QQ Litter (Mercy bred to Cantor)

Whelped 3/7/19:  6 females & 2 males

Miss Orange (Envy) went to Utah for Search & Rescue; Mr. Blue (Olaf) went to Durango, CO for Search & Rescue and to do therapy dog work with veterans; Mr. Purple (Cash) went to Minnesota for agility, nosework and obedience competition; and Miss White (Ranger) went to Denver for possible competition and therapy dog work.  Miss Yellow (Neutron) went to Idaho Falls for all kinds of competition: agility, obedience, tracking, scent work and possibly barn hunt. Miss Green (Maya) and Miss Pink (Hilti) went to Colorado as pets.  Miss Red (Quizz) went to my good friend, Laurie Schwabauer, to be trained as a service dog so we’ll have one ready (or nearly ready) when people contact me wanting one of my dogs for a service dog.  Follow Quizz’s service dog training; Laurie sends me Quizz’s training log weekly and I update it online.

 QQ litter diary
QQ litter background information
QQ litter pedigree
QQ litter police/narcotics temperament test results
QQ litter Search & Rescue test results

Quizz (Celhaus Question Me Or Not) at 1 year 4 months
Remember to keep up with Quizz’s service dog training log.

Quizz at 1 year 3 months
“Family here all last week.  Grandkids this week.  Quizz is loving all the extra attention she is getting.  Goal this week:  that keeping all four feet on the ground includes children, too.”

Service Dog training
“In Spearfish this afternoon we just had a fantastic Public Access visit at Runnings Feed Store.  She did amazing there.  She did Meets and Greets with 6 associates who were absolutely  surrounding her.  She didn’t offer to jump up once.  Also, the manager asked if he could pet her.  He asked her to Shake, and of course she offered her paw. He just melted.  Photos are in Home Depot paint department and restroom”

Quizz at 1 year 2 months
Service Dog training

Photos 1:  “Alert to foot tremor.”
Photos 2 & 3:  “In checkout lane at WalMart.

Olaf (Celhaus Quasi Prince Olaf) at 1 year 4 months

Olaf is in training both for Search and Rescue and as a Therapy Dog

5/9/20:  “I thought an update on Oli was in order.  He is fully engaged in his search & rescue training.  I would send some videos but when he’s working I’m busy working with him which is a hoot!!  His nickname from the team is Rocketman.  When I give him the word to go (Pethaus) he absolutely explodes and his drive & intensity is fully evident and yet when he is looking (blind searches) he is very methodical until he gets a scent and that snap is a treat to watch.  He’s doing well and his recall is really getting much better.  It is so fun to watch his brain develop and his personality grow.  He is all business when he is working but a happy, flop on the floor and chew on a toy when he’s not working.

Olaf at 1 year 1 month

“Oli is doing well, full of energy and drive.  We have been shut down on the K-9 search and rescue and anxiously awaiting word when can get started again.  I have attached some pics of Mr. Oli.”

Ranger (Celhaus Queen Ranger) at 1 year 2 months

“We’ve been teaching Ranger to mountain bike with us and we thought you’d like this picture of her looking cool in the desert! She will wear goggles to protect her eyes from the sun and the dust. Her recall is incredible!”

Ranger at 1 year

“Here is a picture from Ranger on her birthday. I can’t believe she is one! She weighed in at 64.6 pounds this morning. Ranger’s funniest trait is how vocal she is. It feels like she is constantly narrating our lives — we call them her “alien sounds” because they are so funny. We’ve channeled all the noise into her learning to bark on command so that’s been fun!   We moved recently so Ranger has a lot more space!”

Cash (Celhaus Quiggley) at 1 year 3 months

“When not on the lake or chasing his soccer ball, Cash herded people as they went from the cabin to their tents this weekend at the lake house. “

Cash (Celhaus Quiggley) at 1 year 2 months

2nd photo: “Power-play drink after this morning’s ball session.”
3rd photo:  “Cash waiting for mom to come upstairs.”

Cash (Celhaus Quiggley) at 1 year 1 month

“Cash playing outside and chewing on the toy he got this morning.  Within a few miutes he had destroyed this toy meant for “tough chewers.”

Maya (Celhaus Querida Maya) at 1 year 1 month
“Enjoying hiking.”

Envy (Celhaus Quest for Glory) at 1 year
Envy is in training for Search & Rescue

“Envy is the sweetest little demon–she’s absolutely perfect 🙂 

I’ve been socializing her every chance I get, which has been super great for her development. She’s an absolutely sweety and I often joke that she has the tail of a lab because it never stops wagging.  Envy and Dante are now the best of buds. They love hanging out with each other and going on hikes. They are still trying to figure out who’s the boss, but I think everyone knows it’s going to end up being Envy :)”

Envy at 1 year, doing Search & Rescue exercise

“Her SAR training is going amazing! She’s a natural. She absolute loves the work and has a killer nose. Her food drive is good, but I think her toy motivation will soon be the preferred reward for working.”

Olaf at 1 year

“We had a quiet day Monday on the gang’s birthday as it was mandated to do so.  Oli is doing well and we are working everyday on chasing the ball and nose work.  The therapy work and the La Plata County Search & Rescue K-9 work is currently on hold.  Oli is so full of energy and drive, especially the work items and nose work.  He has also discovered that he loves water and hits the pond on the golf course and the Animas River every time we do ball work and go for a walk.  The K-9 team directors (Katie Steelman and Rae Randolf) both recommend that I have him swim quite often to improve his core strength.  Attached are his 1 year pictures.”

Maya at 1 year

“She loves her toys.  They don’t last long.  This is one of her birthday toys.  It’s a squid.  Went to pet store today and just about very toy was on sale.  I only buy sale toys since she destroys them.  Her favorite long-lasting toys are balls though. She takes several to the staircase and amuses herself for the longest time dropping them down the stairs, picking them back up!”

Quizz at 11 months

“Quizz is happy to be back working (after missing three weeks during her first heat cycle).  Here she is practicing long distance sit and down stays at Runnngs today (3/6) after three weeks of being in season.  Even the baby chicks didn’t distract her from keeping her eyes on mom.  Good girl. Very proud of her today.  We will see how she does with the 4H kids tomorrow at agility practice, if she can keep those feet on the ground during meets and greets.”

Olaf at 11 months
“Oli has had three sessions with the La Plata County Search and Rescue K-9 team.  He’s the youngest and most energetic member.  It’s rather mind blowing when I turn him loose on the search.  I want to get some pictures & videos of the training and him taking off and returning but I am usually busy in the training session.  I am working right now to get him more treat motivated which he is quite ok with.  I have used a ball more than anything and he goes crazy for the ball and will work so hard for the ball I have just stuck with it.  Once I have finished MY SAR training I will start working on the Therapy Training.  Meanwhile I still get him downtown to walk on the leash and visit with the tourists and homeless people.  He has a really nice disposition to the homeless people.  It’s as if he knows they are struggling and puts his heart into every second he gets to be with them.  It kinda freaks some of the Native American Veterans but he just insists on sharing his love in such a sweet way they can’t resist.  Their smiles are priceless when they see him the next time.”

Maya at 11 months

“Maya just finished a three-week canine training program.  We’re going to work hard to keep up her training.  She did really good.  we had group session yesterday.  She was barky and reactive at the beginning, but eventually did not bark at the other dogs.   We practiced long stays on the place board at dinner time and heeling during our walks…so far, so good.”

Quizz at 9 months

1/18/20:  “Quizz in Walmart in Spearfish as we practice cover in the checkout lane. Cover is used by both service dogs and war dogs. Dogs will alert their handler to someone approaching from behind. For people who have suffered a severe trauma or have been attacked from behind, this task is an absolute must because it makes them feel protected. (Soldiers say the dog “always has their six,” meaning the dog always has their back.)  She was so amazing today. Worked like a seasoned service dog.  She was that good.  Store was insanely busy today. People everywhere. She gave me 100% and then some. So focused.”

Quizz at 8 months
12/6/19:  “Quizz was a busy girl today. Public Access Visits to Bumgaars (photos 1 & 2), Runnings (photos 3 & 4) and first trip to WalMart (photos 5 & 6). She was so good. Received tons of compliments. Absolutely love the picture of her offering her paw when doing meet and greet with the gal at the checkout.”

Neutron (Celhaus Quantum Entanglement) at 9 months
Name Story: “It’s a physics term and I’m a little nerdy as are my husband and brother – on July 13th scientists revealed the first recording of the phenomenon.”

“Neut is doing great, although she’s exhausting. New Year’s resolution is to buckle down and get “serious” about training, she learns fast but needs me to work on consistency and proofing. It’s been a busy fall and winter for me, but just gave up one activity that has taken a good bit of time and effort, so she will get some more time/focus from me. I have done some work with the search and rescue folks and some nosework, some work on agility foundations and obedience (but not nearly enough). I will be teaching a puppy class starting in February and Neut will be enrolled in basic obedience and possibly agility. We did part of a puppy class (taught by my other dog’s breeder) but it was on a bad day for me and I only got to attend half of the classes – she is awesome and as always I learned a lot from her.  More to come – some photos attached. Will have to get you a video of her herding birds from the bushes to the bird feeder and back. “

Neutron at 8 months

Hilti (Celhaus Qua Hilta) at 8 months

“Merry Christmas!”

Hilti at 7 months

“Thought you might like this one of Hilti. She’s doing great. She’s definitely got the ‘snow zoomies.'”
















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