NN Litter at 14 Days, page 1

I placed a sheet, covered by a quilt, on the floor of the whelping room to provide the pups traction as well as a new tactile and odor experience. They definitely checked out the quilt! I took one out at a time for photos. They weren’t too happy with the camera flashes but took the experience in their stride, first sniffing, then walking, though often times doing more circling than moving in a certain direction. The pups showed varying responses. Some did their best to walk around, though their bellies were barely above the rug. Others just lay there and complained, and I didn’t get many photos of them.  At this age, don’t give any significance to who sleeps and who shows ambition; it just depends on what part of their eat/sleep pattern they happen to be when I get the camera out. Once their neurological system is all hooked up (hopefully next Sunday), then I’ll start looking for patterns that may give an indication of who will have a lot of working drive and who might be more easy-going.

Their faces are growing. I love their little Roman noses! They’re really noticeable from a side view. Their ears are growing in preparation for opening on the 21st day. They’re losing the “teacup handle look” and beginning to fold over. They won’t begin standing up like real German Shepherd ears until they’re at least 5 weeks old.

GloryToo kept sneaking onto the “photography quilt” as I changed puppies, which goofed things up because then they started sniffing, looking for her and didn’t pose well. I ended up doing a group photo so she could enjoy the quilt, too.

The bicolors and black and tans are born very dark and lighten up as they get older, with the tan (barely visible on their undersides and feet) advancing to replace a little of the black in the bicolors and a lot of the black in the black and tans. You should be able to see differences in the amount of tan between the two-day-old photos and the ones I took today. Note, also, how much thicker their coats are now. By the time they can regulate their body temperature, on day 21, they’ll be even fuzzier.

I’m still thinking four pups are solid black:  Me. Blue, Mr. Green, Miss Pink & Mr. White

Mr. Green

Mr. White

Mr. Blue

Miss Pink

Two pups are already showing a lot of brown (tan) and I’m thinking they’re black & tans:  Miss Purple and Mr. Brown

Miss Purple

Mr. Brown

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