Last of Matting Put on Obstacle Course on Monday, August 21st,
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Pups were 51 days old

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The pups’ “aunts and uncle,” the people who have been closely involved with the puppies all their lives, came at 6 p.m. to finish putting the newly-arrived matting on the obstacle course (I had to order more when the guys expanded the obstacle course as they built it) and to play with them and say goodbye since Miss Green leaves tomorrow. I hauled the board and matting in my mower-pulled cart and opened the big gate in the puppy yard so we could carry everything in.

I hadn’t finished doing poop detail in the puppy yard when people began arriving, so I begged them to occupy the pups so I could pick up poop in peace. Miss Pink kept escaping and attacking the shovel. At least Denise got some photos of it so people understand what I’ve been saying about her pursue and kill drive.

I generally identify the pups in a photo from left to right, front to back.

Miss Pink

The pups spent quite some time chasing Spirit trying to get her to stop long enough for them to comfort-nurse, but she was convincing the aunts to throw her ball and was not interested.

Miss Red, Mr. Blue, Miss Pink & Mr. Yellow

Miss Pink & Mr. Yellow

Miss Green, Miss Red, Mr. Yellow & Miss Pink

I had just drained the sheep pool and refilled it this morning, so the pups had a good, easily-accessed source of cool water for all their exertions. Denise got some great photos of them trying to figure out how Spirit got in the pool and if they could catch her there.

The pups played and played and played.

Mr. Yellow

Miss Red

Miss Pink

Miss Green

Miss Gold

Mr. Blue & Miss Green

Mr. Blue

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