MM Litter in their New Homes

Miss Green left 8/22; Miss Gold left 8/29; Mr. Blue, Miss Red and Miss Pink left 8/30; Mr. Yellow left 9/3.

Miss Green went to southern Colorado to be a farm dog (dairy goats and chickens) and therapy dog. Miss Gold went to Virginia to be a Search & Rescue dog (their 3rd SAR dog from me). Miss Pink went to Washington state for Schutzhund, obedience and tracking. Miss Red went to Ft. Collins, CO to be a family companion and do obedience & nosework competition (their second dog from me). Mr. Blue went to the Denver area to be a therapy dog and family companion for two busy boys. Mr. Yellow went to Cheyenne, WY to be a therapy dog (her second dog & second therapy dog from me).

Beyla (Celhaus Miss Beyla Vanir) at 8 weeks
The former Miss Pink

Hi Cel,

Here we are mid third week with Beyla, and I’m still so happy with her! I already can’t imagine not having her around. She’s such a ball of energy, has a great personality, I love that I can already see her intellect and drive (lots of drive oh my!), and she is such a sweetheart. She’s picking things up really quickly, and is pretty mannered at home. I definitely don’t have to worry about her biting my nose much anymore πŸ™‚ She is getting big, too! I swear sometimes I come home from work and I can visibly see that she’s grown! Her favorite game works with Thor’s favorite game fairly well. While Thor loves me to use the chuck-it to throw the ball, Beyla loves to play tug using the chuck-it! I was worried that this was a bad idea at first, but then I decided that really a chuck-it isn’t priced much differently than a fancy tug toy, so why not! Now we use it for a tug game while Thor is fetching, and it’s a cool way I’ve found to teach her to sit quietly for what she wants, because if she does that she gets rewarded with a game of chuck-it tug sooner! πŸ™‚

Beyla is learning so much, but I’m also learning so much too! It’s actually pretty fun. I like that she keeps me on my toes, and I constantly get to devise ways to make her success imminent. It’s really fun mental exercise for me, as well as her I think πŸ™‚ I’ve almost gotten over the fear that I’m going to ruin a good dog, and have figured out that whatever I do, as long as I do it assertively, consistently, calmly, and with love, she will be alright, and will adapt and grow πŸ™‚


PS – in the photos below I don’t actually put Beyla in sweaters, but she was chewing on Bentley’s sweater so my sister thought it would be a good idea to put Beyla’s new found chew-toy on her! πŸ™‚

Bindi (Celhaus Mireya Bindi Satchke Umida) at 7 weeks
The former Miss Green

(Mireya is Spanish for miracle: Bindi is the Hindi forehead spot designating spiritual seeking, etc.; Satchke is Finnish for sparkle; Umida is Punjabi for hope/wish/desire)

Cel’s note: Claire lives in southern Colorado. She picked up her grown daughter, Kaity, who lives in northern Colorado, and the two came to get the pup along with Kaity’s dog, Marlin, and Claire’s dog, Lucy.

I am in the midst of the TEETH! πŸ™‚ And spend most of my comatose-less hours trading out chewable for non-such… πŸ™‚ LOVE this darling! She is so snuggly and aware…bonded to me almost immediately-is a terrific traveler…seems to figure the gist of things out about the third time round…So-we would drive and she would crash like most “good children” in the front floor on her plushy lamb with her momma towel-and some good chew toys between my feet-and we would make about 100-150 miles-and she would start to shift around and we would stop-or we would just have to stop ourselves-and make our mark along the road in Montana and Wyoming! Take a wee walk-she figured out the leash well enough for general purpose ambling…

Once it was just me in the car…(thankfully-I had purchased yet another fleece crate mattress at Jax)…I set it up like it had been on the front floor passenger side and put the other fleece on the seat, thinking Lucy would take up her usual spot…NOPE! NOT getting NEAR those teeth! So Bindi figured out pronto that the world was her oyster-pulled all her toys up on the seat and promptly went to sleep. She tried once or twice to go in the back seat and help Auntie Lucy-but was easily dissuaded and returned to her usual great traveling manners….You might wonder why we didn’t keep her crated to begin with…well-it was VERY hot–even with air conditioning-being in that smaller crate was just too much of a furnace for her between the big dogs…and she settled right down without complaint the minute she got near the air conditioning floor exit!

Though she LOVES to chew and carry her end of it…so once home-I’ve gotten out a rope toy on a hay string drag and she thinks that is just the ticket…till she sees a leaf or a pile of edible poo…

We do short stints in the crate while WE try to eat our meals…and she is figuring out that we only do it when she is rather worn out anyhow-has access to food and water, chew toys and gets awesome treats once she is quiet…she does NOT want to be away from me AT ALL! Woo hoo! In fact-is crashed on her towel with her chew-piggy (that has ropes and crackles and squeakers and she is in LOVE with) at my feet as we speak.

Only had two accidents…and they were really not any that I count-as I have an old rug that old Annie snoozes on and of course then leaks…we started to play ball and she sniffed and squatted…the rug is gone….

She is very good at telling me-as she loses focus on whatever we are doing…
β€’ Travels like a trooper…has already done:
β€’ Lots of car time of course
β€’ Lots of wee walks off and on leash
β€’ Several benevolent older dogs…which she “attacks” with vigor…but was taken down by me when she was particularly cheeky with Jeff’s old blind Molly…
β€’ Cats…which she wants to play with of course…this will be a developmental thing for sure!
β€’ Jax huge farm/ranch/sports/hardware store-for an hour and a half while she got her own set of tags-and her pick of toys and children and goo goo people of all sorts…She only barked at one guy towards the end-but I think she was just pretty done with the whole thing by that time
β€’ Sitting outside under the table while we ate
β€’ DRIVE IN food! OOOOO-does THAT smell good! πŸ˜‰
β€’ Cel-the post purchase veterinary check was SO impressed! Kaity had arranged it with her vet for Marlin who does acupuncture on him and she credits her with helping her dog become a four legger again after a terrible accident…ANYHOW-Hips (ooo-love these hips!), ears, eyes, heart, stomach, demeanor (she was comatose for the entire procedure), overall conformation…nothing we didn’t know already eh? Said we only had to keep an eye on her “bindi” spot-as sometimes these will develop “ingrown hairs”-but she said it was loose, un-attached and no problem…we call it her spirit spot.
β€’ We’ve had children pet her, all sorts of adults
β€’ the noise of traffic (lots) going by.
β€’ sleeping in four different spots-only had a bit of a whine fest the second night-where things weren’t completely new…and she was probably a bit hot and teeth hurting and overwhelmed from her two days of adventures… several walks outside and finally a “Time to go to bed!!” and she crashed right next to me and didn’t move for four hours
β€’ She’s gotten a “ride” on “Odin” with Kaity (the horse)…just hung out
β€’ In fact her reaction to most new things is to sit and observe first…or to go full tilt towards it-mouth open! πŸ™‚
β€’ A walk at dusk up the boulder open space following Auntie Lucy-she would run full tilt about twenty feet ahead-and then sit down and wait for me. She has a great ability to navigate different terrain!
β€’ Chickens…sat and observed first then did the second πŸ™‚
β€’ Sheep and goats…She has just sat and watched…great reaction in my book
β€’ A walk by the lake-and yesterday-
β€’ oh my-she was a HOOT…I was watering out front and she kept chasing the water with teeth bared and growls in full tilt…She kept trying to “help me” with the hose…which I tried unsuccessfully to sway her from-so she got lightly sprinkled several times from Heaven and finally figured out that wasn’t the best option…though chasing the water was just fine and made everyone laugh.
β€’ Today she gets to come and do the milking routine with me…and then we go to the Sand Dunes….which will provide MANY children and adults alike, running water…I’m sure she is a water dog already…and a big sand box!
Can’t tell you how much I love this pup….I think I cried most of the way from Kaity’s house to Denver…partially because we had to part ways-but also because I was SO grateful to have another shepherd in my life…she has just gone successfully on another potty run and her mid morning off button is in full bloom-crashing at my feet again…

Lexi (Celhaus Majestic Lexington) at 8 weeks, at the airport
The former Miss Gold

Cel’s note: Lexi had quite an adventure flying. Kelly was supposed to fly out of Billings Friday at 4 p.m. and get to Washington, DC at 9 p.m. (our time). Instead, they didn’t get home until about that time SATURDAY. Henry is her eleven-year-old son.

I specifically booked (with Delta) over the phone and spent two hours with representative going over all the specs. Come to find out, they only let 8 weeks old underneath and 10 weeks up top. They were not willing to work with me even though they booked the flight. They did however re-book me, and pay for it due to inconvenience, through Alaska Airlines. I left the next day, had to fly to Seattle then Washington DC. Needless to say, it was a nightmare on my end; however, she traveled perfectly and the airline attendants on our 5 hour flight were in love. They let me have her on my lap and the whole crew came up to see her as did the 18 month old boy running up and down the aisle. It is a good thing I have travel and dog handling skills as this would have been a disaster. What I did notice is, people love pets during travel much more than young children. She met dozens of people and we got to know each other very quick.

Upon arriving home, Henry was asleep and he was awoken by her licking his face. They are fast friends and his activity is on the same level as her. Henry is learning how to walk her, hold her and trade his clothes for bones/balls with her as she is very interested in his laundry/shoes/socks and bedroom overall.

She is eating well, growing fast. She has been to the vet for her health check and weighed in at 17.3#..

8/29 Here are a few pictures: First walk with Henry, first-day-of-middle-school photo, watching Henry walk to bus (I walked ahead to take picture, she was pulling to get to me,. Our days waiting on flights were spent heavily bonding.)

Steve called me today and said you won’t believe what she did. He said, “While I was trying to refocus her from my shoe, I said to her, “Go find your bone…She disappeared. As I didn’t know she could fit behind the couch, I got worried and watched her; as she finally made it out, she had her bone!”
We’re getting to know her personality. She was little sassy girl this morning, prancing around after going up and down stairs, finding my socks/shoes. Went to vet yesterday with flying colors, watching Henry get picked up by bus in morning, going to lemonade stands and so forth.

9/3 Her ear is coming up today and she likes to hide her bones behind the couch, under the furniture and so forth. Crate training fantastic and easily soothed. Going potty outside…mostly. We are working on walking on a leash, treats are working. She has found most every small plant/parts to be very exciting such as tree nuts, mushrooms, moss, house plants etc. She likes to hide behind our indoor plants and act like she is doing nothing then when I turn my head away she nibbles on the ends of the leaves as they bounce up in down and it is very exciting. We have met two neighbor dogs successfully on leash, today we have a walk scheduled with friend/dog. We are taking time to meet our cat Peanut as he is not that excited as this is his third German Shepherd and he is 14 years old.

Beyla (Celhaus Miss Beyla Vanir) at 8 weeks
The former Miss Pink

“Although being a goddess herself, Beyla is servant to Freyja, goddess of fertility. She is often connected with earth, and known as the goddess of bees… She is wife to Byggvir, also a servant to Frey and Freyja. Beyla is basically a god-servant to Frey, who’s the god of life, fertility, nature, etc. I thought it was fitting that she be named that (not only because it was a pretty name) but because she’d be my “servant” in that her job is to be protector and companion to my husband and I, and any future children. Vanir is simply the group of gods she is originally in. Thor and Odin and whatnot are in the group called Aesir (Aesir were thought of as being the powers that hold the cosmos together, the animating personalities of the β€œforces of nature.”). Vanir are the other “tribe” of gods, associated with fertility, wisdom, nature, magic, and the ability to see the future. It sounded nice paired with Beyla, and matched as far as meanings and aligning with Norse Mythology.”

Cel’s note: Amber’s dad lives in Sheridan so they spent the first day there and then headed to Washington the next day.

8/28: Hey there! Sorry about the wait, we just made it home! Beyla is excellent, and already I can tell she adjusts well to anything I throw at her (other dogs, people, long hours in the car, guitar playing street performers….).
The first day she hollered the whole 5 minutes to my Dad’s house, and then barked furiously at Thor (her Golden) when she met him… and I was worried that I had made a terrible decision! Lol. After taking them on a walk together, still being not sure what to do as she still barked at him, after reading the info packet (I’m SO THANKFUL that you sent her with a manual), and ultimately a couple corrections (I finally understand what parents feel like when they have to spank a child I think!), she’s now pretty much broken of that habit and I’ve found a nice system for countering that reaction to other dogs without having to correct her (usually). Then we hung out at my dad’s in the front yard for a few hours, went down to the crick while my dad worked on the pump there, walked (and carried her) back, and then went to my uncle’s for dinner. There she met Rio, a sweet big slobbery brown lab. Man she is sassy! And I love it! I’ll have to make sure to keep her manners under wraps (I see how serious you are about not letting her do anything I wouldn’t want a 70-90# dog to do), but I definitely don’t have to worry about another dog getting one over on her πŸ™‚
The first night went quite alright. Overall she was exhausted after our first afternoon together (a tired puppy is a good puppy). I kept her in a crate (with warm water bottles wrapped in towels) right next to where I was sleeping, and she woke me up about every two hours. I think mostly she just wanted to cuddle and enjoyed me carrying her to and from the potty area, because she never actually pottied until the third or fourth time.
Sunday morning (around 9) we began our drive. Stopping every hour or two to play and potty a puppy sure does add time to a trip! We stopped once between Sheridan and Bozeman, and then in Bozeman we left her with my friend and dogs (she has two and was watching another) while we grabbed some lunch, and then dropped Josh off to pick up a truck and trailer. We then made our way to Missoula (I think one stop). Missoula was semi-hectic as I was getting us dinner (alone, the truck/trailer is kind of like a semi setup and not for driving around town, so I was getting dinner to meet Josh with). The first place we went to was not where Yelp said it was, and Beyla had been whining the 10 minutes getting there so I knew she had to go (she’s totally potty trained already!! It’s just a matter of me paying attention to her cues. She hasn’t once gone in her crate). We walked around the block looking for the place and ran into nice normal people, some homeless people, and a guitar playing street performer whom I’m not sure if he was homeless or not. I’ve been so paranoid of her picking something up, I was glad to be off that block.
We then went to a Vietnamese place where I had my first experience holding two dogs on a leash. WOW! I finally got dinner, and met Josh and we spent an hour eating and playing with Thor and Beyla. She slept pretty much the whole time after that, me stopping at rest areas every two hours (and taking her to the non-pet areas). Eventually Josh and I stopped in Ritzeville and our now family of four slept in the car for around 5 hours, Beyla waking me up once to potty. She’s definitely had plenty of novel experiences our first two days together!
This morning it took us around 6 hours for the 4 hour drive, including stops for Beyla to play and potty (she’s so good about letting me know!), and breakfast. We’ve finally made it home, and I’m tired, and Beyla is settling into her new home already. I’ve just now learned that her being OK in the crate in the car doesn’t necessarily translate to her being OK in her home crate (LOTS of hollering). I’m starting back at the foundation of crate training and trying to make it a good fun place for her and easing her into it so as not to scar her for life. I do need to nap though so I’m not sure how to best do that (she needs to be crated while I do, and my sister isn’t home yet, and Josh actually picked up a container and is headed straight back to Bozeman to drop it off). So that’s the present conundrum – just stick her in after play and potty and let her whine and holler so I can MAYBE nap, or just wait until tonight which she’s experienced already?
Everything I do I’m so worried it’s the wrong way to do it and that I’m going to ruin her! She seems pretty happy and content though, her confidence is still plenty intact, she’s still sweet and incredibly smart, and overall a calm puppy (even others think so), so I think we’re doing OK. Right now she’s been napping in her crate with the door open (I do have to keep moving her there), but really doesn’t like it for me to wander too far away without her! I think it’s safe to say we’ve already bonded pretty well πŸ™‚
Anyway hopefully that all came out coherent πŸ™‚ Like I said, long drive finally finished and I definitely am ready for a nap.

9/2 The first week has been awesome! Beyla is such a good girl, so dang cute and SO smart. I can’t believe it, and am so excited for all the cool stuff we’re going to do!

I think I told you about our ride home. I eventually did just put her away, and even though it pulled my heartstrings at times I think she’s actually already adjusted to her crate and will go in there on her own for bedtime or naptime. I’ve pretty much been taking her everywhere with me for socialization, and she adjusts so well to new situations, objects, and people! The other day she was afraid of the wheelbarrow stacked with material, but had to pass it to get to Josh and I. She faced her fear and ran past that thing so fast to come hang out with us, I was really impressed at that.

Here’s an overview of first week:
Monday: home around 1p after the long drive. We didn’t do much the rest of that day but hang around the house, nap, and let Beyla get oriented to her new home.

Tuesday: Vet appointment. Up around 7, food play time short walk. I then put her in her crate to nap before her appointment, and she hollered the whole time instead of sleeping! The vet is only a mile away, so we walked there. Along the walk I could tell she was getting tired and ended up mostly carrying her in the backpack I had brought for that purpose (plus it’s a long walk for her). When we got to the vet…she slept through the whole thing! Complete with dream eating and talking. Overall I’d call it a success, she was happy, the vet was happy, and I had a chance to have a good talk to my vet. I found out that he’s very nice to begin with, loves GSDs, and actually used to be a helper and trained dogs in Schutzhund and protection. So that was really cool. We came home and I put her in her crate again for an hour or so, and she did sleep this time. We then went on a short outing to the country store across town to get some bones, where she got to meet some more people. Home and crate nap again. In the evening we went to my sister-in-law’s house. She met her furry cousin Earl (10 year old yellow lab), and they played so well together! They wore each other out, and Dan and Nicole got to enjoy holding a sleeping sweet puppy. I may have inadvertently changed Dan’s mind about getting a puppy, Nicole’s been trying to convince him as Earl is getting older.

Wednesday: She was home with my sister all day. She took Beyla to visit her work (she works at Dick’s Sporting Goods). She said Beyla did really well. She didn’t potty before so Britt held her to make sure she didn’t accidentally go in the store. Overall she said it was a good success.

Thursday: Beyla’s first day coming to my work. We stopped at this state park on the way to work to take her on a walk. There were birds and I was so glad it was on our way back to the car because I had her leash on and was working with her to learn to walk on the leash….and that’s when I found out how good her prey drive is! She maybe had a fit at the end of the leash when she couldn’t get the birds, but she recovered. Oh my, she would have gotten so muddy! It was low tide and the slough that the trail follows is very muddy. For the first half of the day when it was still cool I left her in the crate in the car, checking on her every hour and a half and taking her to play and potty and whatnot. At lunch we walked around the campus and she encountered people playing basketball, people of different races, joggers, and Frisbee players. I then brought her into my office for the later part of the day, and she mostly slept or chewed a bully stick (I didn’t realize how badly those stunk! Probably no more of those….). I only had one half hour meeting and my officemate kept an eye on her, but she really just lay there and chewed the bone. I did have to leash her to an office furniture near my desk because her preferred hangout spot was not under my desk, but in the middle of the hallway πŸ™‚ After work we had a private session with the dog trainer. It was good to have various questions answered that I’d accumulated ( ie what to do Beyla is protective of me and barks at an innocent stranger, bite inhibition without ruining her for Schutzhund, is there such a thing as over socialization, etc). She worked with me just talking to me about general training and things to do. A lot of it was stuff that I’d already learned through research, experience, and in Beyla’s owner’s manual. It was good to review all of those things though, and I know even more than I did before that I like this trainer and she’ll be good to work with. She gave me a progressive exercise to be working on with Beyla that lays the foundation for sit, down, stay, and recall. (we’re already to a 13 second sit-stay as of this morning! So smart!!). When we got home I learned that Beyla likes to find the cat poo that the neighbors cats so kindly leave in our yard. Josh was pretty entertained. Not knowing what was in her mouth I went to get it out…and my hands were so icky!! ugh. The joys of puppies!

Friday: My sister (who lives in Eugene) got in late Thursday night, up for the weekend to meet her new niece! She watched Beyla today. She maybe took her to a park near a dog park (that’s the only place really that my sister knows about around here), but not the actual dog park because she knew about Beyla’s vaccinations not being complete, and then got hassled by the groundskeeper (who was really not nice) and had to leave shortly after. Aside from that she was home most of the day, and we all hung out waiting for my youngest sister (the one that lives with us) to get off work. My youngest sister is still at the age (it makes me feel old saying this) where she just loves to go out to clubs and dance and mingle, and had plans for the four of us (Josh is very included in our sisterhood now, they love having a brother!) to go out. Now here posed a problem: it would definitely be for at least 3 hours that we were out, while Beyla has been regularly going potty every 2-3 hours throughout the night. I was worried that by going out and leaving her crated she would have to go potty in her crate, which she’s been so good and has not done, and would be a failure to be a good dog mom on my part. So instead we brought her with us! πŸ™‚ We had her crate in the back of the car, and she just hung out there and slept while we went dancing. When the two hours were up I was pretty excited to have an excuse to have to leave the club and go check on my puppy. For going out I was promised perogies at this place we like to go to in Bellingham after going to the club. Seeing this now as a great socialization experience, I walked Beyla to the restaurant (a block or so), and Josh and I sat out front with her while my sisters got us some food. It turned out to be a good idea. There were a lot of people also going to this restaurant who were very nice and respectful and were happy to give Beyla a treat. Beyla was never once scared or overwhelmed (I was watching her just in case) and took it like a champ. I would imagine this lets us check drunk people off the list, but honestly I was really impressed with the people, nobody was acting openly inebriated (I was expecting to have to hold her most of the time to be on the safe side), and everyone that stopped to say hi were very nice, had good questions, and left a lasting good impression. Eventually Beyla just lay down and watched the passers-by, un-phased. We got home pretty late, and we all slept.

Saturday (today): We actually had breakfast plans with Josh’s family. Beyla met Josh’s Dad Ryan, and Josh’s Uncle Steve. She also found kitty poo the Ryan’s neighbors cats had left at her house. I was able to catch her, but oh my I really have to watch her! She was a good girl (of course), and slept most of the way home. When we got home we all took naps for a couple hours. Beyla did nap right when we got home, but I think she was rested after that. I took her potty and then napped another hour, and I think Beyla was all rested because she didn’t exactly nap, but sat quiet and contentedly in her crate while I did. Such a good girl! We’re now sitting on the front porch. Beyla is chewing a raw marrow bone and I’m playing fetch with Thor and Bentley.

She’s fitting well into our home, with the exception that Bentley is not convinced. Thor and him are almost opposite: Thor is so sweet and I wish he would correct her more (like when she’s crawling on him). Mostly he will just get up and walk away though if she’s bugging him, and I make sure that he has time away from her so I suppose that probably helps. He has corrected her before over the matter of a bone, so that is good. They all have bones now and I see that if Thor lifts his lip a little that Beyla leaves it, so I guess they’ve come to an understanding. Bentley…oh Bentley. He is a combination of coming from a backyard breeder, too soon, and then paired with negligent training and socialization, on top of being a spoiled little dog. He is not very nice to Beyla, and will pretty much start growling if she gets near him. I was concerned of this at first. However, the more walks we take them on the better it gets. Also if we’re outside it’s almost a non-issue. He has his own space (my sisters room) that he can go, and Beyla has her own place (her crate in my room) that she can go if they need time apart. Beyla is also slightly bigger than him, and though she was not sure about him at first, has kind of turned it into a fun game for herself. You can see her slowly walk up to him to where she knows he’ll start to growl, and then get all excited like she’s playing when he does. He never bites her, just snarling and whatnot. He’s definitely getting more used to her though, and yesterday when she was bugging Sadie (my sister’s dog) and was corrected, I think Sadie nipped her tail and she was hollering! Bentley went over to her and seemed to be empathetic toward her plight. Ever since that happened he’s been less of a grump. Sadie, who is here for the weekend, is well balanced in her corrections I think. Not too harsh, and not too light. Overall I think it’s good, Beyla seems well adjusted and is being exposed to all sorts of dog personalities and is taking it in stride.

Everyone is so impressed with how calm she is. I love how cuddly she is (mainly when tired, but I try to keep her mind and body plenty stimulated and exercised). I’m very excited at how receptive she is to any training (bite inhibition, house training, crate training, training exercises, not jumping on people or furniture). She catches on very quickly. She’s begun to let me know when she needs to go out already! We’ve hardly had any indoor potty accidents, and the ones that did were definitely from me not paying attention to her communicating that she needed to go.

Ruby (Celhaus Mount Moran) at 8 weeks
The former Miss Red

Cel’s note: Stella is their lab mix. Ozzie was their first German Shepherd from me. He was Celhaus Quandary Peak, a brother to my Quinta, who is Ruby’s grandmother. They like to use local mountains for registered names, thus Ruby’s official name. Ruby was reactive to new dogs so they’ve been using some of the techniques I include in the “owner’s manual” that goes with all my pups – to redirect the pup and then reward it for calmly looking at something which bother it instead of reacting with barking.

8/27: Good morning!

She was an angel on the trip home! Slept well in her crate and pottied on our two stops. She had a quiet night and adjusted to her nighttime crate well. She got up once to potty. I slept on the floor next to her but she didn’t stir. Stella is playing with her!!! A nice game of tug this morning for the two of them – so reminiscent of Ozzie. Stella has played more in the last 24 hours than the last three months. She needed a playmate/competitor! So nice to have a GSD in the house again!

9/4: Hi, Ruby is just great! It’s been a busy first week – lots of socialization activities. She’s responded extremely well to shaping for ‘sit’ plus is potty-ing almost on command. We’ve been capturing ‘look’ and she knows her name. She slept through the night starting on Weds and will stay settled as long as Stella doesn’t stir.
I’ve had success with high-value treats when we encounter other dogs, so will definitely keep expanding that. She is increasingly comfortable with cyclists, runners, and cars going by when we are out walking.
She and Stella are playing well – Stella is very tolerant of puppy antics but will correct her when she nips too much. They enjoy playing tug and wrestling. We are so happy Stella is playing! Will see how this week goes – I’m working at the office in the mornings and at home in the afternoons, so hopefully that schedule will be OK for the rest of the month.

She will keep us on our toes – a very smart little girl! Thanks for such a wonderful puppy!

Bindi (Celhaus Mireya Bindi Satchke Umida) at 8 weeks
Cel’s note: They tragically lost their old dog, Lucy, when she unexplainably broke through a door, rushed down the drive and onto the road and was hit and killed instantly.

8/29: She is a very, very smart puppy and I haven’t really done much “actual training” as usual-I kind of wait for her to do something and tell her what a GREAT SIT! or GOOOOD Settle! Or GOOOD Leave it! (oh-she got an old birdy carcass from the cats the other day-THAT was fun to try and chase her down with glee over!…Feather’s sticking out of the front of her mouth, tail and head held high as she dashed around! πŸ™‚ We’ve also discovered goat and horse poop! One of the four food groups for dogs I imagine! πŸ™‚

This morning she sits every time I asked her (so I know she understands what it means) and now I am working on her “easy” about the little bits of treats…She is finally getting the fact that we don’t want to be chewed on-and gives amazing kissy baths when she thinks about it.

She is figuring out the rudiments of “wait”, and is very polite for me to help her in and out of the car…and yesterday-I left her loose for the last two goats-and she did great…no signs of chasing-didn’t holler when I asked her to wait on the line while I got one, and quietly lay down at my feet waiting for her milk squirt… πŸ™‚ The goats aren’t very happy about it all-but they’ll get used to it…It is usually a matter of a few weeks and they realize the perk eared new canine is not a threat.

When she is barreling towards me full tilt-I tell her what a GOOD COME! (I know we all sound like idiots!), but for out and about-I’m using “this way” which is a more reliable reaction to give her praise over. We work on come in the house!

Cats…well-we are finally getting them to help us with that socialization…Of course they are used to cat benevolent dogs and are not sure what to do with one that wants to play! But-last night they slept within five feet of each other and this morning we had a mutual pet session.

She slept all night from 11-6 this morning and then sweetly asked me to go out…so she’s got that down too. She is a little less of a nuclear tooth bomb in the house…kind of understanding I think that there are things she is welcome to chew on and things she is not. I can see an increase in her behavior integration even today…she changes every day!

I have a BIG fresh Knuckle bone in her play pen by the table-and she actually asks to go in there to have a chew and chill time. She gets fed in her crate, and as time goes on-I think she’ll transition in there nicely as we work on it being a positive place. She understood from the get go that it was a place she couldn’t get out of-and that disturbs her no end! So I do short stints with lots of goodies, and never open the door until she is quiet and settled…

I am also working on short stints of retrieving…she actually “knocks” the ball to me sometimes, sometimes wants to trade and sometimes just wants to hoard it. I only work on a few throws at a time.

We have had a terrible tragedy. One never knows exactly the vortex…Our sweet little Lucy was run over last night and killed instantly… she tore out the front screen door-which was LOCKED when I went out looking for her last night. (I thought she was in bed where she had headed about an hour before)

So-Our little wee Bindi helped us mightily with digging a special spot, planting a tree and then started attacking the shovel with complete anger when we began putting earth over our darling Lucy. She hadn’t done anything with them while we were digging. She sat on that gravesite for a good ten minutes and helped me place decor and flower seeds. My little pup mentor is gone. I’m grateful and blessed my little weeding and watering and milking and walking mentor is here.

Thank-you so much by the way-for all the great articles-I’m learning a lot-and Smoky is even inhaling them!…without me even saying anything! I’ve been using the dog barking trick on our renters Labradors-and it is working already…they are much quieter today-even though we had internet workmen out at the apartment. I just stood around with treats and every time they were quiet-I shoved some their way.

I’m so glad to be able to start a dog from a wee pup… I am ever so grateful to have her already to help me with my grief (she has been extra snuggly!). I just am so attached to this baby already…happened right away…and she with me too! We just got done watering and weeding (she’s ever so much help-haha!) and I think we’ll take a nap together. Smoky and I didn’t get a wink last night with all my sobbing. Sorry to burden you with such sadness-we’ve all been there in one form or another.

8/30: Good morning Cel!
I’m having a quick cup of coffee while “Dad” takes Bindi out for her chore rounds with him…this is a “leash and law” adventure and I stay out of it-figuring they need the time to enjoy each other too!

We are feeling rather bereft and empty and are so grateful for her joyous pup energy. Gads-she is SO funny with how fast she puts things in her mouth and what she finds interesting…her inquisitive looks…she TOTALLY does the adorable pup head cock thing trying to figure out what the crazy people are doing…little brow furrowed in concentration!

Yesterday was a several hour kid day and it was a HIT! FINALLY-someone who will actually PLAY with me! Round and around and around and around-trading who was running from who and who had the toy…She flopped down at the end of the day and didn’t move for three hours! They both got good and wound up several times and needed some assistance de-escalating-but she did really really well-no fear-and no overwhelming excitement…unlike the two legger-who was completely besotted and overfull with glee!

This morning-she really seems to have an idea of what “leave it” means…it gives her pause and she looks at me..woo hoo. She also has the sit down pretty pat as we reported and we continue to work on taking treats with gentleness…bit of finishing touches needed there! πŸ˜‰ AND-this morning-she really seemed to get the hang of retrieving and trading-chewing on the trade for a bit and then wanting me to throw the ball again for her…bringing it all the way back…We just did a bit-but this is the best and most intentional I’ve seen it.

She slept like a rock (babies don’t sleep-don’t know why they have that metaphor!) from about 10 pm till four am, woke me up with a sweet wet nose and out we went to go potty outside! She settled easily after about five minutes of chewing on her bone and slept till 6:30. BREAKFAST TIME MOM! πŸ™‚

9/3: Hi Cel…
Well-I feel like today is a REALLY different day…the first where I think she is trying to figure out what might please us-instead of just running around and grabbing at everything and all…

I did read all of the materials-and had a nice rope wrapped crackle toy that I soaked and froze for her….but today is different…She actually is asking for a tummy rub instead of a “let me kill your hand while you are petting me”…She’s come up several times just to be petted-nothing else-no hand biting/grabbing agenda…

I’ve been observing her in the house-of course a full time job… and she isn’t just scouting about for corners of furniture, rugs, pieces of ?, box corners, laundry, hands, feet (OUCH!), faces, fingers, her toys for a few seconds and then the entire round of it all yet again…What a relief…we had to do lots and lots of walking outside…where she would pick up absolutely every stick, rock, feather, piece of poo….WHERE did you find THAT?…yeesh!

She’s tried hard not to chase the cats-not always successfully-but she has also benefitted from the fact that they know now that we will protect them-so they are more likely to stand their ground instead of run-which is ever so helpful…She really REALLY wants to play! I’m looking hard for some healthy, benevolent young dogs to get her around. Today I really got into it with her (fun) with her “raccoon” which is a long plush critter with crackles and three squeakers-much longer than she is-I just pretended to be another puppy and really rolled her around in it and “nabbed” at her belly and “grabbed” at her feet and “jumped” on her head…She just had the BEST time! Lasted for about five minutes and then she just happily curled up and went to sleep with it…just what she mentally needed!

I’ve noticed today:
1) a couple days ago-she got into the goat pen-which is cattle panel in reduced size of opening as it goes towards the ground. She kept trying to go back through the lowest one-which was too small for her…so I showed her which one….Today-she was in the goat pen. I called her “This way Bindi” and she started to go through the opening closest to the ground, quickly backed out and piled through the second one up…so proud of herself!

2) She has figured out the beginnings of “go around”…go around the door to get out, go around the house to get from one door to the other, go around the vehicle to get to the “load up” side…Today-she had gone around the house and was waiting at the door from where she had been chewing happily on her bone. I called her and said “go around Bindi”-and she quickly barreled around the corner!

3) She is much better on “leave it”…gives some pause…though she got ahold of some (probably owl remnants of a rabbit), and was “hiding” from me in the tall weeds even as I called. She got the “shoe bomb” and came out of hiding and then the chase was on! πŸ™‚ We traded a treat for the pelvis-but she kept going back…little stinker!

4) She understands that “find it” means she ought to go look for something.

5) She will sometimes retrieve four or five times before she looks at me like I’m a blooming idiot and says “YOU go get it!”

6) She has got an inkling of “wait” such as waiting before going out the door, or in the door, waiting to get out of the car till I give her a release. As long as she had a good idea of where I am-or can see me-she is trying to figure out how to comply-as she knows it is a command…but kind of a “vague” one by puppy standards!

7) She has GOT sit! She knows to sit before her treat, even if she has come for some other reason like “come or this way or good leave it”…I have her sit before I put the leash on or off.

8) I think she is trying hard to compute “behind” on the goats and “by me” on the leash…If she does four to eight strides perfectly on the leash-I let her back off again if it is appropriate.

She’s an awesome little tyke…would just as soon be curled up at my feet when she is snoozing than anywhere…but she went in and enjoyed her crate for a couple hours today with the door open and her snoozing-had to get her out of the kitchen as I kept tripping over her! She was so tired from our gallivant out to the pond and back amongst other things, that she just lay down on her lamby and crashed!

If she is sleepy-she is just such a snuggle bug-complete with little sighs and groans and whines of pleasure! So happy to have her!

9/4: She is adorable this morning-as always…yup-definitely turned a “corner” yesterday! She slept from 11pm till seven this morning! And then kindly reminded us that she has a puppy bladder! πŸ™‚ We went to Harvey’s pond yesterday..not too sure about swimming yet-but she had a ball chasing butterflies and had her good evening walk.

Ziggy (Celhaus_________) at 9 weeks  (They still haven’t given me his registered name.)
The former Mr. Blue

Ziggy has had a very eventful week. We went and visited friends on their farm. Ziggy got to see horses! He came to soccer practice with us. We were up at our lake place this weekend. He met a friend’s dog. It was so funny…at first he had a hard time. Barking a lot and then running away. After some time they were getting along great! And got to run in the sand/water. He has been great and learning fast. We have been working on come, sit, potty, no bite. He seems to love his crate and has not had any overnight accidents. He whines to get let out. Still working on potty training while in the house (asking to go out) but generally speaking does really well!

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