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from the RR litter, whelped 6/11/19

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Celhaus Romeo

This pup could do competition or be a service dog or therapy dog.

Romeo, the former Mr. Purple, is a social butterfly – he has learned he’s cute from the way people interact with him, and he’s a people magnet like his dad. He is a longcoat and a bicolor.
He would enjoy being a therapy dog (visiting people in nursing homes, etc.). He also really likes kids.

See the Police/Narcotics Temperament Test results and  the Search & Rescue Test results.
For an illustrated explanation of the various tests, see:  Police/Narcotics Test and Search & Rescue Test

Suzan, the police/narcotics tester, observed that most of the litter didn’t show a lot of retrieve or tug drive but were nice and confident and quite social.  This test was done 8/1/19, when the pups were 51 days old.

Janet, the Search & Rescue tester, commented that the entire litter is VERY food driven and complimented them on their desire to use their noses and keep searching for a long period of time. She also said that the pups act more like six-week-old puppies and probably would test better in a week when their eye coordination had improved and drives and confidence had come in more solidly. They were born five days before their due date and have seemed a little slow in some development stages, so I wasn’t surprised by her comments.  This test was done 8/3/19, when the pups were 53 days old.

Police/Narcotics Test  Suzan’s comments: “Clumsy, but a fun dog. Distance on retrieve no problem. Takes time to process. Good family pet.”
I was not surprised when she commented that Mr. Purple was not very coordinated and would not be an agility prospect. She liked his confidence and willingness.
Suzan gave him an Excellent rating on Social Dominance and Retrieve. He got an “Above Average” rating on Social Attachment, Following, Confidence/Elevation and Pain Sensitivity.

SAR Test  (10 is normally the highest score): She liked Mr. Purple, commenting that he was a good overall pup and could do anything. He received a 10+ on the Runaway (of course, with a little girl running from him!). He received 10’s on Attachment, Eye Contact, Independence (when hunting for food), Pain Sensitivity, Retrieve, Perseverance (for food), Unstable Footing, Wagon, Fear, Surprise and both Hunt for Food tests.


Photos of Romeo

at 69 days old (8/19/19)

at 62 days old (8/12/19)

 Photos taken from 49 – 53 days of age 

at one nursing home, 7/30/19

at the Alzheimer’s Unit in the other nursing home, 7/31/19

during the Police/Narcotics test, 8/1/19
in order: Confidence test, Retrieve test

during the Search & Rescue test, 8/3/19
in order: Acceptance test, Retrieve test, Wagon test, Hunt for Food 1 test (will they look up as they search?), Hunt for Food 2 test (searching for hidden food)

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