Agility Matting Put on Obstacle Course on Tuesday, August 8th
Pups were 38 days old

Bob, Marlene and Denise came tonight to put the agility mating on the obstacle course for traction. We had enough for all but the big ramp on the extreme east side of the obstacle course and one side ramp from a high platform to a lower platform. I’ll order more tomorrow. The matting not only gives traction for the pups so their playing up and down is safe, but it protects the lumber from the weather. We had fun afterwards getting the pups to play on the ramps, slide and swinging bridge. They’re already zooming up and down and through the bridge and down the slide on their own. Denise took a bunch of photos but her settings were wrong for the fading light so all we got were a few I took.

I generally identify the pups in a photo from left to right, front to back.

Mr. Blue & Miss Pink#1 Blue & Pink (1 photo)

Miss Gold

Miss Green 

Miss Red

Miss Red, Miss Green & Mr. Yellow

Mr. Yellow

Miss Green, Miss Gold & Mr. Blue

Miss Green

Miss Red

Mr. Blue as usual had to vocalize his complaints.


Mr. Yellow and Miss Pink were still a little leery of the bridge but rapidly gained confidence tonight with all the encouragement to try and praise when they were successful that they received, especially from Bob and Marlene.

Mr. Yellow & Miss Pink

Mr. Yellow, Mr. Blue & Miss Red

Blue, Gold & Yellow

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