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I got the photos edited but I’m not pleased with them. It’s been a long time since I had a littler as dark as these are and getting the light settings is quite difficult. I used several different settings and two different lenses. I got usable ones but not great ones. It seemed like every time I changed my position to photograph, the light reflecting off their black coats and iridescent collars needed a different setting. I had put down a taupe blanket and a cream blanket and only a few photos actually show their colors truly. Guess at least I’ll need to use colored blankets next time for better contrast. I’m also going to head down to our photography place and see if they have any suggestions.

I usually name the photos from right to left, front to back.


I got really ambitious and decided to take the puppies into the living room for the first time. I laid down a couple of old blankets and carried them – two at a time because they’re now pretty heavy – putting them on the blanket and going back for more. Mr. Green and Mr. White were the first two I carried in and they immediately began exploring, Mr. White quietly and Mr. Green loudly. When I came in with the next two they were both visiting with the dog in the closest crate. By the time I made the last trip, Mr. White had stretched out and was relaxing, but Mr. Green was wandering around yelling.

Mr. Green & Mr. White

The others sat pretty much where I put them down, some looking around, some yelling.

GloryToo soon came in and stretched out to nurse the pups and several went over to her. Not Mr. Green! I finally picked him up and put him with her, where he settled down.

Mr. White, Miss Purple, Mr. Red & Miss Yellow

Mr. Blue, Mr. Gray, Mr. Red, Miss Purple & Miss Yellow

Miss Purple & Mr. Gray

I managed to catch Miss Yellow and Miss Purple mouth wrestling so that was fun.

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