Last of Matting Put on Obstacle Course on Monday, August 21st,
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Pups were 51 days old

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I generally list pups from left to right, front to back.

They had wrestling matches.

Miss Pink & Mr. Blue

Miss Pink & Mr. Yellow wrestling matches

They had some great tugs with Isabella, Laurie’s granddaughter.

Miss Pink, Mr. Blue & Mr. Yellow

Mr. Yellow & Miss Pink

Mr. Yellow, Miss Pink, Miss Red & Mr. Blue

Mr. Yellow, Miss Pink, Miss Red, Mr. Blue & Miss Green

When we finished the matting and safety boards, we played with the pups on the obstacle course. They’re racing across the bridge and down the slide on their own – so cute!!!!

Completed Obstacle Course

Miss Gold

Miss Green

Mr. Blue

When it started to get dark and they began tiring out, we started picking things up.

Mr. Blue

Miss Pink

Mr. Yellow

Denise got some great shots of them chewing on a stalwart sunflower that insisted on growing in the exercise area, in the gravel, despite all the big dogs eating every leaf as soon as it unfurls. They could barely keep their eyes open so I’m sure it was a comfort thing.

Miss Pink

Miss Gold & Mr. Blue

At the end, when I went to take the riding mower and cart back to their usual place after using the cart to haul the obstacle course materials to the back, Miss Green left everyone and came to me. She stayed right by the mower even as I started it, so I scooped her up and gave her a ride. She wasn’t too sure at first but never tried to jump off, just watched as I drove.

Everybody had a great time but there were tears in some eyes as they knew they wouldn’t see all the pups again and some wouldn’t see them at all.

Miss Pink

We took a final photo of them with the pups. From left to right: Laurie’s daughter/Isabella’s mother, Amber, with Miss Green; Bob; Deborah with Mr. Yellow; Isabella with Miss Pink; Laurie with Mr. Blue, Denise with Miss Red and Marlene with Miss Gold.

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