Search & Rescue Test, page 10

Wheelbarrow Test The pup was placed in a wheelbarrow, or, for the first few pups, in a wagon. The wagon didn’t work very well so they switched to only using the wheelbarrow. One tester walked backwards in front or to the side to keep the pup from jumping out, while the other wheeled it around the room, going both forward and backwards.

Pup Rating                                            Additional Observations

Blue Male
Janet: 10
Bonnie: 9

Brown Male
Janet: 8 – 9
Bonnie: 9                                              whiner

Gray Male
Janet: 10
Bonnie: 10

Green Male
Janet: 5
Bonnie: 8

Pink Female
Janet: 10
Bonnie: 10

Purple Female
Janet: 10                                               sat still, nice
Bonnie: 10                                            easy, stayed still

Red Male
Janet: 10
Bonnie: 10                                            easy going

White Male
Janet: 8 – 9                                           rode in it fine – but wanted out
Bonnie: 10                                           easy travel, no concerns, feet on edge

Yellow Female
Janet: 10
Bonnie: 10

Mr. Green

Miss Purple

Miss Yellow


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