesota for agility, nosework and obedience competition; and Miss White went to Denver for possible competition and therapy dog work.  Miss Yellow went to Idaho Falls for all kinds of competition: agility, obedience, tracking, scent work and possibly barn hunt. Miss Red (now Quizz) went to my good friend, Laurie Schwabauer, to be trained as a service dog so we’ll have one ready (or nearly ready) when people contact me wanting one of my dogs for a service dog.  Follow Quizz’s service dog training; Laurie sends me Quizz’s training log weekly and I update it online.

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Ranger (Celhaus Queen Ranger) at 7 months
the former Miss White

11/18/19:  “Ranger is doing great! We’ve been working on distance recall lately on her commands. We’ve practicing in the fenced off leash dog parks and she does great even with other dogs as distractions. She’s also been learning to wear dog boots and goggles for when we are in the desert or on the snow. She’s a champ! In the last month, she has become CRAZY for her ball and that is now a higher reward for her than any treats.  We are starting a nosework class and her next obedience class in the next two months. We went to the vet this morning and she weighs 62.4 pounds — an interesting (to me at least) thing that has happened in the last month is that despite being all black, she now has brown hair just between her toes on all her feet!”


Quizz (Celhaus Question Me Or Not) at 7 months
the former Miss Red

Remember to keep up with Quizz’s service dog training log.

“Service dog training – Practicing a down stay under a table.  Playing with Aunt Jamboree (Celhaus Jamboree to Celebrate Life).


Hilti (Celhaus Qua Hilta) at 7 months
the former Miss Pink

“Thought you mike like this one of Hilti.  She’s doing great.  She’s definitely got the ‘snow zoomies.'”


Cash (Celhaus Quiggley) at 7 months
the former Mr. Purple

“Cash finished his second obedience class last night and we are now registered for the beginners nose work class starting next month. Just weighed him at the vet tonight and he is 65 lbs. He is a joy and certainly is exhibiting the maturing male behaviors but is just such a nice guy they don’t last long.  He gets two walks a day and ball sessions daily. On weekend mornings we go for longer walks (4-5 miles).  Hoping we make you and Cantor proud with Cash’s nosework.” 

Cash at 25 weeks

“Here is the Cash Update. Pictures are from this evening in the back yard. Finished Obedience 1.0 yesterday. Highlights are immediate recall from the trainer to me in a room full of other dogs. Two minute down as the owners did jumping jacks out in the center of the room. Nothing fancy but Cash certainly knows when he is training/performing. He is also a ham. Taking out the dock at the lake this weekend, as we walked the first section out of the lake the back end of the section was being held up high, due to the legs not being unscrewed, so the dock section was like a ramp. Cash was swimming and burst out of the water, jumped onto the dock section and ran up to the top, where he stopped and barked. Everyone laughed.”


Maya (Celhaus Querida Maya) at 7 months
the former Miss Green

“She is doing great!”


Envy (Celhaus Quest for Glory) at 26 weeks
the former Miss Orange

Envy is in training for Search & Rescue

“Another quick update!  We’re out in Canon City, Colorado, at a training seminar with Dick Staal. We’re having a great time–learning a lot and Envy is having a blast.  Here are two photos of her at our campsite.”

Envy at 25 weeks

“Sorry I haven’t given you an update in a bit. Life’s been crazy busy with training, SAR deployments, and everything else. Envy is doing amazing with SAR training. She’s absolutely loving the work and has a spectacular nose! I have a bunch of photos of Envy to send you. Just need to get the time to edit them and send them over. However, I thought a quick email to you with a few photos would be nice to have in the meantime. First two photos: Envy and our other dog Dante on a hike in the mountains. (She and Dante are actually second cousins.) Third photo: Envy in the house.”


Olaf (Celhaus Quasi Prince Olaf) at 27 weeks
the former Mr. Blue

“He is doing really well. His energy level and stamina are going through the roof! Last night after our walk/work session he was still chasing his tail when we got home.  He is also such the social creature. He loves all of the dogs in the neighborhood and all of the owners. “


Neutron (Celhaus Quantum Entanglement) at 25weeks
the former Miss Yellow
Name Story: “It’s a physics term and I’m a little nerdy as are my husband and brother – on July 13th scientists revealed the first recording of the phenomenon.”

“Neutron is doing great, still a wildfire, but I guess that’s how it is. We are in the middle of an AKC STAR puppy class – learning a lot of good foundation work for obedience, agility, and having a great time. She is super distracted by other dogs and people at first, but settles down eventually. The instructor also works on bringing the puppy down (think off switch) after active work. Our obedience club is in the middle of classes – obedience, agility – I teach obedience then hang out around the agility class so she’s getting a lot of good exposure to dogs and people. She also goes to work with me and I try most days to take a nice walk at the greenbelt along the Snake River – she is fascinated by all the birds (seagulls, ducks, geese) who are hanging out in the river.  Exploring the possibility of doing search and rescue and have spent some time with the local group – I will be the searchee at a certification next weekend – and then they should be ready to actually let me bring a dog along to their training sessions. We also have a scent work class starting soon and I’ve been doing some foundation work for that. Our annual tracking trial with this past weekend and one of the judges has worked with FEMA dogs and had some great advice on how tracking, scent work, and search and rescue training works best.  Sorry I don’t have more photos, I have lots of fuzzy ones as she is in constant motion. Here she is cooling off in the dog pool.”













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